Myolie Wu Stays in Maldives Underwater Hotel for 39th Birthday

With its clear blue skies, warm waters, and white sands, Maldives is a dream vacation destination for many. For her 39th birthday this year, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) visited the beautiful tropical island with her husband, Philip Lee (李乘德), and son, Brendan Lee. This is Brendan’s first overseas trip and the couple shared many happy family photos on social media.

In addition to spending quality family time together, Myolie and Philip also splurged on their accommodations and experiences during their vacation. The couple shared photos of their stay at the newly-established The Muraka villa, which is the world’s first underwater hotel. The establishment just opened for business this month, making the Lee family one of the first residents to enjoy its world-class amenities and breath-taking views. Each night is estimated to cost approximately $50,000 USD (or $400,000 HKD).

Sharing photos of their memorable stay, Philip wrote, “The Muraka – the first underwater villa of its type in the world. Just opened in Nov 18, we were blessed to be the first family to stay there during our Maldives trip. Where do we begin? How do you describe living in a room which has allows you a wondrous peek into a world where we don’t naturally belong? Whatever I say won’t do it justice, so let’s just say the entire stay was a real pleasure. The property itself was a stand out modern design, the furniture and equipment was of the highest quality (the kitchen was entirely professional standard), the service was attentive yet unfussy, and the signature Muraka room, well it just completely takes your breath away. Brendan was oblivious to how lucky he was to be the first baby to ever stay there, but he spent plenty of time staring and pointing at the many different types of colorful fish that swam by. And Mrs. Lee, like me, is fascinated by marine life – so what a surreal but lovely birthday treat it was to sleep, shower, and sh*t right in front of fish.”

The last time Myolie and Philip were in Maldives was in May of last year. During their trip, the couple did a photoshoot and happily announced their pregnancy with Brendan. Myolie has always been open about the couple’s desire to have more children, and her vacation photos showed a thickened waist, prompting fans to wonder if baby #2 is on the way. Could the couple be making this a tradition and take the opportunity to announce their second pregnancy as well?


Source: HK01

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  1. This sounds like a very extravagant vacation! $50,000 USD per night! Myolie and Philip must be doing very well financially…. or is their trip sponsored?

  2. That’s nuts for a hotel. Underwater I don’t know about that what if there’s a shark somewhere hiding that would be scary.

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