Moses Chan’s Decline to Film Incurs Anger from TVB Producer Cheung Kin Man

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To fulfill his long-time dream of opening a coffee shop, the normally obedient TVB star, Moses Chan Ho, has declined to act in Producer Cheung Kin Man’s new series, Happy House, Hidden Dragon <樂府藏龍>. Moses’ priority in choosing to manage his new coffee shop led to Producer Cheung’s dissatisfaction, who viewed Moses’ reason for decline as too far-fetched. TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling, was caught in the cross-fire.

As a passionate coffee lover, Moses has been busily occupied with the grand opening of his new coffee shop in Malaysia. He often travelled between Hong Kong and Malaysia in order to oversee the store. Last November, Moses agreed to film Producer Cheung’s new 30-episode ancient series, Happy House, Hidden Dragon. Last month, Moses declined to film the series, which will begin shooting on May 1st, since he will need to oversee his new coffee shop in Malaysia for several months. Since TVB’s Artist Department approved Moses’ leave of absence, Producer Cheung was forced to find a replacement for the role.

Moses Will Not Abandon His Acting Career

Responding to media inquiries, Moses said, “I regret that I was unable to film in Producer Cheung’s series due to scheduling conflicts. I know Producer Cheung is unhappy over the matter. I have tried my best to explain my situation to TVB executive management, who know that I normally will not reject filming for a series. I hope they understand.” (Are you sacrificing your acting career for the love of coffee?) “That’s exaggerating the matter. My main occupation is still acting. Opening a coffee shop is just a small dream of mine.” (Wouldn’t it be a big expense to decline job offers while overseeing the coffee shop?) “No…I have arrangements. However, I will definitely continue to film series.”

Producer Cheung Kin Man Disgruntled

TVB Producer, Cheung Kin Man, expressed his outright dissatisfaction with Moses’ reason for being unable to film for his new series. When asked whether he accepted Moses’ reason due to the need to oversee his new coffee shop, Producer Cheung was stunned, “I will not comment. Anyway, whoever accepted his reason for leave of absence needs to be held responsible. He [Moses] used this explanation with everyone he spoke to. Other people who heard his explanation felt it was unreasonable. Since he used this reason and TVB did not object, I have nothing else to say. TVB is a corporate entity; there is no absolute need to cast Moses Chan.”

Plagued by the need to find a replacement for Moses’ role, Producer Cheung admitted that Pierre Ngo Ka Nin was a possible candidate. At the same time, Moses’ costumes in the series were custom-tailored and already completed. Co-stars, Bobby Au Yeung, Myolie Wu Hang Yee, and Linda Chung Ka Yan’s costumes were completed as well. Since Moses’ costumes must be altered to fit the replacement actor, no wonder Producer Cheung was troubled. However, he reiterated, “Although it’s troublesome, it’s not like TVB cannot carry on without one person.”

Virginia Lok’s Response

TVB executive, Virginia Lok, felt helpless over Moses’ situation. “Moses is currently on vacation leave, which has not been officially activated yet. Originally, he was supposed to manage the affairs of his coffee shop in these two months. However, the details for the store opening were settled late, thus conflicting with the filming of Producer Cheung’s new series. Moses asked whether the filming could be delayed for one month, but there is no reason the entire cast and crew’s schedule had to be revised. The only choice was to decline the role, which I know made Producer Cheung unhappy.”

Ms. Lok advised Moses that he should place priority in the filming of series. “Of course I advised him to place priority in filming. However, each person has his own choice. Coffee is as important as Moses’ life. He once said that coffee will be his lifetime career and was more important to him that women. I felt torn over this matter as well.”

Excerpt from Orientaldaily

Jayne: Producer Cheung Kin Man sounds very upset with Moses’ decline to film the role, resulting in additional delays. Producer Cheung is also likely upset with Virginia Lok in accepting Moses’ leave of absence.

