Joe Ma Comments on Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Joe Ma Comments on Plastic Surgery Rumors

Joe Ma (馬德鐘) is currently starring in the Life on the Line <跳躍生命線> and is receiving many compliments for his acting. In a recent interview, Joe Ma shares his thoughts on his appearance and his performance in the drama.

Plastic Surgery Rumors

Portraying a paramedic in the drama, it is no surprise that Joe looks healthy and fit for the role. Since Joe started his vegetarian diet and ate more whole grains, he successfully lost 20 pounds. His dramatic weight loss had many people speculating if he was sick or had a plastic surgery. Joe explained, “After I lost my weight, I didn’t look bloated, and my double eyelids looked deeper. Plastic surgery wouldn’t be able to achieve this!”

On winning the TV King

Despite gaining good reviews for his role in Life Line, Joe is keeping a cautious outlook for his chance of winning the TV King award. “I tried my best and didn’t expect to receive so many compliments. This is all due to the whole team working hard together. I don’t have any expectations on winning an award. I will be happy if I win, but I will be okay if I don’t. It is more important that the drama does well.”

When asked if he will be like Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), who looked disappointed when she didn’t win an award, Joe Ma bluntly replied, “Different people react differently. Also, men and women react differently too; men would hide their emotions even if there is something they really want. It is normal that people want to win, but it really depends on the reaction of the production company and the public.”


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2 comments to Joe Ma Comments on Plastic Surgery Rumors

  1. anon says:

    What a pile of crap! PS is such a norm these days. I really don’t understand why entertainers continue to deny.

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  2. elizabeth says:

    I think people should be conscious of their diet but sometimes to lose a lot of weight in one go can be bad for the body as well unless you were previously very overweight. Joe looks a lot thinner but he does not look healthy in those pictures to me. His head looks big on his body that has lost a lot of muscles.

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