Kenny Wee Sues Oscar Leung for Defamation

Restaurateur Kenny Wee (黃浩) sued Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) for defamation last week, claiming that the actor had falsely accused him for having “persecutory delusions” in a comment about an alleged brawl that occurred between Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Kenny Wee.

An apparent fight broke out between Eric and Kenny on December 5 during Karmen Cheng’s (鄭嘉雯) wedding banquet. Kenny pressed charges against Eric for criminal intimidation and assault, and Eric was arrested on December 19. A few hours after his arrest, Eric was released on $1,000 HKD bail, and he is to report back to the Central Police District Headquarters in mid-January 2013.

Guests at the wedding, including Oscar, stated that they did not witness any physical confrontation between Eric and Kenny, hinting that Kenny may have lied. Oscar reportedly said, “Maybe Mr. Wee is too stressed; he may have persecutory delusions. After I sang my song at the wedding, I left for filming. I absolutely do not believe that anyone hit [him]. I only know that he is Suki Chui’s (徐淑敏) husband and that he likes to create gossip, perhaps to make himself more newsworthy. I’m very surprised he is a businessman; why did he make it as if he works in the entertainment industry?”

Oscar Refuses to Give Public Apology

It was reported that Kenny filed a defamation lawsuit against Oscar last week, claiming that Oscar’s “persecutory delusions” comment has harmed his reputation. Kenny demanded that proper legal action would be taken if Oscar does not give a public apology by the afternoon of December 24, 2012. In a brief phone interview with Kenny yesterday, he stated, “My lawyers are currently handling the matter. I am inconvenient to comment.”

In another phone interview with Oscar yesterday, Oscar said, “I never received the letter. This is my first time hearing about this. I’m not worried. I have nothing to worry about. Maybe my company has already received [the letter], but if they had, they would have notified me already, but they haven’t.”

Oscar also did not think his “persecutory delusions” comment was too extreme. “I will not talk about him anymore. There is no significance to continue.”

As for Kenny’s demands for Oscar to give a public apology by the afternoon of December 24, Oscar calmly said, “I’ll see what happens. I will consult my lawyer on the matter. Since he has an attorney, I will get a barrister.”

Oscar does not believe that he has caused himself trouble for helping Eric. “Justice lies inherently in the hearts of the people. Hong Kong is a free society. If giving my opinion is illegal, then there is no freedom of speech. I never used profanity or disrespectful epithets to attack anyone either. He may think it’s a big deal, but I don’t. Maybe someone thinks I am talking nonsense and arrogant, but I can’t stop what people say about me.”

The actor insisted that he will not give a public apology. “It doesn’t matter if I apologize or not. I already said it. If someone admits criticism, the reaction will be bigger.” Oscar also expressed that his TVB manager, Amy, has not received a letter from Kenny’s lawyers.

Truthfully, Oscar was not the only artist who criticized Kenny for his diva attitude and efforts for attention. Numerous other Hong Kong stars also responded to Eric and Kenny’s slapping incident, and many of them had much harsher things to say to Kenny.

Dicky Cheung (張衛健), on December 12: “Try not to use violence when you are trying to make a point, unless you are playing the violin before a cow.”

Helen To (杜如風), on December 10: “I am a spokesperson for the Abandoned Animals Protect Association. I pardon and forgive all animals.”

Alan Tam (譚詠麟), on December 9: “Eric follows the Buddha. His religious name is ‘Kok Ng’ (conscious). If he attacks anyone, it means that the Buddha got inflamed.”

Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), on December 9: “I hope everyone will take care of your family so there will be less police reports. Better to take care of your home!”

Sandra Ng (吳君如), on December 9: “Those involved in the case are all very famous people. I don’t want to be used, so I urge that everyone in the industry to not respond to this incident so he can stop hitting the headlines.”

Nancy Sit (薛家燕), on December 7: “His headline rates are higher than mine. I don’t know him.”


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  1. All the celebrities just suck up to Eric Tsang.
    good for Kenny for stand up against the dark side of showbiz.

    1. the famous 5 started it, they think they can do as they like just because they have a few more dollars in their pocket, no respect at all for other ppl, didn’t they consider what they did was wrong? smoking marijuana in a restaurant? bet that restaurant had children dining in it too

  2. Kenny does sound like he craves the attention. I wonder what other celebs he will try to sue.

    1. don’t think he is craving for attention but for justice, those celebs were wrong to support eric as well as the famous 5, how do you like it if there is no justice at all in hongkong, triads can do as they like, killing, raping, human traffiking, looting etc

      1. LOL that escalated quickly. How is giving an opinion when asked for being likened to raping, killing and human trafficking?

