[Music] G.E.M.’s “Walk on Water” MV

By on October 21, 2019 in MUSIC, NEWS

[Music] G.E.M.’s “Walk on Water” MV

G.E.M. released the music video for “Walk on Water” today, the Chinese theme song for Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s film Terminator: Dark Destiny. The lyrics and song composition is by G.E.M.

The song’s title draws inspiration from the Jesus lizard, which can walk on water to escape when facing danger. The lyrics also encourage others to not retreat against hardships, much like the characters in Terminator: Dark Destiny who must fight against fate.

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  1. hazel says:

    GEM’s Mandarin enunciation has become terrible over the past few years. She rolls her tongue so much that all you can make out are gurgling and slurring. She was so much better when she didn’t adapt to Northern Chinese dialect in her songs.

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