Kenneth Ma: “Rich Girls Are Hard To Court”

Yesterday, despite an earlier warning of the humid weather, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) had to film an outdoor scene for new drama, On Call 36 Hours <On Call 36小時>.
Acting as a doctor in the show, his character was supposed to be passing by but saw a traffic accident and helped in an emergency treating the kid who had been knocked over.

During the filming, Kenneth was so hot that his forehead was covered in sweat and his top was entirely soaked too. Kenneth Ma remarked that it was very tough filming under a humid weather and that he finally understood the hard work of being a medical personnel.

The reporter laughed and replied that Kenneth could follow the footsteps of Joel Chan (陳山聰) and woo a rich girlfriend. After hearing this, Kenneth smiled and said, “I also wish that I don’t need to work but rich girls are hard to court. Maybe girls find me too boring. I must learn and follow somehow or another because having a common interest would make things easier when courting girls.”


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  1. Kenneth is cute and funny lol. This might be why I feel like smiling even when he acted bad guy in GUF and TLOAS. His goofy grin and innocent face are cute :D.

    He’s a cute and nice guy. Why are girls not flocking over him already?

  2. “Maybe girls find me too boring. I must learn and follow somehow or another because having a common interest would make things easier when courting girls.”

    Haha ~ he’s very honest.

    He looks very cute in the photo, and I agree that he has the puppy face, which makes his portrays of villain a bit of a joke.

  3. I like Kenneth. For some reason, I think he’s going to end up with a tvb actress since I don’t see him going out and meeting girls in a club or something. lol

    1. I think he’s going to end up with a tvb actress

  4. The charm of Kenneth is in his ordinariness.

    He’s not chok or glamour. He just act and dress like everyone else (but still look good in it).

    There’s an magazine reporter catch Kenneth Ma taking the LRT and walking the street in ordinary clothes and not one approach him. The reporter said he need to dress up more. This report was scanned and posted in Golden forum and all the replies disagree with the reporter. Most like him this way.

    1. Kidd,
      “The charm of Kenneth is in his ordinariness”

      This ordinariness makes Kenneth very likable as a person, as he seems like any guy we might know in real life. It also prevents him from being idol material and gracing weekly tabloid magazines. His low-profile and image allows him to take more risks in acting roles and stretch his abilities more.

    2. I agree and I don’t feel that a guy or anyone needs to dress up really fancy or anything in order for people to approach them. I actually think it can be the opposite in some cases because some people can dress up too much and scare some people away. I admire guys that are humble and don’t dress up too much. I think Kenneth looks great even when he just dresses up casually while there are others that need to really dress up in order to look good.

  5. he took up antagonist role quite a lot lately. But even so you just can’t hate him. haha probably i’m biased.

    I have to say he’s a very likable person…

  6. Eh a lot of girls like him. Maybe girls like bad guys won’t like him but those looking for a good husband might.

    1. Some women do prefer bad boys, this is true.
      As for Kenneth, I think he just not really want to married yet, maybe he still want to acts. With his status as an actor, I sure if he said he wants to find a wife, there be a long line of HK girls for him to choose from.
      Kenneth seem younger than his age, when I Google his birthday, I was suprise how olds he is compared to how olds he looks.

      1. Kenneth can still act just as usual even when he gets married. It is usually the women that retire once they get married if that is what is required of them. Maybe he just doesn’t have the time to go out and meet girls.

  7. DO U think Kenneth really mean what he said? Like He’s boring? and it’s contradict to how others view him as hot item.

    I think Kenneth is a hillarious, smart and down to earth guy so maybe he don’t mean as he said about himself, he was being down to earth again. so cute. I think besides Steven Ma, he’s another artist whom I would liek to see the series he’s casting in.

    1. I think he means it. He looks like a down to earth guy. I don’t doubt him, although I wish for more news in terms of acting etc rather than girls girls girls. He is probably one of those few actors that my sis went “wow he looks huge” next to tiny Natalie, etc.

      1. @Funn,

        I think Kenneth isn’t that huge,I think his height is almost or 6ft tall. It’s Natalie who is petite in real that make all actors who co-star with her looks huge.

      2. Eh if he is really 6 feet that is tall!! But no I don’t believe he is 6 feet at all or minus 3 inches anywhere that. However he is quite bulky surprisingly. He is very well proportioned. But yes, Natalie and the ladies are tiny.

      3. Funn,

        Natalie is super tiny because of her skinny body. I find her to be too skinny imo and Tavia is another artist who is getting skinnier day by day.

    2. I think he’s joking. From his various interview of him I’ve seen, I find the him humorous. It must just be one of his self-depreciating humour.

      But, he did say he’s boring quite a number of times. In the superman interview he did many years ago (I think that’s where he met Margie Tsang), he also said he’s boring because his life is very simple. In free time, he just play football/soccer and his hobby is only collecting Donald Duck figurines.

      I think he just hasn’t found the right girl.

  8. Well I really like Kenneth and thinks he is a nice person and a very good actor too. Like a lot of you, I find it difficult to understand why he has not been “taken” yet so to speak. There are lots of girls in TVB, pretty and single; yet none of them seem to “fancy” him. I also think he’s too cute and nice to play villainous roles. Just hope that he’ll find a nice girl one day and nope, I don’t find him boring at all.

    1. I am sure he is considering his options… and the girls are making sure he considers them… and I do agree he is too cute to play villainous roles. If his acting is any better, I feel he can take the mantle from Steven Ma and play those heroic guys with burden.

    2. There are a lot of great guys and girls that I know in real life that are not taken yet and they are around Kenneth’s age or even older in some cases. I guess maybe it is because their time has not come yet?? It is true that there are many girls in TVB but there are also a lot of other attractive guys around as well. It is really tempting in the entertainment world since you are around constantly attractive people all the time. I also hope that he will find a great girl one day as well. I guess he thinks that he is boring because he doesn’t go out to clubs and stuff like other actors do.

  9. I also think he looks very young for his age but unfortunately not handsome enough to play lots of romantic leading roles like Raymond Lam. I really liked him playing a lawyer.

    1. I think Kenneth is handsome and attractive but I think he just doesn’t have the luck and all like Raymond does. I personally don’t find Raymond that handsome to me. He is attractive and all, but just not my type of look.

    2. @Pineapple,

      I truly think Kenneth Ma is quite handsome LOL for real!!! I will buy it if he plays any casanova in any new series! and I think he has done that before too in previous series 😛

  10. Boring guy normally will be a good husband , has one at home haha. He probably will be a good husband material but not boyfriend. Who knows.

    1. Haha ~ I don’t know if a boring guy will make a good husband because the woman would love to be entertained with a sense of humor, but I do see Kenneth has a good husband for sure! 😀 He’s tall, handsome, cute, and has a great and easygoing personality. Definitely a great catch.

    2. My husband pretty boring too. And I agree with boring guys will normally be good husband because they are not players, night after night go to clubs and drinking even after married.
      Hard to be players if you boring, like Kenneth as an example. And I don’t think Kenneth is that boring, if he say he want wife, there be a long line of HK girls want to register to be his wife, LOL!
      My husband is the oldest in his family, so he used to take care of his younger siblings and cooking and cleaning, family type of guy. Even now after he married, habits won’t change, go work, go home, cook, pretty boring guy.

  11. Kenneth is really putting it out there that he’s single! So much talk lately about how he can’t find the right girl.

    I believe in fate, if she hasn’t come along yet…it’s best to wait!

    1. Don’t wait too long, waiting can be a habit and once a habit is formed, very difficult to break

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