Li Yundi Leaves China?

Arrested by the police for soliciting sex services, China’s Piano Prince Li Yundi was blacklisted by Chinese state media, and is now in similar straits as disgraced celebrity Kris Wu (吴亦凡). According to local media reports, Li Yundi is likely to be released soon and will be leaving China; he has allegedly also obtained rights of abode in Hong Kong.

Li Yundi’s Mother Says He is Experiencing “Hell on Earth”

According to online rumors, Li Yundi’s mother, Zhang Xiaolu, has penned a letter stating that her son would be leaving the Chinese music scene, while she simultaneously begrudges the strong moral criticism and societal backlash targeted at her son, which has since driven him into “depths of hell on earth”. With no hopes of staying on in China since he has been all but blacklisted by state media, Hong Kong is one of the few options open to him, and this is affirmed by Zhang who supposedly said her son would leave the country soon and “seek survival” elsewhere.

Guangzhou Broadcasting Network director He Jin De (何金德) also wrote on Weibo on October 29 that it would be very difficult to hear Li Yundi perform live on Chinese soil in the near future.

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. That is a good move…There are many Countries he can travel and live in…No need to live in your Country that has forsaken you. His deeds are really not deserving of such punishments.

    1. well said! his punishment was not well measured. I wonder what will happen with whole system if minor digressions are punished as major crimes.

  2. As long as he can take his wealth with him this is his best move by far. He’s still a world famous pianist.

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