Kent Tong Meets Up with Illegitimate Son

Lord of Shanghai <梟雄> actor Kent Tong (湯鎮業) was quite the playboy back in the day. The Five Tigers star has been in numerous relationships over the years, and is perhaps best known for dating the late TVB actress Barbara Yung (翁美玲).

The 57-year-old married two times. In 1993, he married former ATV actress Keung Kwan (姜坤), who bore him a daughter and twin sons. The couple officially divorced in 2001. In 2008, he married Qingdao native Zou Wenjing (鄒文靜), who is 25 years his junior. Their twin girls were born in 2008.

However, while he and Keung Kwan were in the midst of their divorce, Kent was in a relationship with another woman from Guangzhou. Their son was born in 2000.

Kent has always been honest about his children, and openly admitted in an interview a few years ago that he has an illegitimate son. It is reported that Kent spends about $5 million HKD per year to take care of his three families.

This father and son duo are rarely seen together, perhaps because his son does not live with him. However, the 15-year-old was recently spotted visiting his father in Hong Kong, and the pair spent some time together shopping in Tsung Kwan O. Kent was seen buying takeout after getting off work from TVB’s studios. Reporters saw that he purchased two meals; perhaps one was for his son, who was staying at his house.


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  1. Wow did not know he had that many kids! Good to know he’s not hiding them at least and is taking care of all 3 families.

    It’s weird as I never find Kent attractive.. never understand why he was so popular back then?

    1. @happybi like the many of us have said, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

      while i agree that Kent wasnt that attractive, it seems so that he was quite the “cutie” back then.

      i agree, i love his honesty and straight out told the entire world that he had an illegitimate son, which benefited him in the long run because (1) no one can come after him now if it was unraveled and he lied about it (2) his son lives a semi better life than Jackie Chan’s illegitimate daughter ever did because this boy is actually acknowledged by his father. So congratz to Kent for being involved in his son’s life to some extent.

      1. @akinu That is true… beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And like you, I’m glad he acknowledge his kids.. Might just be me not liking him due to Barbara.

        As for JC… that guy isn’t even nice to his son.. doubt he can care less about his daughter. Not a fan of him.

    2. @happybi
      I personally thought Kent was very attractive back then. Also it is and takes much more than physically good looks to get popular. I find it sad that people still blame him over Barbara’s death or anything negative regarding that issue. It was truly not his fault. I applaud him for accepting,loving and taking care of all his children. He is really a good father.

  2. Wow, playa!! Lol. Guess that’s a mute point if he is good, responsible and take care of them all. Good for him!

    EDIT: I take back calling him a “player.” He really isn’t one. It wasn’t like he cheated during his marriages. According to this article, it sounds like he met his significant others after the last one had ended. He just had a lot of love to share 🙂

  3. Wow…he was famous back then or what cuz I certainly don’t remember his face much these days. Lord, so he has 6 kids w/3 different women. Whoooo….

  4. The title of the article is kind of misleading.  When I first saw the title without reading the content, I thought they were referring to a 7th child, since it’s no secret that he has 6 children with 3 women – it’s been open knowledge for years.  The important thing is that he was open, honest, and took responsibility for his actions by not only acknowledging the child, but also providing for him and making the effort to be involved in his life whenever he is able to…unlike Mr. Big Shot Action Star  (Jackie Chan) who doesn’t give a crap about his own children, legitimate or otherwise, and takes absolutely no responsibility for his own actions.

    P.S.:  Another pointless article….must be another slow day for news!

    1. @llwy12
      Well said but I actually never knew that the boy was an illegitimate child. I thought he was the son of his second wife. But yes,it is good that he is open,honest and took responsibility for what he did. He is truly a good father.

  5. I am glad that Kent is a irresponsible man for taking care of his all his children and not hiding them or ignoring them. It is unfortunate that he had so many marriage breakdowns and sometimes it cannot be helped but still, he is a good father.

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