Kim Seon Ho Accused of Plastic Surgery and Having a Bad Attitude

Kim Seon Ho‘s fame rose after Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, but his recent scandal could be detrimental to his career. Although Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend, former weather forecaster Choi Young Ah, have settled their abortion controversy, the 35-year-old actor’s mage has been hit hard with other negative gossip.

Given the scrutiny into his past, his dark history is accumulating each day to which he is now accused of undergoing plastic surgery and having a bad attitude towards his coworkers.

Following the abortion scandal, netizens began searching Kim Seon Ho’s past where they discovered his graduation photos before his debut. At the time, he did not have double eyelids and his nose also differed from his current look, which aroused suspicion that he had gone under the knife. 

Netizens also feel that Seon Ho is not as nice as he portrays himself after hitting stardom. In a 2016 interview, he once revealed locking his teacher in the classroom. Sharing that he was a huge troublemaker when he was a student, Seon Ho admitted, “There was this class I really hated, so I locked the teacher in the classroom and he had to jump from the second floor [to escape].” 

He also admitted that he received frequent beatings at home. When he got in trouble, he would throw the rattan stick up on the neighbor’s roof so his parents would not have anything to beat him with. Seon Ho threw away approximately 30 rattan sticks in his youth.

While at work for 2 Days & 1 Night, the cast had to experience wildlife training in which they had to survive on an uninhabited island. He once shouted at the only female production assistant on set, “What are we even doing? My back hurts a lot, and we are still not progressing.” He only calmed down when Moon Se Yoon touched him on the shoulder. 

Netizens were shocked by Seon Ho’s dark past, and began questioning his character. They reacted: “Ah, so he is this type of person” and “Is this bullying?”

Sources: World Journal; HK01

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  1. Are ppl ok? How is this so much of a ‘dark’ past? Locking his teacher up, that’s awful, but it doesn’t seem all that unusual for a teen to do. Getting beat as a kid, HOW is that supposed to be his mistake? And I’m quite baffled as to why having had plastic surgery in a country where the practice is prevalant, where teens are given plastic surgery procedures from their PARENTS as a graduation present, is such a sCAnDaL -_- Uh, we been knew that. Anyone who believes all those celebrities were BORN with those conventionally attractive features is naive. Also, I can tell he’s had stuff done without needing to look at his highschool photo. There’s something a bit unnatural, I’m not saying he looks bad just that, there’s something off about all the features together…

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still suspicious of his true character after the scandal. Those allegations can’t be all untrue and misunderstandings. But can netizens not try to tarnish his image with weak criticisms? It just makes you look pathetic and out for drama.

    1. I grew up getting beaten almost everyday hahahha not because I’m bad or hurt people. It was because I just don’t listen to my parents lol people are just trying to ruin his image. People act like celebrities and actors are all natural beauties… his face so he could do whatever he wants lol

      1. I do not watch kdrama anymore so no idea who he is until JS articles. This face is quite obvious the minute you look at him no? To me, it’s very obvious with quite a few unnatural features. Why would people be surprised and accuse him of such it’s being known that normal Korean no celebs go under the knife and even more so w/celebrities no matter which gender. There are quite a few who are obvious even before seeing their b4/after photos. Especially this one k/actress Im Soo-hyang. I saw glimpses of her in that series when I was still watching an episode or two long ago. In that drama called Tales of Gisaeng, she seemed very pretty or least even if PS was involved she looked quite normal and pretty there. One time I came upon a new video of her on utube and she looked completely different probably did even more work. I almost couldn’t recognize and she looks weird to me now. The nose is so obvious and it’s a miracle they have no breathing problems after such a transformation.

    2. @Alexis, yes, I get your point, but a lot of kids get bullied and beat up but they don’t lock their teacher up. Yes, he is a very troubled young man, and I agree the delusional, pathetic fans expect perfection from these people they worship. So everyone has to take some blame here, both celebrities and overzealous fans. Anyone who disagrees that he had no surgery is blind. I don’t think he should be scrubbed from the entertainment word, but I have no respect for him and find it hard to watch anything he puts out there in light of forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion. If he is man enough of enjoying the love making, he should be man enough to take responsibility to be a father. When making whoopie, babies is always a possibility. He should keep his tally whackle shackled in his pants then. That was not cool what he did.

