Mat Yeung’s Brush with the Law Saved Him

It was an offer he knew he could not decline when Mat Yeung (楊明) was given the role of Day, a hacker who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a developmental disorder that is a type of autism. Mat researched the syndrome thoroughly before he officially started work for My Dearly Sinful Mind <心理追兇Mind Hunter>, TVB’s latest crime drama.

“It’s a stressful role,” said Mat. “The more I researched about the disorder, the more I realized that those who suffer from it do not have very obvious symptoms. I had to be extra careful at approaching the role, because I don’t want to smear those who are suffering from it.”

Mat fought tooth and nail for the show. During a motorcycle scene, he lost control of his bike and crashed, nearly splitting his knee. The wound on his knee was so deep his kneecap was showing. He was hospitalized for a number of days.

The accident brought back some memories of when Mat had his brush with the law—twelve years ago, Mat was arrested for DUI and criminal damage, in which the court sentenced him to 150 hours of community service. Mat, who was deemed one of TVB’s more promising young actors at the time, suffered a huge blow in his career.

Mat also got an angry scolding from TVB management.

“After receiving my sentence, [Catherine Tsang] actually asked me if I still wanted to do this job [as an actor],” said Mat. “She said if I didn’t want to do it anymore, she’s going to leave the opportunities for other people. I seriously reflected after the incident. Your thinking does mature when you’re older.”

But despite the scandal, many producers still gave Mat another chance. Turning red with embarrassment, Mat said, “Maybe they felt that I wasn’t hopeless to the point where I couldn’t be saved!”

Mat’s motorcycle injury definitely brought him closer to girlfriend Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明), who he has been dating for over a year. “She really took care of me after that accident,” said Mat. Asking how he plans on repaying her, Mat said, “I’ll treat her better!” (Propose to her maybe?) “Let’s take this slowly. Of course I see her as a marriage partner, but I don’t know what she thinks yet! You’re going to have to ask her that!”


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  1. I couldn’t get through eps 1. The camera looks like a dream. It’s fuzzy and fake, like front camera’s beautification on a phone. It’s annoying. Had to quit. I do like Matt the little that I seen. Sisley seems to be improved as well. Kudos to them both.

    1. @jjwong I watched episode 1 and I gave up. The story at that point is insanely insane. The whole way it was set up and solved or rather theorised to me is so OTT. Kenneth Ma is a great guy but I have had it with his puffed up lips whenever he speaks his line. I’d rather he speak with a smile all the time.

      Never regretted giving up. Focusing on No No Girl and am also irritated by the half hearted k romance and the hiccups.

      1. @heunjx I’m skeptical…

        @funnlim I did see the deduction part where Sisley was accused of stealing. It was indeed OTT a nd laughable. They could’ve simply say let’s watch the CCTV.

        To me, KM is trying to be “chok” and failing miserably. He’s more natural being goofy than stoic; the latter just make him look un-interesting and *yawn*

        I’m watching No No Girl too. I don’t watch K-rom so it’s “new” for me. I agree that they could’ve tone down the hiccups but the concept is cute. Aida’s acting cute is enjoyable and appropriate even though she’s old.

      2. @jjwong Way too many hiccups. The series is not balanced well but I do love both Eddie and Adia, the old ones! You should watch a K rom so that you can just see why this is k romance on a bad day. But too many k romance is also boring where they are essentially the same.

      3. @funnlim Finished up eps 15. I’m over the hiccups but the scenes (multiple and long) where Aida plays with the rubic cube was super annoying. I liked the English song at first, now it’s annoying. I like Eddie’s cry scene. At first I’m like wtf did they not have a better angle of him since his hand covered his whole face. Then it made sense lol.

        The last K-rom I saw is Lover from the Star (something like that). It was cute and the actress was awesome. It was my first K-rom and I got a little confused because some of the people looked the same to me xD I have friends who’s all into K-rom and from snippets they told me, they do all sound like the same…

      4. @funnlim You must be watching My Secret Romance. ahahhahah. If you haven’t watch yet.. go watch “Voice” it’s good… not light hearted though… it’s a mystery/suspense.

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