Kenneth Ma Heads to Singapore for Work

In midst of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak that has spread to many countries, Kenneth was seen wearing a face mask at the airport getting ready to fly to Singapore. While there are a total of seven people infected with the virus in Singapore to-date, it’s flying and going through crowded airports that can make people wary of traveling at this time.

Seen wearing a face mask, Kenneth still took time to take pictures with his fans and spoke with the press before boarding his flight. Kenneth revealed that he has to make an appearance at a promotional event at a mall with Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) in Singapore.

The 45-year-old actor said, “I’ll be careful, but there’s only so much you can worry about. Originally, I was supposed to attend an event on the second day of Lunar New Year in Huizhou, but that got cancelled. However, this event didn’t get cancelled so I have to go. I trust that it’s pretty safe in Singapore and I’ve prepared masks and sanitizing wipes.”

Asked if Kenneth will linger in Singapore after his work is completed, he said, “Of course not! I’ll be heading straight back to Hong Kong – my parents are still in Hong Kong and I’m worried about my family.”

As many pharmacies in Hong Kong is seeing a shortage of face masks, does Kenneth plan to buy more supplies in Singapore to bring home? He said, “I was just thinking about it because I think masks aren’t selling out as quickly over there. I’m sure there’ll be some available. I hope that Hong Kong will start having masks again, but we’ll still need to wait for the government’s official announcement. I hope everyone can stay healthy.”

Although his event appearances may change due to the coronavirus outbreak, Kenneth will soon start filming for TVB drama Who Wants a Baby 2 <BB來了2> soon. He admitted he brought the script with him on this trip to Singapore so he can prepare ahead of time.

While many television dramas and films have halted filming in Mainland China due to the coronavirus outbreak, filming inside TVB Studios has not been affected. For health and safety precautions, TVB has started screening procedures for its employees for symptoms of coronavirus infection.


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    1. @conan2209 Can you provide insight on how the situation in Singapore is? Are people panicking? International headlines focus more on situation in China and not as much on specific Asian locations.

      1. @jayne
        Masks are sold out at all major pharmacies – Guardian, Unity and Watsons. Mostly sold out on online platforms too. There are scalpers reselling them on Carousell to make a profit. Hand sanitisers are also in great demand.

      2. @jayne

        I’m a Singaporean living in Singapore. We are calm here and everything’s in good control. However, I guess KM may have a problem purchasing mask or hand sanitizer here as most are out of stock too.

        God bless! 🙂

      3. @curiousitykillsthelady @pooh Glad to hear Singaporeans are reacting calmly to the situation. The government’s clear communication with the people helps too.

        The stockpiling is understandable, but there are also other ways to help prevent virus infection too such as frequent washing of hands with soap and being mindful to not touch face with dirty hands.

  1. Most world-renown doctors have said over and over again that face masks don’t work yet they are out of stock all over the world. The surgical masks are incapable of filtering the virus. Even the N95 masks barely work as its uncomfortable, most people wear it incorrectly so it doesn’t filter anything as well.

    The HK politicians and “medical” board advisors are the biggest clowns, and are the worst culprits of all of this. Firstly, they are throwing up speculative numbers that do nothing but further fuel fear to the general public. They are ignorant and setting a bad example for themselves and for the rest of the world by continually preaching others to wear masks, and continually showing up in front of cameras with masks on WHEN IT DOES NOTHING in prevention. It only makes medical supply companies richer.

    Medical masks of any kind are hard to come by in Vancouver, both online and offline at the moment. Good luck finding them if you are looking!

    1. @anon
      Actually masks can help as it can stop you from touching your face which can help prevent spreading the virus. But yes, it will not really help in other ways. I guess it is more of a security blanket for those who are very scared.

      1. @hetieshou

        Masks don’t protect your eyes from being exposed to the virus. You can rub your eyes and get infected or get sneezed on, carried by your tears into your blood stream.

        There’s been at least one doctor that had been exposed this way.

        All in all, your only safety net is to avoid crowds, wash your hands and don’t touch your face.

      2. @anon
        You are right. A Respiratory Specialist from Beijing University/Hospital visited Wuhan to study Coronavirus and got infected because he only wore the protective gown and N95 mask, and his eyes were not protected.

        Here is the link to read about it if you can understand Chinese.

