Myolie Wu Grateful for Reporters Shadowing Bosco Wong

Although recent temperatures have turned cooler, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Selena Li (李詩韻) were required to film a scene in a swimming pool for new TVB series, Exchanging Happiness <玩樂無窮>. Prior to the actual filming of the scene, both Myolie and Selena were shivering and wrapped sweaters around their shoulders to stay warm. Before plunging into the water, they shrieked, “We’re so scared!”

In Exchanging Happiness, Myolie and Selena switch souls while helping each other out at a high-tech website. Both of them even fought over the same man. Inside the swimming pool, Myolie and Selena clung on to each other. Selena pushed Myolie, who was wearing 5-inch high heels, into the water. With the water splashing everywhere, Myolie shouted, “I injured myself!” She accidentally hit her knee against the bottom of the pool. Fortunately, the professional Myolie said she was fine and continued with the filming. Myolie grabbed onto Selena and dragged her into the water. Although she was shivering obviously, Selena posed before reporters for photographs.

Naturally Born Suspicious

Indicating that she was born with heightened senses, Myolie shared similarities with her onscreen character and possessed a suspicious tendency. Myolie said, “Nothing escapes my eyes!” (Did Bosco Wong 黃宗澤 ever try to [fool you]?) “I don’t know how to answer that question! With the media’s assistance [in observing him], then it’s a little better!” (Does he have a high level of romantic fate?) “Don’t ask, maybe it’s too much!”

In addition, Myolie arrived at a restricted area at the airport yesterday, to film a sales presentation clip for next year’s heavyweight drama, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>. Sitting in a wheelchair, Myolie was guided by Raymond Lam (林峯). It appears that Myolie’s character in Triumph in the Skies 2 will have new development.


Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Triumph in the Skies 2 has faced numerous filming delays. Allegedly, Cathay Pacific did not want to sponsor TVB in the sequel. Without unrestricted access to the company’s airplanes and the airport, it would be indeed difficult to film. Does the filming of a sales presentation clip indicate there was progress in negotiating with Cathay Pacific?

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  1. Absolutely no comment on this article. Don’t know what to say at all.

  2. “Sitting in a wheelchair, Myolie was guided by Raymond Lam (林峯). It appears that Myolie’s character in Triumph in the Skies 2 will have new development.”

    Probable storyline. Zoe and her husband Sam met with an accident and Sam died on the spot while Zoe was crippled.

    1. WTH>! Just because Francis Ng is not filming the sequel DOESN’T MEAN TVb can just kill him off like that! I hope that is not the storyline!

      1. Would u rather have him leave zoe for another woman? Death is the best way to write off a character but keep him noble in the audience’s eyes.

    2. From what I read,Myolie,Lam Fung and Chilam;will involve in some sort of love triangle

      1. Mmmm pretty interesting combination.. I like the idea of Myo, LF and Chilam engaged in a triangle relationship. I wonder who Myolie will love more in the series? LF or Chilam?

      2. LF and chilam as dreamy pilots, now that’s drool worthy! :)~
        But why must be myolie? I’d rather have fala be the girl they fight over. I think she’s more attractive and I never liked the zoe character.

      3. eh. nothing new. Zoe-Sam-Belle was the main love triangle in the original. Although, it helped that there was Joe Ma’s character for Flora’s Belle. Hope they don’t make the triangle too messy and have a girl for LF or Chilam if one of them don’t end up with Myolie. Although, Chilam will most likely be the one ending up with Myolie since Chilam would be the star power of the series like Francis was.

        Like it or not, Zoe was well liked in HK during the airing of Triumph. Also, Zoe is the main female character.

        Don’t worry about Fala. Fala will have her own love triangle. Fala seems to be taking over Zita by being the only female pilot. Zita had her own triange between Ron and Sammul.

      4. As much as I like Myolie and Chilam in TRB,but I think she will end up with LF instead,if only they could stick with these casts

      5. I don’t think so. Chilam is a veteran. LF is usually lead, but when there’s a veteran in the cast. LF will be the second lead at most. Also, they bought in Chilam for the star power just like did with Francis Ng. Since Chilam is most likely lead if he joins and confirms, he would most likely end up with Myolie the female lead.