        To be frank, Kenny is the one ruining his own reputation with this media circus. Besides, Oscar only said “Maybe”, not conclusive enough to even be slander.

      2. lol, thank you lychii04

        I was so surprised by the jump in conclusion that I didn’t know how to respond at first but I agree with what you said.

      3. The restaurant incident should have been reported to the police and should have been handled by the staff and owner/s at the time. This should then be a matter for the police an not the press. Kenny being an owner of the restaurant shouldn’t be commenting on this incident in the first place, and the fact he is dragging this out is probably why people think he is seeking attention.
        As to the slapping incident people are only voicing their opinions since they were present at the party. would like to see how this law suit pan out.

  3. In order to salvage his own face, he is trying to attack the 2nd line siu sang, come on la. If u r a real man bark at those whom has started the fire not the kelefe. Useless chap.

    1. no, the 2nd line siu sang should watch what they say too and not follow the footsteps of eric, i don’t support the whole tvb clan being bullies

      1. I didn’t support whoever and I don’t really cares but will it be too much, if he bark at d wrong tree. If he got guts keep on biting Hilary or Josie but why he had to stop when they wanted to press charges against him. Attacked a kelefe whom has no power and money and let those had status get away. What kind of theories is this?

      2. good of kenny to give the celebs a taste of their own medicine

  4. Anyone who says Kenny is not trying to get attention is blind. Why else would he go around suing people for defamation. There’s freedom of speech in HK. If he sues people for speaking their mind, he’s definitely trying to stay in the headlines. Impossible for me to know whose right or wrong but this guy is certainly not innocent.

    1. true, there should be freedom of speech in hongkong but not to the extend of telling lies just to protect your boss, in another words your rice bowl, there should be freedom of speech for things that are right and not the wrong, get it?

      1. Kenny can go around suing anyone he wants for defamation. Whether the court will accept it is another issue. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. Not freedom to just say what’s right. And whose to say Oscar was wrong? No one has evidence to prove anything. People can argue and support whoever they like. I’ll wait for the court to tell me if any of them did anything wrong.

  5. i never noticed that people had such a bad impression of eric tsang until i came onto this site. can anybody tell me what caused this negative view? just curious

    1. Lol me too! I actually thought they like him until now. That is crazy at how much they hate him but it’s true that he did do wrong for using violence!

  6. Wow all these seemingly “nice” celebrities are actually gangsters. Looks like Nancy Sit is one of them too.

      1. Shows how oblivious people are. Obviously Nancy was making a joke.

      2. don’t think it was meant as a joke, nancy’s a big sister who’s been around for a long time, she should know her lines

      3. I took it as a joke, she’s a very humourous lady.

        Besides, even if it wasn’t, it’s true that Nancy is way more well known to the public than Kenny ever was before this whole saga.

      4. How does her comment make her arrogant. Most likely reporter asks her “What your opinion about Kenny Wee?”

        Suki nor any of those people involved are in Nancy’s generation so she has no idea who he is. Thus she goes “His (A businessman who is an owner of a restaurant) headline rater is higher than mine (who is an artist).”

        Her statement makes perfect sense. She’s an artist, so she’ll be in the paper because, let’s be honest, we’re all commenting on this news and we’re all here because we are curious about artist/celebrities and their lives.

        Him on the other hand, should not be making the news. Because there are usually three reasons why a restaurant makes the new.
        1. The food there is really good, and there is a piece recommending the place.
        2. Something is wrong with the restaurant: food poisoning, a shooting, etc
        3. A celebrity is spotted there.

    1. nancy sit came back to showbiz after a long break ( she got married and retired ), she was trying to make ppl think that she is a ‘weak and humble auntie’ to popularise herself, in one show, she mentioned about taking the bus in hongkong to do her marketing while being a housewife, now we know her awful true colors ( through this comment )

  7. Kenny Wee attention seeker,pity his wife Suki. He will suffer not now..sometimes later,people he offended will never forgive him

    1. huh? get your facts right, they offended him from the beggining, please step into the shoes of kenny, the diners, eric, eason and other celebs and consider, as for his wife, suki, leave her out of it, she never commented anything or did any wrong doing

      1. huh? get your facts right, they offended kenny from the beginning, please step into the shoes of kenny, the diners, eric, eason and other celebs and consider, as for his wife, suki, leave her out of it, she never commented anything or did any wrong doing

      2. I don’t understand your comment-You Said please step into the shoes of kenny, the diners, eric, eason and other celebs and consider, as for his wife, suki, leave her out of it, she never commented anything or did any wrong doing

        Now , step into who shoes ?

