JJ Jia Reveals Baby Daughter!

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JJ Jia Reveals Baby Daughter!

Late last year, JJ Jia (賈曉晨) and her husband Louis Fan (樊少皇) welcomed their first daughter, nicknamed “Little Rice Bowl”. JJ and Louis are very protective parents, and while they did not show their daughter’s face when they announced her birth, they decided that today would be the time to reveal “Little Rice Bowl” to the world.

JJ wrote on social media, “My beloved treasure, our little rice bowl. From your birth, to being a week old, to a month old, to a hundred days, to now half a year old, your mother has been with you at every moment because she’s afraid of missing your growth. Today is your half-year birthday, and your mother wants to share this happy moment with everyone! I hope you will stay fit, healthy, and happy every single day. Once you’re older, I hope to see a positive, happy, and smart child!”

Louis forwarded the post and wrote, “My little rice bowl princess, your father wishes you to grow happily and healthily. I love you so much!”

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JJ Jia Reveals Baby Daughter!

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    1. kaykay says:

      Cute baby! Such fair skin and looks a little mixed

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    2. coralie says:

      Wow the baby’s skin is like milk. Dang.

      Cute baby girl tho!

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    3. littlefish says:

      Mother: positive, happy and SMART. Father: happy and healthy. Lol @asian mother xD

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    4. says:

      Baby girl is adorable!!

      I’ve always thought JJ Jia was very pretty.

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    5. mangotango says:

      Absolute beauty.

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    6. nother says:

      Mom and daughter are beautiful. I miss seeing JJ in dramas :/

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    7. m0m0 says:

      seriously cute, light skin, big eyes, chubby face. lucky couple to have such a beautiful daughter!

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