Lin Gengxin Accused of Being a Liar

When Bu Bu Jing Xin’s  <步步惊心> fourteenth prince, Lin Gengxin (林更新) told the media that he did not receive the storyboards nor the scripts for the sequel, the disagreement between Gengxin and his management company, the Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, escalated to new heights. A private Weibo message from the company’s President, Cai Yinong (蔡艺侬), accusing Lin Gengxin of lying has now been revealed.

A weibo user, who claimed to be a friend of a director from Hunan Satellite TV, posted a screenshot of Cai Yinong’s private weibo message. In the message, Cai Yinong said, “How can a person lie so blatantly? I met up with Lin over coffee in October. I invited him to act in Bu Bu Jing Xin 2. He said he is not very interested and later even brought up that he wanted to terminate the contract. At the end of October, he came to our company to discuss about his contract termination. I asked him to help me think of an explanation to the team. He told me he will film in the sequel in exchange for the termination! What he told me and what he subsequently told the media are so different. Do I need to stand out to clarify? I have been so tolerant. If you’re going to continue doing so many evil deeds, you’re not going to end up well!”

Bottled Discontent

Lin Gengxin was a literal unknown until production company, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai cast him as the carefree and gentle fourteenth prince, Yinti, in the epic drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin, based on Chinese author, Tong Hua’s (桐华) novel of the same name. Playing the role of the Manchu prince propelled the then 23-years old Gengxin into an instant star, even helping him bag a Sohu drama festival award.

While he was paid 8,000 RMB per episode then, he now has the ability to demand a remuneration that is 18 times more! Getting a salary of 150 thousand RMB per episode, Gengxin is no longer a little known actor of the past.

At the beginning of the year, when Chinese Entertainment Shanghai held its annual meeting, Gengxin was already noticeably missing despite being one of its rising stars. It has been an open secret that Gengxin has been unhappy with the company for a while. It all began early last year when the Chinese media reported that Gengxin was indignant that the company was paying more attention to promote fellow colleague, Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩), keeping all the meaty roles for her. There were also rumors going around that Gengxin has been in talks with rival companies.

However, each time when the topic of the conflict was brought up, Gengxin always evaded it with the famous retort, “Aren’t I working in the company now?”

Chinese Entertainment Shanghai’s Response to the Rumors

When the Chinese media contacted Chinese Entertainent Shanghai regarding Gengxin’s intention to terminate his contract, Vice President, Teng Jingshu (藤井树) claimed he did not see the reports. Hinting that the source is unreliable, he stressed, “Lin Gengxin’s contract will only end in 2020.”

Regarding the report that Gengxin did not receive the scripts yet, Teng Jingshu explained, “We have not yet confirmed the list of the actors for the sequel so we have not made it known to the public. By the time we confirm it, it should be the end of the year.”

Sources:, Apple Daily

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  1. Is this truly a bigger mess then I originally thought?? Hope they can work it all out…

      1. The worst thing is that they made people wait so long, because my expectation for quality were raised because of it. In the end, they couldn’t even come up with an original idea or get the cast back together. A boring, cliché idol drama storyline and without the original cast chemistry. Meh.

    1. He is Lin Geng Xin. He played the 14th prince in BBJX which is a hit drama series from China.I recommend that you watch it if you haven’t already.

  2. I don’t understand. If the rumor is true that they only try to promote one and single out the other, I think switching company or terminating the contract isn’t bad at all. At least, there might be opportunity after. Yuan Hong was under CES before. Idk the reason behind why he left but from what I see that the company seems only try to promote Hu Ge. Don’t get me wrong! I ‘m a fan of Hu Ge but I felt that they neglected YH. They should have paid attention to him as we’ll.

    1. hmm… it sounds like that president was over-reacting. LGX said he had not received the script at which that president also confirmed. How is the “initial discussion” be the same as receiving the script??!! Where is the contradiction? LGX did not lie.

      Furthermore, I kinda agree that Tangren is hugely invested in promoting LSS. Though, it’s understandable since she’s their only female star, but I have yet to see her shine in any series. As for Hu Ge, it makes sense to treat him well because he guarantees rating.

      1. well, Hu Ge also invested in the company (CES), isn’t it a good reason to land in leading roles everytime?

      2. Agree, I don’t think LGX lied about this. They re not even confirmed the cast list yet. You’re right. Hu Ge indeed guarantees the rating. Though sometimes I’m not happy with the female lead. However, Tangren should not just focus on one and neglect the others. Opportunity should be available to everyone equally. If LGX decides to switch company, I don’t see there’s anything wrong with that.

    2. @chocolatte:

      Hu Ge has only started invest in the company the last year or so. So you can’t say that’s the reason why he landed all the leading roles.


      And that’s where the problem rises; Tangren doesn’t seem to treat everyone the same. Take Yuan Hong for example, I have always thought YH is a great actor, but he doesn’t get enough love from the company. He can’t wait to get out of there as soon as his contract ended. However, I am surprised LGX wanted to terminate the contract so soon… considered he’s such a fairly new actor. That is one ballsy move from him.

      1. Tangren really need to give out opportunity to their artists in the same equal measure instead of just one. I like both Hu Ge and Yuan Hong but I’m not happy that they intentionally promoted one and left out the other. I think YH has made a right choice to leave. As for LGX, I hope everything works out for him. If he thinks it’s time to make a step forward then go for it.

  3. oh my… is this becoming a bigger problem?:/
    I do not think that he is jealous of LSS. Due to that “jealousy”, he wants to terminate his contract.. It seems unrealistic I think.. It took LSS awhile to be popular and whatnot. Although it may not seem like he is popular, he is “popular”..

    I really hope things work well with him:/

    1. I don’t think jealousy is the right word. Frustrated is probably more accurate, it’s kinda like the person might not fit the role, or would it kill them to give me some decent job rather than omg, that other person has all the love. Imagine you know you will be good in job A, but they don’t care, they just give job A to whoever they think will benefit, instead of thinking what would be best for job A, etc. and imagine, you think omg, that job will be just perfect for me, but no, they will give it to someone else.

      1. But, kinda not make sense that LGX is jealous of LSS. One is a male artist, one is a female artist. Even if a role is not suitable for LSS, it won’t be suitable for LGX.

  4. Surely he doesn’t want her roles? I mean is it possible he can be offered Cecilia’s roles?

    Ok ok joking! I get his frustration.

    1. I read that Tangren turned down lucrative outside projects for him and that’s why he wanted out of the contract. Then supposedly, he tried to get a termination by bargaining with BBJQ, which lead to the company freezing him.

      I think he is acting a bit too entitled, but the Tangren ladyboss is supposedly very vindictive…

  5. Every one knows Karen Tsai is basically Liu Shi Shi’s personal manager. I’m tired of seeing her in practically every single Tangren drama – thank god she’s doing a a Huayi one next.

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