Myolie Wu Unhappy with Mother-In-Law?

Tabloids are speculating that Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and her mother-in-law are not getting along.

According to the rumor, Myolie’s relationship with her mother-in-law turned awkward after her son, Brendan Lee (李奕霆), was born last October. Myolie’s mother-in-law, who permanently lives in England, returned to Hong Kong for the purpose of visiting Myolie and Brendan, but she hasn’t been showing signs of wanting to return home.

“It’s become a privacy issue,” said a source. “After all, seeing each other and living with each other are completely different things. Even when the couple would go visit their mother in England, they stayed at a hotel. They never had to live with each other.”

The source added that because Myolie is filial, she hasn’t said anything yet. However, Myolie finds the lack of privacy stifling. She and her mother-in-law would also often get into disagreements. “When it comes to things like cooking meals, the elder wants to do it all on her own, and she’s also not really into Myolie’s suggestions. The biggest difference is on how they want to raise Brendan. Myolie knows her mother-in-law loves them all dearly, but it has become a stressful environment for her. Myolie wasn’t allowed to drink things cold, she nagged Myolie about the food she was eating, it was just all really stressful…”

Reportedly Myolie and her mother-in-law reached more disagreements when it came to hosting Brendan’s hundred day banquet, but Myolie managed to convince her husband, Philip Lee (李乘德), that she should be the one solely responsible for managing the event. “Of course, Myolie invited all [walled village] relatives,” claimed the source.


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  1. Come on Myolie, listen to the elderly. If she argues with her mother in law because of small things like what to eat and what’s not to do as a new mom, that’s dumb. These are the most experienced people I want to learn from. Take the good advices and get over your arrogant self. According to the article, she sounds like a teenager who is not happy being told what’s not good for her and throwing tantrum. An almost 40 years old woman should be more mature and understanding than that. These rich and spoiled people.

    1. Mother in law should leave myolie alone. Unless she is a terribly negligent mother or an absolutely horrible lazy wife, let her be. Different generation.

    2. @kaykay408 I don’t think she was arrogant, just because she didn’t agree with her mother in law. Different generations will have different opinions on raising a child. Older generations are hard to please and thus can be conservative and traditional.

    3. @kaykay408

      I totally disagree :/ we don’t live in the ancient time anymore where you absolutely have to listen to everything your MIL says. My situation is very similar so if the news is true then I sympathize with Myolie. She is a very strong, independent and modern woman, I’m sure she knows how to take care of herself and the baby. What I really don’t like about the the older generation (from the people I know only) is that they think since they’re older they know everything. That might be true in term so taking care of the baby but they’re also superstitious, don’t believe in modern medicine, want to apply ancient disproved methods on the baby. If that’s the case I’d rather trust the pediatrician than the MIL.

    4. @kaykay408 Disagree. How does she sound like a teenager? If you are 40 something, you’re a full grown adult. You do not want to listen to others telling you what to do. Older people are not always more experienced or smarter. We need to stand up for ourselves. Brendan is her child. She is free to raise him how he wants. She CAN listen to her MIL for input, but she does not have to in order to be a good mother.

      That has nothing to do with being rich or spoiled.

    5. @kaykay408 She most definitely does not sound immature and throwing a tantrum. I think your values are too old in that you expect the meek and abiding daughter in law to respect an old persons wishes indiscriminately.
      Everyone has their own ways they want to live their life, you can take good advice, but you most certainly do not need to listen just because someone is older than you.

    6. @kaykay408 I have to disagree. We are at a different generation now and things are different. I myself have 2 kids (they are older now), and when they were babies, I hated having my parents and grandparents tell me how to raise baby and what worked for them, doesnt work for me. I am my kids mother so therefore I need to do things my way and they need to respect that. Myolie is definitely not throwing a tantrum or acting childish at all! I actually praise her for wanting to raise and take care of her son herself!

  2. not surprising. i got on really well with my mil before having my kid but became somewhat strained after i had my kid. we’re on good terms now but still have the odd disagreement on how to raise my child.

  3. First, this is speculation or better known as made up by papz.

    Second, because you’re old doesn’t automatically means you know all or know best.

    Third, Myolie is a grown arse woman. Unless what she eats or drinks are truly bad (i.e. alcohol when breastfeed, drugs, so forth), then let her be. Cold drinks, like water, are not bad for your body.

    Fourth, the MIL sounds like she’s overstaying her welcome. Chinese in laws are among one of the picky and harder to please. My parents are like that when it came to my bro’s wife, lol. Sometimes I’m like, mom/dad takes a chill pill. She lived for 40+ years (and sure they have 20+ year on her) I’m sure she knows how to boil an egg by now xD

  4. it looks like her mil is mesmerized by the GRANDSON and doesn’t want to go back to England. if she had returned to HK last Oct and stayed until now, it’s 3 months…we can understand how it feels having our privacy invaded and how we want our kids to be raised.

  5. Just wait til another brother/sister and has a kid and then the mother-in-law will rush off to be with the new baby. It will pass.

    And MIL and IDL will have their arguments. It is just how it is with the friction of having to live with someone unfamiliar and of a different lifestyle. But hopefully the son/husband will help lubricants the friction between the women in his life. I find that for every good in-law relationship, how firm and smoothly the son or the daughter handles the situation is very crucial. You need to show respect to both sides and then both will be happy. If you pick sides, then it will be a disaster.

    I am sure Myolie and her family will be fine. Stuff happens.

    1. @elizabeth yeah I agree. the kids should handle the parents and put their foot down rather than the daughter/son-in-law. if the respective partner won’t go to bat for you, then you can anticipate a very poor in-law relationship.

  6. As a Mom myself with children.. I can tell you that it does get very annoying when my MIL or even my Mom try to tell me how to raise my kids.. Yes they are older.. and yes they do have their good points but it doesn’t mean what they say is always right!!! So I do feel bad for Myolie. As long as her hubby is on her side then all is OK.. but if he doesn’t speak up.. things can get very uncomfortable for her.

  7. if Myolie’s husband doesn’t step in, she is going to suffer…it looks like the grandmother would need to return to England but how will Philip tell his mother to do so? it will be obvious it’s Myolie’s idea.

    1. @janet72 Yes, Philip needs to man up and tell his mom to give them some time and space to raise their child. Yes, grandparents are important, and I’m sure Myolie appreciates her MIL’s input from time to time, but the parents are the primary caregivers for their offspring. My mom was like that with my spouse too and I had to put my foot down on several occasions. She finally got the message when I threatened her with the news that she will not see us or her grandchildren if she does not show respect to my spouse. I have a problem with this woman wanting to totally take over Myolie’s home and kitchen and her duties as a parent.

      The older generation has this belief that everything should be done their way. If a person fails to agree, they are disrespectful and not filial.
      I sympathize with any one here who has been through similar circumstances with their MILS.

  8. I don’t even want to live with parents let alone mil. Feel myolie s pain. The older generation always think the younger knows nothing which I think the reverse is true instead

  9. her grandson…you think she will return to England so easily? looks like she is planning to stay in HK. i pity myolie.

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