Mat Yeung Knows He Still Has a Lot Left to Learn

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Mat Yeung Knows He Still Has a Lot Left to Learn

From The Defected <鐵探>, to Airport Strikers <機場特警>, and now On-lie Game <迷網>, Mat Yeung (楊明) has sorta-kinda became TVB’s favorite “professional” police drama actor. Playing Senior Inspector Sunny Szeto of the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTB) in the new series, Mat is definitely gaining those experience points by playing high-ranking professionals.

“I definitely don’t think I’m a ‘professional’ in any means, but I also don’t mind the nickname,” said Mat with a laugh. Asking if he has concerns about being typecasted, he confidently said, “I enjoy the challenge. Every police role I’ve done so far is very different from the other. There are still many disciplined services and departments I haven’t tried yet.”

In fact, the more he starts playing the good guys, the more Mat wants to go back to playing villains. “It’s definitely a lot more flexible and challenging at the same time. The crazier, the more terrible, the better!”

Although Mat debuted in 1999, he didn’t nab his first lead role until 2017, when he shot My Commissioned Lover <婚姻合伙人> with his On-lie Game costar Samantha Ko (高海寧). My Commissioned Lover aired in 2019. Mat then opened 2020 with Airport Strikers, in which he co-led with Owen Cheung (張振朗), and now leading again with Samantha for On-lie Game.

Starring as lead in three dramas in a row, has Mat thought about contending for TV King? “I haven’t even dared to think about it!” he said. “I still have a lot left to learn before I even reach that level. I know I’m not that particularly talented when it comes to acting. To be a TV King, you have to be at a certain level, and I am far from it. If anything, I feel I am much closer to winning Best Supporting. But of course, if I get casted as a lead, I’m not going to say no.”

At the moment, Mat’s only goal is to work on improving his own performance. “I have read about criticism on my wooden performances and my unclear speech. When I watched Airport Strikers, even I got confused at what I was saying. I really worked on my speech this time for On-lie Game, and I hope everyone can see my improvement.”


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6 comments to Mat Yeung Knows He Still Has a Lot Left to Learn

  1. tt23 says:

    I like Mat not a bad actor, can play both serious and comedy roles. Seems humble.

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  2. tommybear says:

    Matt is a GREAT supporting actor but as for lead, I don’t think I am able to watch the whole series if he’s the main lea unforuntuely.

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    • jesspepperwang replied:

      @tommybear He bloomed too late, 40 is kinda old to get the most improved award. He had 15 year patch of drugs, alcohol, and vandalism. Same training class as Raymond Lam and was considered more handsome too. I think Raymond is naturally talented and was groomed well where as Matt was given too much too soon and his immaturity halted his chances for 15 years.

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  3. applelim says:

    I think he has come a long way….certainly doing a good job in his role in ‘On lie game’

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  4. bubbles23 says:

    TVB ought to rethink what makes him able to carry a series.

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  5. pisces2019 says:

    Matt is a horrible wooden actor, more wooden than Benjamin Yuen. He’s robotic and recites his dialogue in a monotone with an expressionless face. Seems like a nice guy irl but sorry he’s not charismatic as a lead actor.

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