      6. I think flora was supposed to be the lead but they turned her character belle into a crazy wimp.

        Was zoe popular at the time? I just remember being annoyed by her. I liked zita better and wished that chose sammul over Ron.

      7. ive been dying for a myolie and lf pairing hope they actually end up…although i love myolie and chi lam too…but damn it give me a rayolie pairing hahaha…

      8. Myolie was probably second lead although she has about the same screen time as Flora. Surprised since Flora was already top sister and Myolie was just starting out at the time.

        It was also surprising to see Michelle being supporting while Myolie playing lead perhaps b/c in Eternal Happiness, it was just the opposite. However, I must say Myolie is more convincing as the spunky and happy-go-lucky girl than Michelle, whom I loved in EH, but could barely stand her in TITS. She appeared expressionless and depressed most of the time although being passionate about being a pilot was a characteristic of hers.

      9. Hohoh. I feel that by the time this drama finalllly started(if it managed to…), the cast ensemble will be different from what it is now 😛

      10. While watching TITS, I always feel that Flora was first lead and Michelle Ye second lead while Myolie was supporting.

        I never consider Zoe as lead female character.

        Do you guys feel Myolie was just lead because she has a romance line with Francis and ended up with Francis?

      11. I wouldn’t mind a Chris(Bosco) and Kate story though. I’m still not over this couple yet since Lives of Omission ended.

      12. I find Michelle, Myolie and Flora all leads, with Flora as the main lead.

      13. I find it surprising that you find Michelle the second lead since I don’t recall her coming up so often. It may also be that her character is more quiet and Myolie’s is more bubbly, but since S4 were supporting and Michelle appears along with them, I’ve always considered her supporting.

        Flora and Myolie seems to have a shared amount of screen time; however, I do not feel that Myolie is only lead b/c she is paired up with Sam, which I find an awkward, but still lovable couple. 🙂

        It’s interesting b/c status wise, it’s Flora > Michelle > Myolie at the time. But I see it as Flora/Myolie > Michelle.

      14. Well, belle and zita were the coveted ones in their love triangles so maybe that instantly makes them leads.

        I felt bad for flora b/c even though she was top sister, her character belle was weak and easily overshadowed. Zoe was supposed to be cute and lovable but I thought she was like an annoying chipmunk.

      15. Zoe and Zita I think both position is the same. Belle is the main female chac. However, I rmb that I was annoyed by Belle a lot, especially after Vincent’s death.

      16. I think Zoe and Zita has the same position too, but Zoe stood out more. I like Myolie’s lively acting as Zoe and she’s cute around Sam.

  3. After the flight attendant scandal, I would think that Cathay Pacific would want to do this to help build their image back up. The flight attendants and pilots in the first Triumph were always seen in a very professional light while on the job. Also, it would be free advertisement!

    I’m excited to see triumph 2 because I want to see Raymond and Myolie pair up again!

    1. Hope they don’t make Zoe move on from Sam too fast since the story line so far sounds like a direct sequel. We’ll see if it’s a direct sequel or spin off later on.

    2. From the red outfit, can say that HKA is the sponsor, not Cathay.

  4. I don’t think it’s a problem if Sam dies. Characters die in dramas all the time, even main characters. No one is safe from death. Looks like this drama will be a direct sequel rather than a spin off then.

  5. Jayne, in the original language, the “maybe it’s too much” part is referring to the question as being too much?

  6. Jayne, the part […] switch souls while helping each other out at a technology website is translated wrongly IMO.

    The Chinese sentence “[…] 兩女在高科技網站幫助下調換身份” can better be translated as […] switch souls with the help from a High-tech website.

    1. Lizzy,
      Thanks for your suggestions. I did not forget and have made the necessary corrections.

  7. Also, Myolie shouted 撼親, which does not mean “I have a cold”, but I am injured (literally: I have hit myself against something)

  8. Didn’t like “Zoe’s” character at all. Sam and Zoe was a horrible match in Triumph… It wasn’t not even believable that Sam had romantic feelings for her – she was like a sister!

  9. damn i wish bosco was in this.. he would look really good as a pilot lol

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