Liddy Li Blames Herself for Trusting Oxide Pang’s Empty Promises

Hong Kong model/ actress Liddy Li‘s (李悅彤) affair with married director Oxide Pang (彭順) was heavily criticized. When the media uncovered Liddy’s background, she turned out to be the daughter of Li Duk Yun (李德仁), the gunman who had committed suicide in a standoff with the police. After two hard-hitting events, Liddy contemplated suicide in order to end her pain.

Decides to Face Life Bravely

“My dad left and and I was also being called a mistress. I thought that maybe I should just die. Then perhaps the public would hate me less? I took a knife and just collapsed. Thankfully, my family stopped me in time. Now that I’m able to face everyone, I really want to say that there can be a lot of negative things in one’s life. Making that one mistake makes all the difference. True bravery is not taking a knife and slashing yourself; it’s to face the challenges. I can continue with my family’s [support] and I’ll live on behalf of my father too. I’ve conquered it and I know that the road ahead of me will be bright,” Liddy said.

Gives Up Loving Oxide

After three months of torment, Liddy finally decided to open up about her relationship with Oxide Pang. when she found out Oxide was married. Liddy disclosed, “I tried breaking up with him three to four times because I I didn’t want to be the third wheel. But my heart would soften every time and I allowed myself to continue on with the mistake.”

Reflecting on the nearly year-long affair, Liddy only blamed herself for trusting the director and his empty promises. Liddy exclaimed, “When I love someone, I believe everything he says. I’m not the type to give empty promises but apparently there are people who can easily say something and pretend like it never happened. I blame that I trust people too easily.”

When Liddy and Oxide’s affair was publicly exposed, Oxide declared his dedication to stay with his wife Angelica Lee (李心潔), but failed to give a firm answer to Liddy. Not wanting to drag the relationship on any longer, Liddy ultimately decided to break things off.

Liddy takes responsibility and understands that it was her fault. After making one of the biggest mistakes in her life, she will avoid married men at all costs in the future.

Regrets Not Patching Up Relationship With Father

In June, Liddy’s father committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth. Although Liddy’s father was always at odds with the family, Liddy cried, “My relationship with my father is odd. Sometimes, I hate him because he was on such bad terms with my family. But at the same time, I felt so hurt because I really miss him. When I was preparing for his funeral, I had to avoid the media. It was so difficult! My relatives told me not to go and let them handle the situation, but I wanted to see him for the last time.”


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  1. How could she trust the promises of a man who by making those promises to her is breaking one of the largest promises he ever made to his wife?

    1. “When I love someone, I believe everything he says. I’m not the type to give empty promises but apparently there are people who can easily say something and pretend like it never happened. I blame that I trust people too easily.”

      Love lol!

      Just finding ways to make herself feel
      better about the [email protected] screw up so she can move on. After three

      1. months of torment it’s time to get back to work. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  2. how does she not know that he’s married.. she could literally look it up on the internet

    1. She must be living under a rock all this time. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. She is looking to make excuses. She very well knew he was married but chose to get involved with him. That was no mistake,

  3. I see these as excuses, and to retrieve her own ‘image’ and reputation.

    The girl is not stupid.
    There is another article which said she had gotten back with her ex bf (the one before Oxide). Pretty smooth operator.

    1. I’m with you on this one. If she was so in love with Oxide Pang she wouldn’t be two timing with her ex/current bf. She’s trying to portray herself as the victim here.

  4. Liddy is no victim here, and common sense will tell us that from the very beginning, All she had to do was google him and his life is there for the whole world to see. She needs to stop trying to be a victim because it is a waste of time.

    Her affair was no mistake, far from it. Does she think some of us were born yesterday?. I guess she does.

    I said some of us, cause there are those who will come out swinging in defence of Liddy like a mama bear. Liddy knew Oxide was married.

  5. ^ when u have money and fame, u don’t need to be good looking. Lots of money hungry sluts out there with no self respect whatsoever

  6. Lame excuses to gain sympathy from public. Stop act like victim lah u homewrecker.

    1. Agree. Seems like a PR response to restart her career. Not sincere and bad excuses.

      Oxide Pang is scum for cheating. Same category as the director Wang Quan An.

      Liddy is stupid if she thinks she can convince us that she was unaware of his marriage to Angelica. Would you really not like not look up info on a guy you want to date? Especially if he is a public figure.

  7. I’m not siding her, but I am wondering, in a case like this, will the man ever be blamed? I know it takes two to tango, but usually in situations like this, the woman gets the most brunt.

    1. @KS

      I guess you have not read the past articles here on Toxide Pang. I guess the comments on this article are focussed on Liddy because she is the one here trying to look like a victim. Yes, you are right, it takes two to tango, and both of them are disgusting.

    2. Seeing all the bashing Oxide got from the netizens, yes, the man is also blamed. In fact, the Oxide was criticised more than Libby because he’s the one married and betraying his marriage vow.

      1. Agreed, TOxide Pang is the more dispicable of the two also because 1) he (like most old men chasing young girls) took advantage of the naiveté of youth with deception and 2) he is the “way older” adult and should know better.

  8. Yes, it takes TWO hands to clap. I doubt anyone is minimizing the scumbag’s role.

    But by her saying all this = I am just seeing it as her way of defence and trying to white wash her part in the situation.

    She’s no innocent babe in the woods, just saying.

  9. as if she didn’t know that he is already married. serve her right.

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