Joey Yung: “Denise Ho Is A Forever Friend!”

Following Wilfred Lau’s (劉浩龍) shocking announcement that he was dating Joey Yung (容祖兒), the 32-year-old EEG singing sensation issued a statement confirming that they were in the intial stages of development. Due to Denise Ho’s (何韻詩) cries of betrayal in reaction to Joey and Wilfred’s dating, the details of Denise and Joey’s former ambigious relationship have come under scrutiny. Despite rumors that Denise had a fallout with the couple, Joey said that she regarded Denise as her “forever friend.”

Joey Yung Responds on Love Matters

After Wilfred Lau admitted that he and Joey were engaged in a hot new romance, Joey thanked fans for their well wishes on her Weibo blog. Following EEG’s directive to maintain a low profile over her romantic love, Joey issued a hand-written letter to the media regarding her current love life.

In the letter, Joey admitted that she was currently in the initial stages of getting to know Wilfred Lau further. She hoped to find “Mr. Right” soon. Joey’s statement appeared to reflect her wish to develop the relationship in a low-profile manner, without commitment due to the early stages of the relationship.

Joey also noted that she has treated each relationship seriously. When it was time for a relationship to end, Joey felt that it was necessary to let go of the past. This portion of Joey’s statement may have been made in light of Denise Ho’s recent claims of betrayal by her “close friends.”

Joey Yung: “Denise Ho is a Forever Friend!”

Joey’s handwritten letter was issued to the press at 6 am yesterday morning. Later in the day, Joey appeared at the press conference for TVB’s music event, Jade’s Red and White Battle <2012翡翠歌星紅白鬥>. 

With the eruption of scandalous rumors due to Joey, Wilfred and Denise’s alleged love triangle, Joey’s spirits dampened over the last several days. At the press conference, Joey’s eyes appeared red and swollen from crying. Accompanied by EEG manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希) and 4 colleagues, Joey deflected specific media questions as to whether she has contacted Denise Ho.

Noting that her handwritten letter had already addressed her current love life, Joey hoped that the public will focus on her work, including the upcoming release of her Mandarin music album.

Asked about her relationship with Denise Ho, Joey replied, “She is my forever friend. Our friendship has not changed!”

As to whether Wilfred was acting pompously since dating Joey, she replied, “I cannot respond on his behalf. However, the Wilfred that I know is not this type of person. Everyone should use time to carefully observe a person. This applies to myself and everyone as well.”

Asked whether she possessed a mutual agreement with Wilfred to stop discussing their romance publicly, Joey said, “I think he has said enough already!”

Below are the full contents of Joey’s handwritten letter to the media:

“This time around, I felt very helpless. All along in my personal life, I chose to handle it in a low-profile manner. Regarding the recent turn of events, I feel the need to explain further. I do not wish the story to grow darker. Too many speculations will hurt many people (including myself). After this letter, I will temporarily no longer respond to this matter. I hope that we can focus on my work once again.

“Since entering the industry for 13 years, I have only been engaged in a few romantic relationships.  Most of the time, I chose to work hard on my career instead. However, I attach great importance to each relationship and the feelings involved; I was serious and did not regret them. When the fate of a relationship is over, I can do nothing but accept it. Regarding the development with ‘Si Hing’ (Wilfred Lau), it is still a preliminary stage. His sincerity led to my decision to take it one step further.

“Facing love, I have to admit that I am not an expert. I still do not know what to do. As to who can eternally remain in the heaven of my dreams, it is an matter I often contemplate. I am sorry that I am unable to share with you my love world, but I do not think that ‘love’ should be used in the same context as ‘play.’ Joey Yung only hopes to find a dependable shoulder; living happily is sufficient. I hope that this day will arrive. Please give me a little blessing and strength; I hope that ‘Mr. Right’ will appear as soon as possible! (Palms together)”

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Jayne: Joey’s handwritten letter is nicely written, to express her serious attitude towards love. Like everyone, she hopes to find happiness in love. It also subtly hints that she did not betray anyone, as Joey was serious and earnest in each relationship. This is as direct as Joey will likely be in addressing allegations that Denise was hurt in the “love triangle.”