I’m surprised that Moses is willing to risk riling TVB’s feathers. I wonder if this incident will affect his position as #1 Brother. Producer Cheung’s series sound like a grand production series, likely following the success of ancient comedy, Can’t Buy Me Love. It even has Bobby Au Yeung, which will likely capture the audience’s attention.

I was very shocked by the obviously upset remarks Producer Cheung threw towards Moses and Ms. Lok. Sounds like a lot of political fighting and disgruntlement, which was not displayed in such an open fashion at TVB in the past. Now, more artists are coming forward expressing their dissatisfaction with pay, producers are saying they are upset with the Artist Management department etc. The fact that they couldn’t settle their dissatisfaction behind closed doors and freely talked to the press indicates the high level of corporate politics.

51 comments to Moses Chan’s Decline to Film Incurs Anger from TVB Producer Cheung Kin Man

  1. Funn Lim says:

    What? TVB a slave driver? No way!

    Oh come on producer sir, unless TVB’s system is you can’t say no to filming offers and then he declines that is Moses’ fault. But I do believe this is a case of offer (by producer) and acceptance (by Moses), then Moses has a right to decline.

    Anyway, Malaysia? WHERE?

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    • Kidd replied:

      I think the producer was upset because Moses has agreed to film the series earlier but decline later. The production team has already gotten everything ready for him, tailor-made costume has been completed and now he said he didn’t want to act.

      I don’t think the producer will be upset in the simple case of ‘I offer, you decline’.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        I see!! So now he will need to find someone as tall.

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      • Masaharu replied:

        I interpret the situation just like Kidd do too

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  2. star says:

    Seems like a lot of stars nowadays really want to invest into their own business.

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  3. Aly says:

    It’s understandable that the producer is upset because Moses originally agreed to film it and they had costumes even tailor-made for him ready to go, but now he declines it, which would cause a lot of delay in the production and finding a suitable replacement. I’m not sure if I can see Pierre Ngo as a possible replacement for Moses? I guess it depends on the role itself, but I was thinking maybe even Raymond Wong or Kenneth Ma or Michael Tse? But maybe they are booked as well. If Pierre gets the role, it definitely will be a promotion for him! It’s really hard to outshine Bobby though!

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  4. Chriselle says:

    Wow, although I’ve known that Moses is a big lover of coffee, I was very surprised to hear that it meant more to him than women, lol?

    Why is it such a big deal that Moses declines to film this one drama? At his status, he does have the right to do that, right? A friend of mine once told me that only artistes not under TVB management can decline a series, but I don’t quite believe it. While it’s understandable that less popular stars can’t be too picky with their roles, I assume that with Moses status he can. This reminds me of how the media wrote that Charmaine opted out of Forensic Heroes III and faked her arm injury. If Charmaine didn’t want to film FH3, TVB couldn’t have forced her to, right? I wonder how much power popular TVB artistes actually has when it comes to choosing the roles that came to them.

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    • hee replied:

      im surprised TVB didnt write injury arm into the script and force her to film. they are the old factories you hear of that abuse labor laws.

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  5. SDS says:

    Lol so they need to refit costumes for one person, big whoop. Its not like they need to change all his lines, edit out his character or rewrite the whole screenplay. What’s the fuss about anyway if TVB management has agreed to Moses’s decline and has approved the change + recasting? Mr Producer has a perfectly legitimate reason for any delays and extra costs, no need to throw a tantrum and turn this into unncessary news. Just shows how unprofessional some people are.

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    • hee replied:

      its because he has one less actor with Name onboard.

      i want to watch Bobby but not anymore after i saw Myolie Wu will be in this. shivers. good thing Moses escaped! who wants to endure the agony for 3 months again. their series got low ratings last time. Bobby thought Sheren Tang was gonna be in this. he got fooled! poor him.

