Kenneth Ma & Queenie Chu Share Kiss in “D.I.E.”

Queenie Chu Wai Man and Joey Leung Wing Chung’s kiss in a car had caused a stir in the entertainment industry, also allegedly causing rife between Joey and Margaret Chung Lai Kei’s relationship. In new series, “D.I.E.” <古靈精探>, Queenie shared a kiss with Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming. The scene is reminiscent of the incident with Joey, but Queenie calmly filmed the scene.

Queenie has been given additional opportunities despite the incident with Joey. In the scene, she had to initiate the kiss with Kenneth. The filming attracted many reporters on site. Kenneth, who has numerous kissing experience from prior series, joked that it was Queenie’s popularity that attracted all the reporters.

With the added presence of the paparazzi, Queenie’s nervousness was heightened with her first onscreen kiss. However she did not forget to thank TVB and producer Cheung Kin Man for giving her opportunities.

Queenie said, “My heart was beating very quickly before the kiss. I was afraid that my performance would not be satisfactory and would therefore postpone the filming wrap-up.” (Is it very embarrassing for Queenie to re-enact the kissing incident inside a car?) “The plot requires this kiss in the scene. As long as I immerse into character, it will not be embarrassing.”

Taking Queenie’s first onscreen kiss, Kenneth remarked, “It was her first kiss? Queenie was very calm; her performance was okay. Since her character is a news anchor, she is very attractive to the opposite sex.”

Did Kenneth speak about the scene in advance with Queenie? “No, luckily she is the person initiating the kiss. If you are too involved in the kiss, then there will be gossip that you are trying to take advantage of your co-star. The presence of so many reporters also made me a little nervous!”

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: The photo looks like a light peck on the lips, not a very passionate kiss at all!

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