  8. comment by ‘helen to’ degraded herself, haha.. a spokesperson for ‘abandoned animals protect association’ at that too? what an insult to that association, huge companies should truly consider not to use any more actors, singers, celebs to promote their products, would be wiser to pump in more money into research and development as well as talented and creative ppl to work in their company, ppl buy products because of quality and not because of a particular celeb, that’s where the mistake they are making in commercials and advertisements

  9. I did not know a comment having “persecutory delusions” is considered to be defaming in nature and can be sued…I thought people were entitled to giving their opinions…if someone was labeled as having “movie star delusions”, is that defaming and get sued as well.

  10. Oh geeze. Give me a break Drama Queen Kenny. You are making this situation woser everyday. Stop being a b*tch and go focus on ur dam restaurant. Nobody like you and they never wil. Oscar can say whatever he wants. He can sue you for being an ugly lair, how about that.

      1. He sure do has a lot of time to start all these drama. Since Kenny has a lawyer, he just wanna sue everyone. We shall see who’s next. Hong Kong police needs to end this drama that Kenny is causing. He got no tape then put him in jail.

      2. A Chinese saying “He who plays with fire may become its victim.”

  11. I can only hope this Kenny got in jail for keep SLANDERING others!!
    He is not an ATTENTION SEEKER?!!
    Who else let the reporters know that he sent Oscar the letter? HE-HIMSELF!!
    Not even Oscar, his manager knew bout this.
    in that case, lots of ppls in this site will be receiving letters 凸!!

    1. I think Kenny is crazy now. He’s making up all these false claims. The overcharge, tape, traid threats, slap, and suing.

      Lock the Kenny dog up. He’s out here barking for no reason.

    2. okay then, to be fair, kenny wee gets to say whatever he likes to, tell the notorious five to lift the order for kenny to keep his mouth shut, also the commissioned triads to leave kenny and his family alone

      1. Everyone keep saying the triad is after Kenny and his family. Yet, when you think about this logically, it doesn’t make sense.

        So let’s all believe that Kenny Wee does have the tape. The “notorious five” + Eric Tsang sent the triad after him to keep his mouth shut. Yet, he filed an assault charge against Eric Tsang, who allegedly according to majority of the commenters here, is the one with the triad connection and is the one that send the triad after him?

        If he already angered the “triad connected” Eric, why not just give the police the tapes so he can send the “notorious five” to jail?

  12. I haven’t really been keeping up with this whole kenny wee bs… but is it a FACT or close to “fact” that the accused artists were doing drugs at his restaurant? And what is this whole business with the tape? And did Eric Tsang really slapped him since there were “no witnesses”?

    Kenny needs to stop adding fuel to the fire. If he is SOO RIGHT, I think Suki, being his wife, would stand out and support him and his decisions.

    This whole thing is getting so annoying -_________- And it doesn’t help that Suki acts like it’s no big deal. Girl, everyone hates your husband and you’re losing business just because you’re married to him.

  13. um how does making a comment about someone make them a gangster or a member of a triad…

  14. I really don’t understand why people here hate Eric this much and also so convinced that all the artists that spoke up are “sucking up” to Eric. And when I say convinced, I mean really convinced, like you’ve got actual evidence that show they are “lying” to “cover up for their boss”

    I just don’t understand how people can be so sure that all these celebrities are lying through their teeth for Eric. In my opinion, I really don’t think all these celebrities are lying. I’m not sure about the marijuana or the tape or the slapping, but it really does seem like Kenny is attention-seeking and is creating commotions for headlines.

    1. Amen!! Ppl are jealous cuz Eric has a lot of friends. Why you guys are hating on him? Did he slap you too? Hahaha Calling him an midget is a low class b*tch. He’s 5’4″. Any adult is below 4’10” is a midget. So do your math.

  15. Who is this Kenny guy?? stop using celebrity to make yourself famous lol

  16. wonder how many of these written comments are from oscar leong, eric tsang, hillary or other celebs? haha

    1. If you are referring to comments in the articles, I agree because a string of words can easily be edited to sound a certain way. Who knows if they are even all referring to the incident.

    2. There are possibilities that they pay people to spin for them.

      These people are known as “water army” in China.

      “Water army” is a nickname for web users who are hired to talk up or talk down a product (in this case the product is the celebrity them self).

  17. Some people should be sued for being ignorant, backward, belligerent, as*kissing puppets of eric. The Extra Terrible monkey is an evil, corrupt vampire, just like his father. apple did not fall far from the treee there.

