Kevin Cheng: “I Hope to Film with Niki Chow Again”

Heaving promoted by TVB in recent years, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing has been plagued by numerous rumors. Aside from claims that he did not get along with his co-stars, there were rumors that he often pursued his female co-stars. Kevin’s colorful romantic life earned him the nickname of “Entertainment Circle’s Wai Siu Bo.” Due to his negative rumors, TVB appears to be concentrating their promotional efforts on Raymond Lam Fung and Moses Chan Ho instead. Kevin’s participation in TVB series has markedly declined.
For TVB’s 2010 Anniversary Awards, Kevin’s series, A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋> had popular ratings but none of the stars from the series shined. Perhaps due to his slim chances of winning the Best Actor Award, Kevin heavily applauded Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung’s performance in No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情> instead.

Despite filming series in China , Kevin may be interested in returning back to Hong Kong for more projects. He voluntarily mentioned his past rumored girlfriend, Niki Chow Lai Kei, to the press. “It has been many years since collaborating with Niki Chow. I would like to work with her again!” Did Kevin bring attention to his old rumors with Niki in an attempt to boost his own popularity?


Jayne: Perhaps Kevin Cheng’s comment about wishing to work with Niki Chow was taken out of context. They seem to have gone completely separate ways. I wonder what prompted him to talk about Niki though?

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  1. Maybe TVB has offered him another series with Niki Chow, who knows? 😉

  2. Or, maybe his career was at the peak when they were collaborating together? The audience loved them as a rumored couple! She was probably his lucky charm!

  3. If they offer him another role with Niki Chow, it better be better then the awful love drama “The Seventh Day”.

  4. Tim Gor wants to film a sequel of Fistful of Stances. And he said that he want to use Niki Chow as female lead..
    and both of them are happy if they could collborate again.

  5. Sarah, thanks for the info. I missed this piece of news earlier. Hmm…wouldn’t it be a little awkward for Kevin and Niki to pair together onscreen again?

  6. In terms of business, I actually think them working together can be very good for ratings and can be use as promotion.

    I really enjoyed them in Under the Canopy. So it there could be an opportunity there.

    I’m surprised that Kenneth didn’t shine in the Fistful of Stances, he really stood out for me and I really think he has a shot at the supporting-actor award.

  7. To me I don’t like Nikki Chow that much. I like her older sister much better (sorry but i forgot her name). She used to played movie with Carina Lau, Felix Wong back in the 90s.

  8. Poor Kevin! Unlike the pretty maid , in the English nursery rhyme, who said that her face was her fortune, I’m afraid Kevins’ has given him problems and gotten him into trouble. Has he behaved so badly that he’s being pushed aside for others like Raymond and Moses to shine? If that’s so it’s being terribly unfair to him. Yet, he’s been given 4 series in which he plays the leading role fr next year. I only hope that both the stories and scripts for all are good so that he can prove his worth if he’s really serious. So, I don’t think he is being shunned by his superiors after all. As for his wanting to work with his old and perhaps still good friend, Nikki, again, why not? Let’s take his remark at face value and not think that he has any ulterior motives for making that request.

  9. i think niki will be filming with kevin cheng in Ghetti Justice 2 posing as sharon chan’s sister

  10. With all humility I would like to think that what I said previously about Kevin being able to prove that he can really act given a good story and well written script ws right. He was good in Only You and had good chemistry with Yoyo Mung. Ghetto Justice was a runaway success and Kevin certainly excelled himself there with Myolie Wu. I feel that they really were an inspiration to each other and their chemistry together was sizzling! We do not know about The Boxer King yet and will have to wait till the next year. But Kevin was a success in Bu Bu Jing Xin and he has become very popular in China for his Ba Yeh performance.

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