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      • SDS replied:


        Moses Chan a name? No way. Stop pulling my leg! 😛

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      • yes replied:

        yeah he got some name in HK and Mainland after War and Beauty. plus, he has gotten Best Actor, which many outside place seek him to act after. for guys, he is a hot favorite for events. his rate is also high.

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      • yes replied:

        he is the one actor that starred in all five of their highest rated and grand production dramas – WAB, HOG, MR, BROC, CBML. they ALL have him in it, meaning everybody know him by those characters by now.

        im not his fan but still can see he got his worth to TVB.

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  6. poch says:

    if he doesnt want to film, then sheesh, do you want to drag him onboard? just let him go. they are such a big company. Moses asking for a meager break. one month ahead is enough notice. as for other matters, its not his issue, they have costume department to tailor any changes(they adjust costumes for ppl all the time!) and human resources to find another person for the role.

    i really like producer Nelson Cheung and hate Virginia Lok(maybe producer Cheung does too? LOL) but i think she’s alright this time. im not even a fan of Moses but i think he has a right to not take part, its not like its in the middle of filming. he has given notice. stuff happens. big deal. if cry over small matter, cannot imagine what big matter will bring. collapse of bodies i guess.

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    • Danielle replied:

      I think it’s a big deal to back out last minute actually.

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  7. simba says:

    first thought. Moses doesn’t owe his life to TVB. why they chaining him, there are things that happen in life outside our control. sorry producer Cheung.

    then again, Virginia lok must favor Moses, but in doing so, she didn’t look out for TVB’s interest, but who can do anything to her? she does what she wants.

    Producer Cheung is cross with her from his words whoever let Moses go “must be held responsible!” then Virginia Lok further explaining for Moses, siding in favor of Coffee as being important too. LOL. oh shit, give them each a boxing glove, i want to see them duke it out!

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  8. exoidus says:

    TVB should really start to promote some other stars like Lai Lok-yi for instance. Im kinda sick of watching the same actors and actresses over and over again.

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    • forestclam replied:

      i been thinking that for AGES now! they lack male actors. they spend all their resources promoting only a few like Raymond, Bosco, Ron over and over again. they refuse to use anyone else for good roles. now they are in deep shit.

      finally, after Raymond’s pitiful wa-wa, they are looking to others. Jason Chan for an example got a new sitcom. Matt Yeung is also being promoted again. Kenneth Ma is given a chance too. finally. good god. it took forever. one falls, another rise.

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      • stmlw20 replied:

        @ exoidus: i don’t mind lay lok yi..i think he’s improved over time..i think they should start promoting ngo kar nian as well, quite like him 🙂

        @forestclam: agree with u that tvb is in deep shit!! lol i used to be a tvb almost every series they produce…however like u said becuz its always Ray, Ron and Bosco it kinda gets boring…ah and also Raymond Wong, but i don’t mind Raymond Wong ^_^

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  9. Masaharu says:

    Moses sounds enthusiastic in opening his first coffee business. I wish him good luck 🙂

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  10. Fox says:

    So he dun film to open a coffee shop not for the Coffee show?

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  11. Melody says:

    Seems like more artists these days will try to fight for what they want.

    Anyway although I can understand why the producer is unhappy, it doesnt reflect nice on their internal releations with his comment.

    Anyway good luck to Moses on his coffee shop!

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  12. Candy says:

    Hope Moses keeps a good relationship with TVB. Do not want to sound negative but business in Malaysia..hope he knows his risks. It’s not easy even for local Chinese. Many stars who tried have not survived well especially in F&B. Hope his dream will not turn into a nightmare.

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  13. Jan says:

    OMG, Myolie and Linda Chung again??? TVB need to find some new fadans or let some of the 2nd or 3rd line girls hv more important roles, I’m “sick and tired” of Myolie, Linda and some of the other new fadans… They don’t know how to act, if you don’t know how to act at least you need to be pretty and be a “vase”, but in my own opinion, Myolie and Linda are not even pretty… I rather hv Jessican Hsuan, Serena Tang etc since they know how to act or Fala Chen since she is pretty.