    1. This is pretty harsh statement. Are you “Trini” implying that you should be sued because you referred to someone as “evil, corrupt vampire”?

    2. So they should be sued for speaking their opinions on the matter?

      So in other words, if these artists did not support Eric Tsang but instead supported Kenny Wee and said similar statements about Eric Tsang, they should be sued by Eric, right?

  18. Well, we will find out the truth sooner or later. There is NO need to argue re Eric Tsang, Oscar Leung, Hilary Tsui, or Kenny Wee.

  19. Only been keeping track of this story peripherally. I also do not understand why all this name calling about Eric Tsang being evil. Also why any of these stars are arrogant? It seems like they came into defense of a person/colleague/friend they actually personally know or worked with versus a non industry person who is continually attracting media attention through negativity.

    This is not defense or attack. What did these celebrities do to be described as “evil” and deserving to be “exposed”?

    1. click ‘news’ on this site, please check out the whole story before commenting

      1. I read through 7-8 articles here before commenting. They are all basically hearsay and flame wars in the comments.

        Only in the comments section did I read about Eric Tsang and triad threats.

  20. I will say it again, Eric Tsang is a horrible, arrogant prick, just like his father. Ys, these celebs need to get exposed. Unfortunately, if that happens, a lot of the gullible sheeple will harm themselves or others. I can’t believe there are sheeple so stupidly hung up on these low life celebs to think they are so pure and innocent, who will not or are not capable or doing wrong. Kenny wee is not a saint, but there is a lot going down with this drug thing. That is why these celebs are so intent on shutting him up. That is why they are so angry. He knows a lot more than the drug incident. that is why the midget sent the triads after him. I guess I can’t do math,lol.

    1. I think you have a huge grudge against celebrities in general. You’re believing everything these reports say. Reports, especially when they’re about celebrities are known to “stretch” the truth so that they have better sales. That’s what they want, after all.

      Secondly, yes, maybe these celebrities do do drugs and all. However, if Kenny Wee did have that on tape, why doesn’t he hand over the tape to the police?

      Before you say, “Because the triad is after him,” well, considering how he filed charged against Eric Tsang, who according to you, send the triad after him, don’t you think Kenny Wee is past the point of no return?

      The police will offer more protection to Kenny Wee after he expose whatever he knows, so not handing over the tape is a stupid decision if he did have that tape.

      Of course the celebrities are angry to be dragged into a scandal. They make their money off of endorsement from companies. What company want a druggie endorsing its image? None. Thus, Kenny Wee is affecting their job. Even if these celebrities were doing drugs, right now, I don’t think Kenny Wee has any evidence and is doing this either out of attention or revenge. I’ll say a bit both, since he’s now suing people for comments they made.

      I’m not defending Eric Tsang. If he did slapped Kenny Wee, then he needs to be punished by the laws. However, to blindly just keep saying all celebrities are involved in this scandal and are trying to cover it up, you’re not any better than Kenny Wee who is making all these accusation without any evidence.

      1. I write according to what I know. Do you think I want lawyers and triads coming after me without backup, haha. Not that stupid, dear child. I do not have a grudge against any celebrity, dear kid. I have an education, an Alist career, two homes paid for, and money in the banks. I just don’t kiss their butts, worship them, harbor delusions about their purity, and call a spade a spade. You can say whatever you want about me, as I will say what I need to. Only fair. God bless you.

  21. I suppose Oscar should learn how to be more subtle next time, when he tries to lick Eric’s boots.

    Yes, this will set a perfect example so other klfs won’t dare to comment abt this matter, LOL

  22. Regardless of whether Kenny is being an attention-seeker or not, Oscar should have kept his trap shut. It doesn’t even involve him. When the reporters questioned him, he should have declined to comment OR say he saw no slapping (if that really was the case) and left it at that. No need for personal input.

    1. Oscar retorted to Kenny today by telling a story about “蝗蟲論” and he admitted receiving the lawyer latter. Well done you two for spreading this case bigger and bigger.

  23. oscar leung is as empty headed as eric tsang, too bad there is no medicine for stupidity in this world

    1. I think that many celebrities were sucking up to Eric Tsang because of his so-called “Big Brother” position in the entertainment industry. Some witnesses did not want to disclose the truth because they worried that they will be boycotted in future. Oscar Leung was stupid enough to make his personal “viewpoints”. He should have kept his mouth shut.

