Kate Tsui’s Rough Boyish Side Surfaces, Criticizes Bosco Wong For Being Too Vain (*Contains Spoiler Pic*)

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) should just have their identities swapped. While conversing, Bosco and Kate mockingly criticized each other’s true character for differentiating so much from their individual gender.

In Kate Tsui’s eyes, Bosco was much more vain than girls. However, in Bosco Wong’s eyes, Kate was much more coarse and rough than a man.

This was truly a mismatch. Bosco who looks gallant, is in fact more vain than a girl whereas Kate who looks sweet and feminine, is in fact more sloppy and casual than a man. So where’s the problem? Bosco replied, “Kate is really like a man. Don’t be fooled by her plump and full lips or her fit and great physique. Actually she only looks sweet on the outside, she is in fact coarse and rough in the inside!”

Shared the same telepathy in terms of taste

Upon hearing how Bosco had described her, Kate Tsui who was at the side, immediately retorted, “Then you think that you are very “man” ah? Especially when you are in fact much more vain than a girl. I have never seen a guy like you who cares so much about his exterior appearance!” After hearing this, Bosco slapped the table, laughed out loud and snappily said, “I have a cleanliness phobia mahs! I don’t like to be like you who don’t even bother to tidy or clean your car.”

Although Bosco and Kate seemed like they were engaging in a crossfire of words and refused to give way to one another, in actual fact, the duo shared plenty of chemistry. During the interview, the both of them ordered the exact same drink, which was iced lemon tea with less sugar. It could indeed be said that Bosco and Kate shared the same telepathy!

[Caption: Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui shared kissing and intimate scenes in “Lives of Omission”; A heavily anticipated upcoming scene was one of Kate’s Paris pointing a gun against Bosco’s Cripple Co.]

In Lives of Omission《潛行狙擊》, Bosco’s Cripple Co. character and Kate Tsui’s Paris character were deeply rooted in the audience’s hearts. Faced with these new challenges, Bosco responded, “My character had a mustache in that show, I felt that it’s okay, looked quite cool actually. However, I felt that it was very troublesome as I had to keep maintaining it, trimming and taking care of it. But having different images for people to look at, is rather good. Like William Clark Gable [a versatile American actor known for his ever-changing roles].  Not just your average Bosco Wong.”

Lawyer role was hard to act

On the other hand, Kate Tsui said, “Initially, when I was given this role, I felt very scared. Scared to act as a lawyer. Apart from worrying that I wouldn’t look good in a lawyer’s outfit, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle the lawyer’s wig. The worst thing was the dialogues for the role as a lawyer, it was really difficult. ”

Kate continued, “Furthermore, I still had to act as a cool lawyer who must look impressive and command a huge presence whenever I appeared onscreen. Thus the stress was overwhelming. I needed to spend much time memorizing those dialogues too, it was akin to a primary school student who memorized books. Just the dialogue alone made me spend ten times the amount of time that I usually require to memorize scripts.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. LOL! This interview is quite funny!

    That picture of Kate pointing the gun at Bosco wasn’t in the finale lolz!

    Anyway, Ah K, could you translate news regarding Laughing Sir’s upcoming movie? Heard the cast has been revealed

    1. Maybe that scene where she pointed the gun at him was cut before it was released?? I have noticed that in some series, I see scenes that were not in the series. I think those scenes were cut(the deleted scenes) before the series actually released so we don’t see those scenes in the series itself.

    2. @edmwer:

      I certainly won’t mind having the honor to translate it but I can’t seem to find the news you were saying, maybe you could find the link and post it here instead so that I can translate it? 😀

      1. @edmwer:

        Just clicked on the link you given, is it this you were referring to?

        “隨著劇集<潛行狙擊>大結局,剛剛已宣佈會開拍電影版,laughing與跛co應會在電影版上再續未了緣![耶][酷]@謝天華Laughing @黄宗泽”

        It means that following the finale of “Lives of Omission”, it had just been announced that a movie version of it would be starting filming and Laughing-Gor Michael Tse and Bosco Wong’s Cripple Co. would be reprising their roles and continuing their unfinished business from the television version of “Lives”.

      2. I wonder how true this piece of news is. From the ending aired today, I can’t see a movie sequel being filmed.

      3. me neither x2

        ckwok is a TVB magazine editor, not the producer so it might be his wish only.

  2. She looks different in those pics. Did she go under the knife or something?

    1. Yes compared to the Macau show picture she looks better here. It must be the makeup, hairstyle and lighting.

  3. Finished LOO! I was looking forward to the scene where Paris points a gun at Michael, but it never took place. So TVB opted for the alternative ending?

    I want to see the other ending TVB filmed.

    I can’t see how there can be a movie sequel to the ending now.

  4. Kidd mentioned that Kate’s lips look different in LOO. I think it looks more plump and full in the header photo. Her cheeks are also more plump.

  5. The alternate ending was shown in a Scoop clip for those who are interested in seeing that version.

    1. Do you have the clip?

      After finish with LOO I can say that their chemistry is pretty good. I wonder how Myolie will feel about this.

      1. Yeah their chemistry in that show was insane! But i doubt myolie felt jealous. Maybe a little? Afterall their scandal happened after LOO was done filming (at least most of it)

      2. dunno if she feel jealous or not but Myolie’s professional and gracious, even if she feel jealous she will understand that this is just acting

  6. Just saw the alternative ending on Scoop. I’m glad they chose to end it the way they did. The alternative ending didn’t make that much sense and it reminded me of Sentinel’s ending where after all that fighting, Steven’s character turned out to the prince.

