Mark Chao’s Popularity Rises Again, Waiting for $800 Million Movie Deals

It was a surprising comeback for Mark Chao (趙又廷), who has found a new breakthrough in his blossoming acting career.

The Taiwanese actor’s comeback television drama, the Chinese fantasy Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花>, also known as Three Lives Three Worlds, aired its series finale on March 1. Co-starring Yang Mi (杨幂), Eternal Love tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers who are doomed to suffer separation for three lifetimes. But the fairytale ultimately ends in a happy note, and the two lovers are reunited. The drama is adapted from the xianxia novel of the same name.

Eternal Love was Mark’s first television drama since 2009’s Black & White <痞子英雄>, which was also his debut project. According to a source close to Mark, the Taiwanese-Canadian actor originally didn’t want to do Eternal Love, but finally accepted it after reading the script and the novel. Mark had said he admired the story’s male lead Ye Hua, who chose his loyalty and devotion to Bai Qian over power.

“To be able to make your life’s decision in such a relaxing manner is something I’ve always valued,” said Mark.

The 32-year-old actor himself shares some similarities with Ye Hua. Like the prince, Mark is also someone who puts love above all, especially when it comes to his wife, actress Gao Yuanyuan (高圆圆).

Mark’s casting as Ye Hua was not without its criticism. As Ye Hua is known for his beauty, netizens and critics doubted that Mark would be able to fit into the role. Mark himself admitted that he is not good-looking enough for the part, but despite such criticism, Mark successfully won over critics with his acting and understanding of the character. His popularity exploded during the broadcast of Eternal Love, and according to several sources, the actor received eight film offers in a single day, each offering him 100 million RMB to star.

The actor posted a 500-word essay on social media after the broadcast of the final episode on March 1. In the post, he thanked the cast, including the director and Yang Mi, for their trust and support. He is also grateful for the opportunity to play a well-rounded and three-dimensional role like Ye Hua.

“Without you guys, there is no Ye Hua,” he said.

Source: Sina

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  1. while he is a fairly handsome man but he’s not the pretty handsome type. someone like the wallace huo when he was younger, chris wu or luhan, their faces would suit better. btw, he looks pale in the pic above, not sure if that’s the new definition of pretty.

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