Jia Nailiang Removes Wedding Ring; Marriage with Li Xiaolu Can’t Be Saved?

Above: Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu with their five-year-old daughter.

Sixteen days have passed since Mainland Chinese actress Li Xiaolu’s (李小璐) affair with rapper PG One surfaced. While actor Jia Nailiang (贾乃亮) initially asked for privacy to work things out with Xiaolu, the couple’s marriage seems to have taken a turn for the worst. Nailiang was spotted without his wedding ring recently.

When video evidence surfaced that Xiaolu had spent the night at PG One’s home on December 30, it took Nailiang one week to issue his statement, in which he blamed himself for working too much and not being able to spend time with Xiaolu which led to the problems in their marriage. Nailiang was hopeful that perhaps they can still patch things up, “No matter how the road looks in the future, please let us handle this ourselves. I also plea for everyone to stop hurting my family. I do believe in sunny days after the rain.”

However, Nailiang seemed to look increasingly depressed over the last few days. He was spotted getting heavily drunk late one night and required his friend’s help to take him home. When dropping off his five-year-old daughter at school, Nailiang looked distressed over the impending breakup of their family.

While rehearsing for an upcoming Lunar New Year program, Nailiang was spotted without his wedding ring. People who are close to Nailiang know that he treasures his wedding ring and is reluctant to take it off while filming commercials and attending game shows. Nailiang had stated, “[The ring] embodies a lot of my happiness and pride.” Since Nailiang has stopped wearing his ring, speculations arose that he has been unable to work things out with Xiaolu.

Meanwhile, Xiaolu has been trying to remove all her social media links with PG One. However, she did leave one post behind in which she had denied her affair with PG One. Netizens seemed to sense Xiaolu’s dilemma–if she also deleted that post, does that mean she is admitting to the affair?

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He would be a big idiot if he continues to stay with a cheater. And their poor kid doesn’t look like either of them. She might grow up having issues :/

    1. @karina I have to disagree with you about the kid’s looks. She is a mix of her parents. What makes no sense is Jia Nailiang asking the public to stop hurting his family. As crazy, backward and delusional as the public can be, they are not the one cheating on JN. The public also did not tell him not to find time to spend with his family. He and his wife need to work out their problems.

  2. The terrible thing was Jia Nailiang decided to forgive in the first place but every single body online calls him a green hat and cuckold to the point where it makes it even harder to forgive. Not saying she deserves to be forgiven, or should be forgiven or anything, but some people do prefer to take the forgiving route in order to save the relationship and children’s feelings, which Jia Nailiang probably don’t really have the chance like a normal person would because everybody knows who he is and nobody is encouraging him to make his own decision. The terrible fate of being a star. He wants people to stop noticing them and give them space to make their decisions but it’s so hard because many people are looking forward to a divorce, she doesn’t deserve him, etc. Whatever choice he makes, it will be the best for him and his family, we should not interfere.

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