  7. Bosco – the quintessential metrosexual, the straight guy who places alot of care and time in his appearance.

    I would personally find this very annoying, so don’t know whether this turns Myolie off at all.

    1. Why would Myolie be turned off? The effect came out good. Her guy looks good. lol

      Honestly, if Myolie was turned off, she would not be with him for 6 years. Myolie herself is quite a dresser.

      1. On the one hand, other redeeming aspects of Bosco may have kept Myolie with him for this long. On the other hand, she’s not yet had to deal with this aspect of him on a daily basis, and may think differently when married to him; it’s so much easier to overlook things when you don’t see the person often or live with the person.

        No one bats an eyelid when a woman puts the same amount of care on her appearance. Call me gender-biased, but this would not be something I’d be attracted to in a husband!

      2. Yes Myolie always know how to look fashionable and glamourous. I love this.

      3. As long as he doesn’t use the mirror longer than Myolie, should be fine.

    2. not only that but he also loves cooking. Could all this metrosexual attributes come from him live only with his mum for his entire life?

  8. kate looks hot in the last photo. love that outfit. very american.

    1. Vivien is so fascinated by Kate that he can’t help but talk about her. I know Kate appeal to you

  9. Does anyone know what the ending of Laughing sitting in the cell and staring at the guy implies? I don’t know why I have this idea that he is a undercover again even in prison. LOL

    1. I have to wait til tomorrow for the last episode to broadcast here. The ending sounds interesting. If laughing ends up in jail, maybe he can meet law ba and have a GJ crossover.

      Hmm… I imagine an opportunity for a group shower scene in the movie. It may sound counter-intuitive in a men’s prison but after what happened to KK’s leet gor, it’s probably safer to not shower alone.

      1. hmm…the ending is a bit mysterious and maybe a bit strained? but definitely setting up for a movie or sequel.

  10. ROFL!! Remind me of that movie He’s a Woman, She’s a Man LOL!! TVB can cast them in new version ROFL!!

    1. Wait sorry wrong title! It was another movie !! Might be one of the All Wells ends well. The actress is Teresa Mo!

      1. Yeap, it’s the ‘All’s Well, Ends Well’ movie. I don’t mind a remake. That movie is funny.

        But, who can replace Stephen Chow?

  11. I’m infatuated with them now. Their fierce onscreen chemistry suits my taste.

      1. Forgot to add: they make me feel like a fangirl once again. Haven’t had that feeling for years?

      2. I haven’t had this feeling in years too. After the finale, I’m still thinking about them now, but my boyfriend doesn’t like this couple. He thinks Kate isn’t pretty enough. Tsk :(. This made me happy to meet some of you who love this couple here 😀

      3. @ Masaharu

        Just curious. Which actress your boyfriend think is pretty?

      4. Kidd, he likes Fala, Gigi Lai, Stephy and Aragaki Yui.

        For non Asian, the cheerleader in Glee.

    1. I haven’t watched LOO yet, but from the comments here…

      Not from the same LOO, but since Bosco and Kate’s bickering chemistry is great, how about a drama with:

      Manly Bosco with a metrosexual slant
      Sexy Kate with a tomboyish don’t carish side

      Think of the dyanmics!

      That’s what I suspected all along… sexy Kate’s image may be what is required of her by her company. They need someone to fill the sexy void, not Fala, not Tavia, not Linda… so put Kate in this mold.

      A girl who uses her sex appeal to sell tickets (to audiences) is someone like Shu Qi, Amy Yip, Viann even… Real sexy girls who makes guys’ knees melt. A soft whisper here and a caress there and guys are putty in their hands.

      A girl like Kate who is wierdly sexy and whose personality is more tomboyish, is not really going the sexy route but more compelled to do by her management and imaging. She acts sexy because of various reasons, but she may not be a really sexy person.

      Just for the record, I am impartial (as in open, accepting) to Kate and I used to like Shu qi for a while… so…

    2. Hell i agree. The way they fiercely hugged and kissed each other gawd ! Unbelievable! Especially that scene where paris was meeting a client with her boss at the hotel. Bai co drove around furiously and yet he still ended up at the hotel again. And then he pulled her hair and hugged. Fierce fierce fierce! Me like! And also when bai co borrowed paris’ money ( ep 21 or 22), she told him he doesnt need to repay the amount back. She just wants the interest ha!

  12. Anyone watch ‘Short of Love’ starring Wong Cho Lam and many pretty actresses? I wonder if that’s how Kate looks like in her casual wear. Lol

    Kate was really manly in that movie especially when look from the back (because the way she move is manly)

    But, she shows her feminine side when she was in the wedding dress.

    The movie is worth a watch. I find it very funny.

    1. It was a James Yuen film wasn’t it. James Yuen has some good track record from my POV.

      1. Yes, it’s a James Yuen movie.

        Just check his resume. Yeah, he has one good track record. His movies range from decent to good and there are some high acclaimed ones too. Haha. I didn’t know he has made so many movies I like. 😀

  13. Ahhhh…Kate is really beautiful in that pic, i bet she’s prettier in person too.

    Not a fan of Kate but she’s really good looking up there^. As for Bosco, no comment lol.

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