Jessica C. on Spending Night with Andy On: “It Was So Romantic!”

After admitting to dating Zombie Fight Club <屍城> co-star Andy On (安志杰), Jessica C. is in the honeymoon phase and cannot stop complimenting her new boyfriend. Since the couple has been dating for less than a month, Jessica said that she does is not “quite in love” with Andy yet, but hopes to find true love in their current relationship.

“We are really good friends and now. I’ve never had a relationship where two people stayed in the same place. I’ve had long distance relationship and there is a lot of pressure when two people are separated. I need to get to know him a lot better. Now, it’s the start of a new chapter.”

Jessica praised Andy for being very smart and having a great sense of humor in all situations. “He is very sweet and calm. He inspires me, as he works very hard and he is a good actor. Overall, he is just a really good guy.”Jessica added, “I like how he doesn’t care about my outer appearance and what I wear when I’m with him. I feel so happy – it’s such a magical thing.”

The paparazzi spotted Jessica spending the night at Andy’s house earlier. Jessica blushed and said they had a romantic time while watching movies at his apartment together.


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  1. this jessica c is really starting to become annoying always bragging about her bf. i used to think she was pretty hot but i now that i get a closer look at her, she’s rather unpretty.

    1. she’s still hot and it’s just what the reporters put out don’t be salty

      1. not being sour b/c or she’s a model or who she’s dating. i think alot of models are pretty but she’s not one of them. i am mature enough to not be jealous of people b/c of their status and who they date.

    2. I bet she’s hotter than you. Haters will always hate. Move on you pest!

  2. All these leng mo, comes out sounding so dumb blondy, they can lived in HK for 10 years and yet still cannot speak Cantonese.

    And when they speak in English, they sound like, arrgggh!!, so amateurish and downright silly.

    1. thats because you dont understand english??,she dont have to know the cantonese language to make a living,and its amazing that she has got a role in a cantonese movie even they know she didnt speak any cantonese.

      1. If you’re talking about me. Then you took the comment wrongly. Lol. His/Her comment is funny. I have nothing against Jessica. P/S I’m from America and i dont speak cantonese too. #facepalm

      2. It’s not the language she knows or not know. It’s the totally fake and put on expressions these leng mo’s give out whenever they are interviewed on camera by papparazzi.

        They sound so brainless, only Maggie Q and Chrissie Chau are the exceptions who show intelligence.

  3. All this news just when their new movie is being released. Coincidence? Jessica looks hot but I don’t think many people take her seriously as an actress. B list celebs at best.

  4. I always thought Jessica seems like the type of girl who will be more into white men. She seems pretty white washed and is mixed. But it’s refreshing to hear her be so honest about her relationship haha. It’s so rare that TVB artists are that honest about their relationships, especially during the honeymoon phase.

    1. 3 minutes hotness. lol. She’ll get bored and eventually dump Andy. She is way younger than Andy anyways. No offence lol.

    2. but she’s not a tvb artist? she’s a movie actress/model. Lol, they look great together. almost too perfect, i like jennifer tse though, wonder why they broke up 🙁

    3. Chriselle,
      Andy On was born in USA and is very westernized. I’m sure they communicate in English.

  5. she might not be the most attractive mixed girl in hk but they do look great together. it looks like she is into him and happy when shes talking about him. i wish them the best of luck & stay together forever

  6. Oh yeah, right. Spending the whole night watching movies at his apartment. I believe you, Jessica. You are so prim and proper.

    1. HAHA. didn’t she get a boob job and the media called her siren boobs? And wasn’t she caught with taking money from an ATM that was left behind by someone else a couple years back?
      She is still a pretty girl IMO.!

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