Myolie Wu Faces The TV Queen Award With A Normal Attitude

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Johnson Lee (李思捷), Selena Li (李詩韻), Vincent Wong (王浩信), “Blueberry” Kibby Lau (劉俐) and etc were at TVB City yesterday at attend the praying ceremony for TVB’s new drama, The Endless Exchange of Enjoyment《換樂無窮》.

Earlier on, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) had openly praised Myolie’s performance in The Queens of All《萬凰之王》as being extremely good and thus felt that she had a high chance of being crowned TV Queen. Myolie was thus asked whether she had the confidence in winning the TV Queen award.

Myolie expressed that now is still too soon to tell, whoever who reportedly has a high chance now was also just everyone’s guess as she still had to see the ratings and the reviews received after “The Queens of All” has broadcasted.

About rumors that Fala Chen (陳法拉) had received the strong support from new TVB boss, “Shell King” Charles Chan (陳國強) and thus had the highest chance of winning the TV Queen award, Myolie replied, “Don’t know whether that rumor is true or false? Everyone is good this year, Fala is good and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) is also good too. Although this award is one of my goals but it has been (my goal) for so many years already lahs! Don’t dare to talk about working here for the longest time (年資最耐) but I will use a “normal heart” to face the awards.”

Myolie also professed that she had a good time filming “The Endless Exchange of Enjoyment” because Johnson often sung songs and especially love imitating Ken Choi‘s (蔡楓華) singing thus making everyone roll on the floor with laughter. Myolie laughed and said, “I believe “Spring roll” Wong Bo Bo will be happy whenever she’s with Johnson.”

Upon hearing this, the reporter laughed and said that Johnson has not publicly disclosed or admitted that he was dating yet. Myolie immediately acted blur and said, “Is it? Isn’t it already made public?”

In other news, while attending an event day before yesterday, Kibby Lau felt uncomfortable due to an acute pain in her stomach. In the end, an ambulance had to be called in to send her to hospital.  Asked whether rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam (林峯) had sent his regards and asked after her, Kibby responded, “Nope, he didn’t!”

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. I think Myolie has a good chance of winning this year although am not sure whether she deserves to.

      1. i dont think that fala should win! she only started to get main lead like this year. she doesnt deserves it. if its anyone it should be moylie, tavia or maybe linda

    1. I wonder how long it has been ever since anyone that has actually won it really deserved to win??? Therefore, if I were Myolie or any of them, I would not worry about it and just focus on what I am doing. What is the point of hoping to win a meaningless award??

      1. what do you mean how long it has been? Sheren & Wayne won for two years, all well deserved, no? At least there wasn’t much backlash like other years.

      2. I don’t think Wayne and Sharen deserved to win for Rosy Business part one because that series was not even good. Maybe Sharen deserved to win, but not Wayne since I thought his performance in there was not so great. However, that’s just what I think. Anyways, it doesn’t matter who wins anymore since the awards don’t seem to mean much..

  2. yes.. i agree that…i know myolie wu is very hardworking for many year…so i believe this year is for her get tv queen!!!

  3. I think Myolie deserves it this year. She did a great job in both her series so far and they both had pretty good ratings.

    1. Sadly it is not based on what we think… The person that we least likely think will win it actually ends up winning.

    2. I also agree that Myolie deserves it more than Fala does. It seems like a pattern or something.. I bet if Myolie wins this year, then next year will be Fala or Tavia,etc.. Basically, it is like they take turns to win or something…

      1. When did Fala became the big league? I always thought she is behind…

      2. I wonder the same thing about Fala. She has been playing mainly supporting or second lead at most, but not really the lead in many series. I still feel that she is not strong enough to be the main lead or lead her own series yet.

      3. Who cares about strong enough or not if you get backup from TVB ROLF

  4. I thought it was up to the audience to vote. If that’s the case then its fair whereas in the US its not like that. I heard that there are panels and the directors or whoever all get their heads together and compare notes and such, then they pick the winner. Some people thinks this is a fairer way of doing it but I disagree as its the audience who watches a drama or film and it should be up to them to vote.

    1. They said: 50% of a committee (with TVB’s directors), 30% of the audience and 20% of the producers.

      But we all know, the 30% of the audience dun exist. Vote for fun, if like.

  5. I will prefer Tavia to be the big winner. She has always been a hardworking actress too. I believe the dramas she acted in have high ratings. But well, at times, such award is a bit unfair

      1. The unfairness will fall to Myolie more than TY. TY’s series are all 9:30 this year while Myolie’s Queen of All – her best bet, is 8:30. We all can see that no series of 8:30 this year can have good rating, no matter what. All are 26-27 something.

      2. Yeah. Despite her upcoming series being an anniversary series, her series is still at an disadvantage being part of the 8:30 time slot. Hopefully, “Queen of All” can still exceed expectations in both reviews/ratings. It would suck for Myolie to have a great year because of TRB and GJ and end it badly because of “Queen of All”.

    1. I believe if the series is good , the ratings will be higher. I think when MOL last episode was shown, it was also time when there was the world’s cup soccer. But in the end the ratings was also very high.

      1. No, World Cup ended before MOL came to an end. And World Cup last year didn’t affect the series much because its time often from 11:00 to morning. Only 1-2 days it’s 10:00 or 10:30.

  6. Well, I haven’t seen many of Tavia’s dramas lately but if I had a choice I hope she wins simply because I like her and also a fan.

  7. just give the meaningless award to medusa already, i will always support athena LOL

    1. Uhm and Athena is jealous with Medusa’s beauty, it’s the matter :P.

      1. strange with greek gods. poseidon raped her in athenas temple and she chooses to punish medusa?

        afrodite was supposed to be the most beautiful though

        and in the tvb version there is no chance someone would be jealous of medusa hehe

      2. Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, but some ppl say Helen of Troy is even more beautiful than her. So you know that.

        Athena is jealous with Medusa so she used the story with Poseidon to punish her. It’s petty, right. Do you still like Athena the petty and jealous girl :P?

        And in TVB version, still have. You think there is no chance, but who noe there are a lot of Athena type, specious. Who noe among your fave girls there is one, or more than one, lol.

      3. i should’ve been more specific what i meant was among the other fadans. they all look better than medusa, we got afrodite and helen of troy 🙂

      4. Uhm, I think Medusa looks better than your Aphrodite or Helen of Troy, at least something you-can-name-it-yourself, hehe.

  8. I really don’t want Tavia to win, just because i don’t think she a really impressive year. I think Myolie deserves to win. Fala should win nothing, Linda should win my fave female character X)

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