Li Yundi Breaks Up with Girlfriend; True Love is Leehom Wang?

Classical pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪) may have ended his three-year relationship with Columbia University graduate, Tian Fei (田霏). Recently, he deleted his love confession post to his girlfriend from his blog page, fueling speculations that the musician has broken up with Tian Fei. Since Yundi was romantically rumored with Taiwanese singer Leehom Wang (王力宏) in the past, many fans wonder if Yundi is still in love with Leehom.

In 2013, Leehom announced dating Columbia University student Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾). Within 19 hours, Yundi also announced that he was dating Tian Fei. Since Leehom and Yundi had unfollowed each other on social media months before, fans joked that Yundi’s sudden confession was a form of retaliation after being hurt by Leehom, However, Leehom left encouraging well wishes on Yundi’s blog instead, “Congratulations, Yundi! I hope we each find our own happiness.”

Even though it has been three years since the incident and Leehom and Jinglei are expecting the arrival of their second child, many fans still manage to link the singer to Yundi’s recent rumored breakup. Although nothing has been confirmed, fans left messages such as, “So is your true love Leehom Wang?”; “With Leehom Wang in your heart, it’s hard to accept another person.” and “Are you unable to forget Mr. Wang?”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. hahaha LOL… I don’t get this. Why did they speculate on these two anyway? Because they hang out too often and both single at the time or what? haha lol… I don’t get it. I mean, Lee Hom does look a bit gayish sometimes but he’s married and soon to be a father or 2 kids but people continue to suspect this dude above or both? haha… Interesting really. The guy on the left does look a bit gay. lol…. I have no clue who he is besides a music person probably.

    1. @went
      the guy’s actually a famous pianist from hk. i think he achieve world wide fame or something.

      don’t know why these two are tied but being married doesn’t mean it’s not a cover up.

      1. @m0m0 you are absolutely right being married with kids doesn’t mean it’s not a cover up definitely coz many ppl prefer to live in the closet due to society’s expectations esp in an Asian society. In my country, we have a famous celebrity astronaut and celebrity chef who are known among the circles to be gay but both are married with kids.

    2. @went
      There are many closet gays that get married with women and have children, particularly in Asia, where acceptance isn’t as pronounced as in the west.

  2. Even Hollywood has its limit. For some reason, when men, more so than women, come out of the closet, they are given less roles, mainly the movie actors. Rupert Everette is a fine example. In Asia it is career kill to be openly gay. There are so many men with wives in the Asian entertainment business. In Hong Kong, there is this man who is larger than life, he is adored and worshipped by millions of Asians, respected, idolized, married with child and is bisexual. They say he prefers men to wifey though. It will literally kill his fans if they know this as this man can do no wrong. Yes guys, lots of cover ups.

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