      3. @anon

        I know that but it would help a bit with the mouth and nose, but of course you need to protect your eyes too as many got infected through the eyes.

    2. @anon I kind of agree after reading up about it. Technically the flu kills more people worldwide than previous strains of H5N1 or this Coronavirus: “CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza.”

      I don’t understand what the pandemonium is with Coronavirus because it seems to be relatively similar to the flu. Some people can die from it, similar to the flu and it’s very contagious. There’s no current vaccine, but doesn’t seem like it should cause so much panic? Am I misinformed somehow? Of course I don’t wanna get it, but it seems to be about as dangerous as the flu…?

      1. @coralie Its much more contagious than the average flu. The chances of dying is also much higher, especially in people over 50. All in all, a flu strain but much stronger and infectious. Its being compared to being very much like the Spanish Flu which back then killed a good chunk of the worlds population.

      2. @megamiaow
        Wuhan Coronavirus has a death rate of 2.1%. The average seasonal flu has a death rate of 10.3% (an average of 3 million severely affected resorting to 290,000 deaths globally annually). This is a global stat. Even if you only account for the US ONLY, that is a 9.6% death rate – more than 4x higher than dying from the Wuhan Coronavirus.

        Scientists have also indicated that in a few months of the coronavirus’s worldwide circulation, humans will naturally develop an antibody to combat this virus, but this is rarely reported by MSM.

        This is completely blown out of proportion.

      3. @anon Interesting. I was under the impression that every person who gets infected increases the chances of mutations that could make the virus more adaptable to the current environment.

        Regardless, looks like I’ll be stocking up on Vitamin C and Zinc for the next coming months, although I’m not certain how efficacious they’ll actually be.

        There’s a new conspiracy theory circulating about the Coronavirus having been developed by China to be used as a biological weapon. I’m doubting it, but it would be so messed up if that were true.

      4. @oystergirl

        Vitamin C And Zinc are good choices to boost your immune system. Unfortunately it takes a few months for the benefits to be effective. By that time, most of us probably have already developed natural antibodies to battle this virus.

        I tend to ignore conspiracy theories such as this. With that said, there are online discussions that Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funded the spread of this virus as they have patents on the Coronavirus vaccines. RT news reported on it recently. Look up YouTube.

      5. @anon
        Thanks for all of the info. Do you think people are overreacting in terms of this Coronavirus? How do you think it compares to SARS?

      6. @hetieshou

        The media and the politicians are the worst offenders of hyping the spread of this virus. The entire situation is bad, but nowhere near as bad as the media are making this out to be. We have a 98% survival rate if we caught it the next day. I’ll take those odds over the common flu (of 90% survival rate) any day.

        As for SARS, SARS was far more deadly than the Wuhan Coronavirus as it had a 10% mortality rate.

      7. @anon
        Ok, this is now declared a worldwide health emergency so maybe it is as bad as they say. I wish they were only overhyping it. They were saying that SARS was not as bad as it did not spread like the corona virus. I am just hoping that the situation will be under control soon.

      8. @anon
        I was watching videos from many sources and some are saying it is overhyped while others are panicking like crazy. I honestly do not know what to believe anymore.

      9. @anon I think rate of 10% is not correct, thats too high. Other sites quote 0.1% for seasonal flu death rate.

        China flu is at 2% at the moment but that is rough figure

        I agree the panic might be bit early but we had a family trip planned to china we had to cancel as dad is over 60 and some things better to just not risk. And who wants to be hit by flu on holiday anyway.

      10. @megamiaow

        If you follow the link below, and look at the US stat, from the year 2018-2019 alone, the mortality rate for the seasonal flu was 9.6%. The global average is over 10% (source in previous post).

        34,157 (number of deaths)/35,520,883 (number of illnesses) = 9.6%

        This is from an official source of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    3. @anon ok, your information is wrong and you don’t understand the situation at all.