  24. I ha no iea Eric was a low class bit*h. Ouch, that is bad. not only he a midget, but a bit8 too. Wow, and coming from his devoted sidekick fan. Too funny. Life is sweet. TROLL

  25. Do some readers live in denial, or only read selective articles. There are articles here and elsewhere where it was reported that triads were wasiting at the entrance of the hospital . They were there when Kenny and wife went to the hospital for a checkup. Other articles wrote of triad threats to Kenny. READ and UNDERSTAND and stop being sheeple to the low life shepherds called celebs.

    1. You seem to be disgusted with celebrities in general. I really do not understand why do you bother with the entertainment news at all.

      The only conclusion I can gather is your desire to vent your anguish to the world. Celebrities are perfect targets, because people like you think it’s in your right as a member of public to insult or praise them.

      It is inconclusive whether Eric Tsang did indeed commit the crime in question, but it is indeed 100% conclusive those who insulted him on this forum did use degradatory terms.

      Your bad characters are clearly highlighted and can be seen by all. Despicable is the best word to describe those of you who ridiculed him for his appearance. Perhaps you’re born beautiful on the outside, but definitely not on the inside.

      1. I guess you are indeed the messiah. I can freely say what I like. I can ridicule and and praise whom ever I want. I do not worship thses celebs like you do. I have self confidence, self love and common sense. I do not need to centre my life around these people. Look at you, bashing my character for speaking my mind about a man who is not a nice person. It really makes me sad that people like you are so blinded by your idle adoration for thses people that you see them as perfect beings. I say they are not and I get crucified. I laugh, I really do. Pathetic and despicable is the best way to describe those of you who worship thses people.

      2. Please don’t bat aside your actions with sourceless misdirections. Everyone’s opinions should be respected but you are throwing slurs and insults that border on public offence.

        Freedom of speech do not mean you can abuse it. I believe you are the one who is painting your character blacker with every attack you make.

        The more you type, the less integrity do you lack. Wake up before it’s too late.

      3. You dear child, is the one painting your character blacker by being so insolant. I refuse to see these celebs as spotless gods like you and I will say what I have to say. You are a hypocrite of the highest degree, Oscar Leung had nothing to do with the situationm yet he chose to open his mouth and attack Kenny, Did you go after him for his freedom of speech, for abusing it, which he did, No, because you worship him, maybe, If I abuse freedom of speech, and throw slurs and insults at the celebrities, then you and everyone here is guilty of what I am doing. Why single me out. You are no better than me, you are actually worse. I am not being a hyprocrite like you. When you talk about lack of integrity, do not project your mirror image on others. You are the celeb worshipping kid who needs to wake up. I await your next empty words

  26. Reading these comments make me feel sorry for the celebrities. Apparently if they speak their opinions, they get called for “sucking up” or “they’re part of the triad”, etc.

    I feel like just because they’re celebrities, everyone just automatically assume they’re the bad guys. Really, if you guys are in their positions where someone insult and make accusation about your peers that you know for a long while (who might or might not be your mentor) would you trust the random acquaintance that you hardly know (Kenny Wee) or that person you worked with before and have interaction with (Eric Tsang, the 5 accused druggies)?

    All articles like to “stretch the truth” a little. Headlines like “Kenny Wee and family being stalked by triad” make for a lot better sales than “Kenny Wee and wife went to hospital for checkup,” so some of these articles should be read with caution and not be taken word for word.There are some truths in it, but complete truth? Especially when it’s about celebrities and everyone apparently love to bash on them?

    1. Back up. I never said ALL celebs are involved in this drug scandal. I have no gruges against these celebs. I just do not worship and kiss their ass*s and belive they are perfect beings. News flash for you and others. They are not perfect.It is a known fact that arrogant Eric has the triads watching his back. Now kill me for saying that. My comments have nothing to do with believing everything written in the newspapers

  27. There are more development in these few days that are not reported in this site. In summary:

    -a HK magazine wrote that Edmund Leung betrayed Eric Tsang
    – Edmund Leung issue lawyer statement saying that the rumour above is false and magazine printing fake news
    -Oscar make a locust analogy to get back at Kenny Wee without mentioning his name

    1. In the end the lawyers are the one busy making bucks. Kenny Wee got lawyers, Eric got lawyers, Oscar got lawyers, Edmund also got lawyers.

      1. Eric and Oscar should not worry because TVB got so many good lawyers such as Wong Sze Fu, Law Lik Ah, George Mike and many more

        Public Prosecutor TVB also have- JJ and Chris

      2. If those celebrities were not stupid to make mistakes in the first place, they could have saved their money in hiring lawyers to defend them.

  28. TVB should make this one of their legal case in a drama guarantee high rating !!!

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