Denise has always been more outspoken; I wonder whether she will respond anymore to the issue?

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  1. lol “I hope that ’Mr. Right’ will appear as soon as possible!” so other words c-hing is not her boyfriend yet. i feel pity for c-hing now, he highly profile declared joy as his girlfriend,and she gave this answer…..

    1. Shu,
      “so other words c-hing is not her boyfriend yet. i feel pity for c-hing now, he highly profile declared joy as his girlfriend,and she gave this answer…..”

      Joey subtly acknowledged that she is in the initial stages of developing with Wilfred Lau. The part about “Mr. Right” implies a greater commitment of a life partner, in which Joey carefully implied that she is still looking for that person. This is understandable, given that she and Wilfred have only started dating for less than 3 months.

      Also the statement is made to divert attention from her romance with Wilfred.

      Joey’s statement is carefully worded to let people focus on her love vision, rather than the rumored parties involved.

  2. That is a very nice handwriten letter, it’s explained everything. I just hope Joey do find happiness and true love.

  3. hope that her fans continue to support her and won’t affect her career, don’t just focus on her love life, she worked hard for many years to become what she is today

    1. hope her fans to dump her so she can finaly find her true love

    2. If they are her true fans, they will continue to support her music no matter what.

  4. Joey Yung: “Denise Ho Is A Forever Friend!”


    “I am no longer sleeping with her. I did, in the past, but now I am so over her. I am now with someone else which is none of anyone’s business. Anyway now I am sleeping with someone new. So please, back off!!”

    1. hahaah thats funny but could be true.
      My gosh, celebs these days they can so both ways so fast huh? today it’s a girl and tomm it can be a boy. pheewwwww..haha lol..

      1. So to clarify, this means Joey is a “bi-sexual” since she is both into guys and girls right??

        I guess this is news to me as I follow Joey’s music pretty decently, but not her life and celebrity gossip.

    2. This sounds about accurate. Seems like Denise did not get the memo that her 5+ year long relationship was just a game.


    3. Is Joey bisexual instead of lesbian? That is funny but can be true… Only they would know that…

  5. Denise seems like a decent person who truly cares about Joey.

    If not, she could probably take down Joey’s career by releasing details about her relationship with Joey.

    I’d like to see EEG do damage control then. They have been good but still not good enough to save Gillian’s career.

    Joey has the right to sleep with whoever she wants, but an ex’s best friend? Pretty low move, no excuses.

    Real feelings are hurt here.

    1. Cannot compare joey and gillian b/c ah gil is not nearly as talented.

      Even if Denise spilled dirt about joey, her career would still survive. And if Denise did do that, what kind of person would she be?

      1. My opinion is Gil and Joey both are from projected in a differetn way. Gil was projected like a saint an angel who seems like a virgin when she cried a river when she was photographed in a changing room in Msia. While Joey was never projected like an angel, Joey has been portrying like tomboy sometimes and she can be sexy sometims too.. and the news of her and Denise have like been for ages so even if both of them revealed of their sexuality preference too, it won’t gonna make a big surprise.

        EEG of course tried to save Gil’s career since TWIN made big money but Gil’s mistake was beyond resurrect and hard to rescue since kinky pics of her which totally against her image surfaced. As for Joey, as long as Denise keep her mouth.. I doubt neither (joey & denise) will admit they’re les.

      2. sorry many typo errors there..I’m typing from my mobile 😛

      3. That was the point of my comment; IF Denise was someone who is a vixen then she could do that. You’ll be surprised how homophobic HK (and the rest of Asia is).

        They (Joey and Denise) seemed to have a very strong relationship. It is indeed sad to see it all go downhill.

  6. well if thy hve both mve on.. i dont c whats wrng wth it..

  7. After all, I feel Joey is more sad than happy with her relationship with W, why?

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