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    • Vivien replied:

      Linda has been many series in store already and now we are seeing her face again.

      TVB need to promote new fadans fast because I’m tired of seeing Linda, Kate back to back. Agree with you, Fala is fine because at least she’s pretty.

      Myolie, Tavia are also going to be 32 this year and has filmed many series too. 32! TVB need to promote young girls in their 20s so that we won’t have 30 something old woman jumping like a young girl in the future.

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      • fox replied:

        So I’m not the only one who irked by 30+ women jumping like teenage girl in series. It would be alright if they have baby faces but some of them even look mature than their real age but still jump and open eyes widely.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I think is running out of artists or something… Instead of them going to China, TVB should go to China to look for some fresh new faces since there are plenty of them in China. But then again, who would want to be stuck in a company that overworks and underpays their artists?? However, if someone is desperate for at least something then they might accept anything that TVB gives them.

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  14. moonriver says:

    Why does he want to go all the way to Malaysia to open a coffee shop?! So strange.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      I wonder too… and where? I will go have a cuppa. He should open one in Korea, coffee mad nation. Malaysia, frankly our kopi-o nicer.

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      • Candy replied:

        Agree with you.. try Muar or Kluang at RM1.20 for super nice kopi-o ais on a hot day!! Just kidding, I believe his is different breed and level, probably KL style. I wonder too where Moses will have his.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Probably star bucks ish. Still prefer kopi-o.

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      • Jayne replied:

        @Funn, since Moses appears to be a coffee conoisser, I was visualizing an artsy European like coffee house, where you drink a few cups in outdoor garden setting, perhaps accompanied by some desserts.

        Although Starbucks is popular, they’re not really gourmet.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Then I fear for him. Neither is Malaysia that sort. Moreover we are so hot over here. Why is everything so darn expensive? Korea would be better since I heard they have a 5 storey building selling nescafe. Coffee mad nation. Not us.

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      • moonriver replied:

        He can’t speak Korean! Well, not that he can speak Malay, but at least the Chinese in Malaysia will know who he is.

        And if it’s gonna be HK-style coffee, I think he can forget it. It’s not popular in this region. I personally find the HK-style coffee very strange tasting – like they didn’t get the sugar-milk-coffee strength composition right.

        So the only way to do it is like what Jayne said, the “European-style”, except it had better be fully air-conditioned.

        He should just sell Nespresso in HK.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        A what?


        In Korea he only needs to know one word; KOPI. That’s all.

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      • moonriver replied:

        Yes, Nespresso 🙂 It’s the most environmentally-unfriendly coffee-making machine. Quite popular in Paris, but I think they have it everywhere now.

        It’s like a mini vending machine that contains 16 different flavours of coffee. Coffee powder is kept in capsules inside the machine. The capsules are refillable and the espresso cups are disposable.

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      • Kidd replied:

        I like Espresso. Too bad I can’t take coffee now. Need to get my body back up to shape. I miss my Espresso!

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      • Yee replied:

        Coffeee is also big in Maylasia, expecially there speciallty coffees, like the white coffee…Maybe he want an adventure…but shouldn’t he try HK first?? Isn’t it easier to manage that way?

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I also wonder about that.. Why can’t he just open one in Hk or even Canton since that is a lot closer?? Only he knows that… Maybe the demand for coffee exists in Malaysia more than Hk??? I wonder why so many people like to drink coffee?? I personally don’t like it and never drink it since there are a lot of health risks. I heard that it makes your skin look bad too… I guess once you are addicted, it is hard to get off of it.

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  15. Jayne says:

    @Moonriver, maybe Moses wants to save money on the rent? Since he still needs to fly over to oversee operations, it sounds inconvenient.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      KL very expensive these days! Maybe HK is not into his kind of coffee? Neither is Malaysia.