      1 – the face mask helps reduce the spread of the virus. When people sneeze, they spread the virus into the air. By wearing face mask, even if the person has the disease, yet do not know, it reduce the spread of the virus. So everyone is recommended to wear face mask is still a very valid and good especially in the case of unknown epidemic. Just like it’s well known and proven that frequently washing hand reduce the catching of virus/bacteria. So wearing face mask is essential atm along with frequent hand washing, and reducing touching face with your hands

      2- the death rate of corona virus is only 2% and therefore no need to worry and everyone is over reacting. First of all, it’s the WHO, and you are I’m sorry a nobody, they have all the scientist and facts, so they know more than you. Secondly, currently it’s 2%, however, no one has recovered, because the virus might take 2-3 weeks like a normal flu. But so far, no one has recovered. Now let say the chance of recover is 50%, either you live or you die. Now that means currently the virus has a 2% to a 50% chance to kill you! Now that’s a big swing! Plus they don’t know how to treat it, how fast it’s spreading. If it spreads say only 1 person to 1 person, it’s not too bad, but preferably less than 1. However, again, they number is huge in China. So instead of go, oh yea, whatever, it’s good to have an action plan.

      So do follow the advice of your government, don’t be complacent. Rather overacting and be safe, than thinking you are smarter than the rest of the world and cause problem for your family.

      1. @littlefish

        You’re the one that needs to get educated on this topic.

        1) It’s the WHO doctors themselves that claim that masks are useless for normal healthy people. You should only be wearing masks IF YOU ARE carrying the Coronavirus, or you suspect that you are carrying the Corona Virus. Again, masks are useless for normal healthy people. Read my comments above, WHO advocates washing hands and staying away from crowds – not wearing masks, this has only been advocated by mostly Chinese doctors.

        2) Are you retarded? that 2.1% figure IS from the WHO. Many people have recovered from the CoronaVirus. MY god, have you been watching the news at all?

        I’ve only read part of your response as I don’t feel the need to continue reading when most of what you say are just opinions and you’re not even up to speed with facts.

      2. @anon dude, when you are living in an area with many infected people, you can be carrying the virus without knowing it. So wearing face mask isn’t a bad thing. How you miss the point that face mask is a measure to contain infection? *face palm. Also this is not an opinion, it’s a fact!

        2 – yes, I’ve been watching the news. That 2.1% is the minimum death rate, learn statistics? Currently, 20k have the virus, 427 die, 725 recovered. So if you are getting ill, you have 30% chance dying! (Like the flu, not everyone die >_> it’s the rate that we are caring about). You criticised the WHO on their extreme measures, and I tried to explain why it’s not an extreme measures, it’s the right one.

        The number will change, the stats for recovery will be better, we expect so, however, that doesn’t mean we should treat it lightly.

        I love how you, who criticised WHO thinks a person tried to explain why their measures a correct one is just an opinion, you will live long 🙂

      3. @littlefish
        Not understand your stats. Are you saying of the 20k with coronavirus not many are ill? I don’t think you can use the ratio of recovery to the ones dying to work out mortality rate to your 30%…..

  2. I think the recovery rate is a lot higher in Coronavirus than in SARS. Most cases overseas were able to recover after contracted, except the ones in Wuhan. So far there are only deadly cases in China, mainly in Wuhan.

    I believe that the outbreak in Wuhan was attended a bit too late.

      1. @hetieshou
        I am not a person in the medical field, so I cannot say for sure.

        However, based on the current statistics, there has not been any deaths reported outside of China, I assume that patients contracted Coronavirus at the early stage can be cured. I don’t know why there are so many deaths in Wuhan though unless the outbreak is out of control now.

        There were a lot of people died of SARS overseas in 2003, but fewer cases of SARS were reported than of Coronavirus.

        I think Coronavirus is more widespread than SARS, but is not as deadly as SARS. Hope the spread of Coronavirus is more under control in China and in overseas.

        Here is the link from CNN on Coronavirus with the latest updates.

      2. @orchid123 the thing the WHO is doing is to prevent the virus getting into countries with inadequate facilities/stock/knowledge to deal with it. The reason Wigan’s number is huge, is because they don’t have great medical system. And they don’t know how to handle it correctly at the start. So if the virus gets to another third world country, the number might be just as big. We don’t know, but do we want to try?

      3. @orchid123

        Thanks for your response and yes I heard that SARS was more deadly but did not spread as fast while the Coronavirus is not as deadly but spreads faster. I just hope that it gets contained soon so no more people will get infected or die. This is so sad and is a bad start to 2020.

    1. @orchid123 i agree that the outbreak was attended too late. A Wuhan resident posted a video saying that the day before they closed off the city, the government didnt even inform people to wear face masks. They woke up the next day and was told that no one can enter/leave Wuhan.

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