Li Yifeng Tells Media To “Stop Making Things Up” About Possible Romance with Gina Jin

Chinese media revealed on December 30 that Chinese actor Li Yifeng (李易峰) is dating his Fearless Whispers <隐秘而伟大> costar Gina Jin (金晨). The paparazzi also had photos as proof. The alleged couple were seen together at a gathering. In a paparazzi video, Gina and Yifeng were seen arriving at the same parking lot 20 minutes apart from each other.

The news immediately trended on social media, and many netizens also bought the news.

However, Li Yifeng and his representatives were quick to deny the rumors. Reaching out to Li Yifeng for a confirmation, the actor said, “We are just friends who have gathered together to meet up. Do not make things up just from a couple of pictures.”

Gina’s most well-known relationship was with Deng Lun (鄧倫). They were photographed being intimate in public multiple times. However, their relationship resulted in a very public breakup.


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