Koni Lui Scared Her Son When She Fainted at Home

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Koni Lui Scared Her Son When She Fainted at Home

A few days ago, TVB artiste Koni Lui (呂慧儀) shared on social media that she fainted at home, so reporters took the opportunity to ask her about the incident when she was filming Come Home Love: Lo And Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞> in Tseung Kwan O. Koni expressed she spent the whole day cleaning the house and teaching her son how to put away his toys when she suddenly felt dizzy.

“I felt like fainting because I forgot to eat, and I was so hungry,” Koni continued. “I thought I’d go to my room and lay down, so I told my son, ‘Mommy is a little dizzy. Let’s continue later.’”

Koni’s son followed her and saw her faint right outside the room. Needless to say, he was really scared. “He used his sound waves to wake me up,” she joked. “He was screaming, ‘Mommy, mommy! Wake up!”

Thanks to her son, Koni, who hurt her arm while falling, woke up. It was through this incident that she realized she had to teach him what actions to take in such scenarios. “He needs to immediately call the phone numbers he knows, for example, grandma’s, to let someone know I fainted,” Koni expressed.

The single mother, who moved to her parents’ home following her divorce announcement earlier this year, was recently caught looking at a new apartment in Tuen Mun. “I was just looking!” Koni laughed and said. “My mom likes to look at apartments because she’s good at investing. She is my god of wealth and helps me organize my finances.”

As for costar Vicky Chan‘s (陳偉琪) recent DUI arrest, Koni expressed she only found out through the news. “I saw her at work today, but I didn’t get the chance to ask her how she is. It’s inconvenient for me to comment on her personal matters.”

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