Liu Kai Chi and Barbara Chan Clear Son’s Sexual Orientation

Last week, rumors surfaced that Liu Kai Chi (廖啓智) and Barbara Chan’s (陳敏兒) eldest son, Liu Man Chit (廖文哲) was gay. The 19-year-old uploaded photos of himself wearing makeup on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. In two particular posts, Man Chit wrote, “I still want to be a woman” and “I am gay too.”

In a recent interview, Barbara Chan clarified that her son “really likes women” and dated before. He always invited his girlfriend to his home for dinner. She stressed that tabloid claims were fake, and her family found the reports quite humorous.

She continued, “He’s always been a rather eccentric person and he likes to have fun. He likes J-rock bands so he would often dye his hair into different colors. His father was quite against it at first.”

Regarding Man Chit’s post about a “useless gay youth” (廢青同志), but Barbara clarified, “He meant that he didn’t want to be a useless youth. He was afraid that he would achieve nothing as he didn’t do well on his college entrance exams. He used to have a huge ego, but he has learned a lot from this incident, so the experience has been quite positive.”

Liu Kai Chi said, “When he wrote ‘I am gay too’ he was just joking with his friends.” He said Man Chit had already apologized to his parents for the burden, but then LiuKai Chi joked, “If his father wasn’t an artist, he wouldn’t get the chance to be on the front cover.”

Asked if they would be willing to accept Man Chit if he really did turn out to be gay, Barbara said, “As his parents we would support him, but we would definitely find it heartbreaking because we do want grandchildren.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. he can denied all he wanted….his son isn’t straight from the pix he posted…straight guys don’t post that kind of stuff

    1. very true, straight guys don’t post that kind of stuff … but maybe he’s just having fun (or so he thinks)

      whether he’s gay or not, it doesn’t affect us in anyways. like his mom said, if his father isn’t Liu Kai Chi, this type of non-sense will not make it to the media tabloid.

      private matter, leave the family alone. The parents shouldn’t bother justifying … love him for who he is, not what you want him to become

    2. I don’t think my posting will change point of views or anything, but I wanted to say that you should try and stray away from simple comments and stereotypes like “straight guys don’t post that kind of stuff.”

      Instead of thinking in a binary and labeling that straight people will always act a certain way or gay people will act a certain way, maybe broaden your views with people will be found with all sorts of differences and “mismatched” characteristics. With gay people showing the most “straight” characteristics and vice versa.

      Basically saying that it isn’t all black and white.

      1. I agree with sky. May be suki is gay, so she, maybe a he, emphatised with these kind of things.

        Being gay is still okay, but those poses are certainly not of gays, they are of ladyboys, trasnsexuals, those who would want to go for sex change ops.

    3. but troublemaking full of mischief Hong Kong boys who are secure in their home life and friendships WOULD do that – especially if they have a performer’s exhibitionist streaks. It’s not unimaginable that he would fake being gay or trans-interested. Didn’t emotionally well-fed Daniel Wu and Edison Chen do things to show how gwai lo they were when they were younger?

    4. @sky

      lmaoo omg have you seen kpop. everyone “looks” so gay. maybe some are some aren’t, but they totally look and act like it.

    5. @sky

      oh and I have a really good friend, seriously the straightest guy ever. and guess what? yeah, gay.

      man you’re really close minded. I agree what was said the lines blur and not every has these expressive showy signs that automatically point to someone’s sexual orientation.

      1. sure he is…he walk and talk like a real strong straight man..if you can’t tell a person from the way they act,talk, or walk, then i’m sorry but don’t say i’m close minded.

    6. youngsters can be so unsure about many things including orientation. hmm, I’ve heard somewhere that people will truely find out who they’re sexually attracted to when they hit 25.

  2. Most parents are like that whether it’s western or asian families. It’s probably a difficult thing to admit to even if it’s right in front of their eyes.

    1. windy,

      Yes, what you said was true, but western families are changing. I don’t think it would be a difficult thing to admit their sons/daughters are gay in the future.

  3. Liu Kai Chi seems like the type that would not deny the truth if his son was to be gay. My gut feeling is, he’s questioning or lying to his parents.

    1. 🙁 I think so too.
      But this is a private family matter. The media shouldn’t bring this up because as a parent, it would sadden me to know my child is facing a identity/gender crisis and though a celebrity understand that they have to contend with having their dirty linens washed in public, it doesn’t seem ethical to subject their children to it.

  4. It’s nobody’s business. The media should leave the boy & the parents alone. This is a pte matter.

  5. Does this qualify Liu Kai chi and Barbara Chan as liars?

    Looks very much like it, then why the media don’t make a big fuss of this lie, yet ‘bully’ poor Sire Ma when she apparently onlydeny, not lie about he rrelationship

    1. I would not call them liars, but they are just in denial if it is true. That is how many really traditional Asian parents are. I know that that is how my parents would be. They would go crazy if any of my brothers and I were gay/lesbian.

  6. Hello…..”my son really likes girls, he always invite girls back home for dinner”……gays love women and always hang around with woman! Isnt that confirm he is gay, just that the parents are not aware of the current trends and needs of gay man. loL

    1. “gays love women and always hang around with woman”, yeah they like the sisterly kind of love/companionship with women and some women like the company of gay men cos they feel safe with them.

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