Lin Chi-ling’s Hiatus Leads to Pregnancy Gossip

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Lin Chi-ling’s Hiatus Leads to Pregnancy Gossip

Taiwanese model turned actress Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) has always known to be a workaholic, but when she was asked to promote her upcoming film The Monkey King 3 <西遊記·女兒國>, the 43-year-old actress turned down the job, announcing that she will be taking a hiatus. Along with the reports that she may have reunited with her former lover Jerry Yan (言承旭), the media can’t help but to speculate that Chi-ling could be pregnant.

Chi-ling’s reps have denied the pregnancy rumors.“All work in the next two months have been canceled,” said her manager, Julia. “We apologize. We hope she will recover soon.”

It was said that Chi-ling was so sick, she could barely get out of her bed. Her assistant said, “After catching the cold, jiejie’s immunity was weakened. She had to take antibiotics everyday, and her doctor recommended her to rest. We didn’t want her condition to get any worse, so she decided to cancel all of her work for February. It was a hard decision for her.”

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