Kenneth Ma ‘Splits’ from Nancy Wu, Chases Selena Li Instead

Thirty-six year-old, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, is a renown filial son who currently lives with his parents in Tai Koo Shing. Kenneth has been rumored with TVB colleague, Nancy Wu Ding Yan, ever since their collaboration on a dance show in 2008.

Recently, there were rumors that due to Kenneth being dissatisfied with Nancy’s princess attitude, the pair have split. Allegedly, Kenneth requested breaking-up and chased after Selena Li Sze Wan instead.

Allegedly, during the filming of A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋> last year, Kenneth developed feelings for Selena. To make Selena happy, he often bought breakfast and supper for her. This aroused the curiosity of fellow cast members.

When Selena officially broke up with Patrick Tang at the end of 2009, Kenneth started openly pursuing her. Allegedly, in March 2010, he succeeded in winning Selena’s heart. On April 18th, Selena and Kenneth were spotted leaving in the same car, after the cast and crew viewing of the finale of A Fistful of Stances together.


Jayne: Kenneth looks very good with Selena. They’ve worked together in the past several times, so they’ve known each other for some time. But Kenneth was rumored with Margie Tsang previously and Selena was dating Patrick Tang back then.

I never truly believed the rumors about Kenneth and Nancy. But I wonder if Selena and Kenneth might be a possible item? He doesn’t often dress up for events, but he put on a tie for the grand opening ceremony of Selena’s beauty school. The other artists appeared in jeans and very casual outfits.

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  1. OMG! I love this couple soooo much<3 If this really is true, that would be the best thing ever! They collaborated in the Master of Taichi, The Four, A fistful of stances, Herbalist Manual,and a whole lot of other dramas. I remember liking Kenneth and Kate before because they collabed a lot, but it was like an older brother younger sister feeling rather than couple. To be honest I've never trusted the rumours with Nancy and Kenneth but still, in any cases, i wish both of them luck. KenSelena<3

  2. Well Kenneth and Selena have worked together many times in the past as onscreen lovers..wouldnt be suprised that they developed a spark..dont relationship usually start off as on-screen lovers and then developed into off screen?

    but hey they are cute together 🙂 wish them both luck selena deserves someone better then patrick anyway.


  3. Hmm…. I think they really match up as a couple 🙂

  4. they look so perfect together =) i totally agree that they should work towards the relationship and make it official.. can’t wait to see them announcing it on da news some day! perfect match everr!

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