      1. I agree partly about what yo said but I’m wondering how did he force his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion. How does one do that, you mean he threatened her, held the knife, was in the OR to make sure or how do you or we know how she was forced. I as a female believe no one can force you to do such a thing unless you also wanted to do it. As a female, I made that mistake also, so I know, but he didn’t force me, I realized I made a mistake, had already two little ones, divorced already, so how could I say no to a third baby. My boyfriend at that time, did not coerce or influence or say anything to me about it, I just did it cause I should’ve known better. It just wasn’t feasible economically for me to now take care of another baby when I wasn’t ready. There’s a lot of factors in the decision, a serious one to make especially on the female end of it, it’s a regret to this day that I live with it as I look on to my kids now older and wished that I should’ve decided otherwise, no matter what. Like my mom used to say to us, there’s still more at the bottom of the pot to share, you won’t go hungry, you just have to look. It’s unfortunate if she did make that decision, do we know for sure?

  2. To be honest, he is just another person in this SK entertainment industry that went under the knife… Honestly, why should anyone be surprised? Before you date any celeb, just be aware that may not be his own natural look… thus his genes will still stay the same..

    1. @hohliu, a lot of Taiwanese men and women celebs are going under the knife like crazy too. Even the BL actor Kenny Chen Tian Xuan looks like a pantamine clown, a cartoon character. At 23, he has had so much done to his face that he can’t even smile properly. One of his History Trapped costars had work done on his face too, but not as extreme as what Tian Xuan did. Just about all of the SK celeb population had work done. I have no problem with these guys and girls getting wotk done. It is when they, and their deluded fans deny it. I have zero tolerance for the ones who threaten to sue when the proof is there for blind netizens to see. Angelababy anyone? Lol.

  3. He is only human, it’s us the viewers that see him differently because of his reputation as a talented young actor. So don’t cause any more confusion, misunderstandings, assumptions or judgement on him, it’s other things we don’t know what he is going through. Just like any of us if we have some problems needing our attention, there’s not enough hours in a day or enough of us to settle these problems appropriately. I’m saying here too, is just let him go, let him solve whatever is bothering him, he is only human, remember.

    1. @Babe with all due respect, I do not wish to take away from what you went through, but I do not see how your situation is similar to the ex girlfriend of Kim Seon Ho. You yourself said your ex did not coerce, or in anyway influenced your desion. You made it clear that you alone made that decision. If the ex was not telling the truth, why would this crlebriry publicly apogize to her? Wait!!!, his management company forced him to do it. Lol. Who knows, he could have told her if she didnt have an abortion, he would find a way to scandalize and defame her. Who know, he probably held something on her, blackmail, perhaps? There can be so many factors, and in Korea, a celebrity is a very powerful person. Your situation is not hers, and stop blaming her. Take your own advice, you were not there so you do not know what cause her to make such a decisuon. It is an insult to this woman to compare your situations. This man can be scary, no wonder she did what she felt she had to do. Yes he is only human, I agree, but a very flawed and disturbed human from what I understand. He needs help, and he should seek professional help if he isn’t already doing so. FYI, this pattern of ALWAYS blaming the woman is boorish. I just wanted to say that.

      1. @Renren Agreed. The ex is 37 and from the sound of it, not in the greatest health. She was emotionally manipulated with promises to abort the child she wanted because of her love for him. Maybe it’s for the best that this child wasn’t born to a couple whose father doesn’t love them. But it doesn’t mean the mother can’t be upset over the loss and that it wasn’t 100% consensual. @Babe you had the freedom to decide whether to keep your pregnancy or not without outside influences from your partner, but that’s not true for Kim seon ho’s ex.

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