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  16. Jayne says:

    My favorite drink is bubble tea (with black taipioca pearls)! Everytime I am in NYC Chinatown, I make sure to buy a cup! Love this Taiwanese creation!

    I also love Pinkberry yogurts served with fresh fruit!

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      Yeah, very refreshing. You like the original flavour?

      My favourite is HK’s Iced Lemon Tea. No other place with the same taste.

      Or in Malaysia, one that beats the thirst strangely is the rather sweet Sirap Limau Ice aka Iced Syrup with Lime. Lime is better than lemon in my opinion. Always ask for less sugar aka kurang manis if not very very sweet. Like sugar is free in malaysia!

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      • moonriver replied:


        I like the Pinkberry yogurts too, but they are expensive!

        Someone should set up a decent Asian dessert shop in NYC. Maybe there’s already one but I bet it sucks.

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      • Yee replied:

        Hehehe…Me too I like Iced Lemon Tea..but I’m not that picky, it tastes good where ever you are….:P

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    • Jayne replied:

      Funn and Moonriver, Pinkberry is very popular in NYC and there are offshoots like Red Mango yogurt shops. Although the price is high, I think it’s worth it for random treat. Italian gelato is also very good and doesn’t feel heavy.

      There are several Korean pastry shops in NYC that serve okay selections, but people go there for the ambience. Desserts shops are not really big in the Asian communities here. If teens are hanging out, mostly at bubble tea shops. The Chinese bakeries sell HK style cakes, but very watered down in flavor and you taste eggs and whipped cream mostly.

      Sounds like HK might have more potential market than Malaysia for coffee shops. If Moses opens a European style cafe in Hong Kong’s central district, where there are expatriates, there should be good market. But he likely chose Malaysia for reasons other than money, perhaps to escape HK frenzied way of life and the paparazzi?

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      • Kidd replied:

        I think he can survive in Malaysia. Older generation will go for kopi-o, but, youngsters like to go Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

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  17. HeTieShou says:

    I am kind of shocked that Moses actually turned down filming a series that he has already promised to. I remember back in the days(many many years ago in the 70s or 80s) when Sek Sau signed a contract with TVB and refused to be in one of their productions. THey just took him to court for it. It seems that TVB still mistreats their artists just like in the past, however, they may be doing it differently than in the past due to the big increase in the number of artists available.

    I think this may affect Moses’ position in TVB, but they may not do anything immediately like they did in the past. I did not know that the costumes had to be tailored and all… No wonder producer Cheung is so upset. I guess I can understand that to an extent. However, I don’t think it is that bad since they have not even started filming yet. I remember recently that Taiwanese series Love Buffet was delayed many times. I their scenario is worse because they actually filmed for quite a few months but then decided to change the female lead, so they had to start all over again… Therefore, I guess this case isn’t as bad. But TVB works their cast and crew hard and makes series really fast so any delay would upset them.

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    • Chriselle replied:

      It would be rather unprofessional with Moses agreed to film and then backed out, especially when the costumes were already tailored for him. I’ve always knew about Moses love for coffee, but the fact that he’s opening a coffee right now was a surprise as I didn’t hear any news about the planning stage. Why did he choose Malaysia over HK or other countries like France?

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  18. Pauline says:

    Anyone knows where his shop is and what’s the name?

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  19. Yee says:

    HeMoses has the right to decline a series, but how he did it here thats just unfair to the rest of the cast and crew. If he thought he would have problems opening his coffee shop and filming a series he shouldn’t have agreed todo it in the first place. Now all the costumes fit him and now TVB has to waste money to change them or else where are they gonna find someone the same size as him? 
    I don’t think that seeing Myolie and Linda Chung is a bad thing, cause in my memory they haven’t worked together before, right? So it’ll be something new, plus we don’t even know what the plot is gonna be. Plus we haven’t seen Bobby in a TVB series in a long time, I think it’ll be an awesome series. 

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