Natalie Tong Finds Out About Family Ancestry

To celebrate Lunar New Year, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) gathered for the traditional family dinner with her family and relatives. In exchanging blessings, the 38-year-old actress was complimented for her beautiful looks which were believed to be inherited from her father. Her high nose bridge was said to be the most similar, and Natalie made an interesting discovery about her family history for the first time.

Natalie unexpectedly found out that her grandmother was of Dutch and Indonesian descent, which naturally makes her a mixed Chinese, Dutch and Indonesian descendant. Natalie previously thought she was 100 percent Chinese, and didn’t realize her family came from mixed ethnicity.

It wasn’t until her high nose bridge became the topic of her family conversation that led Natalie to become curious and ask her family, “Why does my father have a high nose bridge when he isn’t even a foreigner?” Her relative answered, “Your grandmother is a mixed Dutch and Indonesian, so that’s why your nose bridge is so high.”

Shocked by this discovery, Natalie excitedly posted a side profile image on her Instagram to show off her “Dutch” nose and commented that she wishes to do a genealogical DNA test to find out more about her ethnic background.

In the industry for 19 years, Natalie is known for her beautiful looks and high nose bridge. Though she was always suspected for having plastic surgery, the actress never officially made a response. Now, her rhinoplasty rumors are finally put to rest as netizens praised for her good genes.

Source: Ettoday

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Family Relations You Didn’t Know About Between Hong Kong Stars

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  1. Andy Lau has a long nose too does that means he’s mixed also and Tavia oh and Carlos Chan? I have a feeling that Carlos Chan might be mixed because he does seem a little mixed to me.

    1. @cutie777
      i have a friend from nepal, he kinda looks like andy lau, but i don’t think he’s handsome. the type of nose that andy has in like that on indian and nepalese, i am saying the long nose and the square-ish face.

      1. @m0m0 yes I noticed of that too about some India does have a long nose look at Grace Chan? And I forgot to mentioned Linda Chung she could be mixed too since her grandmother is a British? She’s got a long nose too.

  2. it’s interesting that she didn’t know…. pure breed chinese people can have high nose bridge too. in fact some even look like foreigners. as a kid people always thought i am mixed but my half sister has the sterotypical chinese look and so do my children. neither my parents side as far as we know have any non-chinese blood in the family.

      1. @jingxi2943
        you must be a bored b/c you step on everyone’s toes. just trying to point out that having a high nose doesn’t mean non-asian blood.

      2. @m0m0
        Yes and one of my classmates from Taiwan is of Northern Chinese ancestry and has a high nose bridge. But he looks nothing European at all.

      3. @jingxi2943 please remain courteous when replying to other users on our site, otherwise your future comments may be deleted or account banned.

    1. @m0m0
      Have you done your DNA tests? I did mine and got mixed results so I guess they are not always correct but gives you a general idea. Everyone thinks they are 100% this and that but then find out how mixed they are. I have a buddy that clearly looks Eurasian but says she is Asian. But one look at her and you can tell she has European blood.

      Natalie still looks very Asian compared to my friend. I wonder why she desires to have European features so much. There are many Northern Chinese that have high nose bridges and have no European blood.

      Many Chinese and Koreans are very pure blooded. I did not think that was possible but I guess it can be.

  3. I don’t like how this perpetuates the belief that European features are more desirable or that they are not possible in Asian people. Unless we see pictures of her parents, her grandparents, and her great-grandparents, how would we know who she resembles? Even then, many people don’t look like their parents.

    1. @potatochip
      Yeh it’s very embarrassing for us Asians that people like Natalie are showing such desperation to prove that they have western features. What a shame she is….

      1. @jimmyszeto

        I agree and it is sad how so many Asians desire to have European/western features. One of my buddies does as she has European blood but just does not know about it. However, her looks are way too obvious. She looks more mixed than Sonjia Kwok does. Natalie still looks very Asian to me and pure blooded Asians can have a high nose bridge. You do not need to have European blood to have a high nose bridge. But the European nose bridge is different from the high Asian nose bridge.

      2. @hetieshou Yes, we shouldn’t desire another culture’s features. Ours are just as beautiful. I think it stems from colonialism, but we should really move past that now.

      3. @potatochip
        Yes and my great uncle in law was French Italian so my late father had that desire but his made more sense as he was exposed to it more than the average person. But it is all the past now so we should move pass it.

      4. @jimmyszeto There’s an old joke: You’re one in a million!

        That means there are a thousand more of you in China.

        Billions of people in Asia. We come with diverse features. European features aren’t that unique.

  4. Hmm, I’m pretty sure Nat already knew about her Indonesian side, I’ve seen older articles than this saying her grandmother (not sure which side) was Indonesian so I think the revelation here is the Dutch side.

    1. @tvbrama
      She still looks very Asian to me. Now Sonjia Kwok looks mixed since she is but Natalie, not really. Mixed Asian maybe but not European mixed.

  5. My Mom has beautiful nose, high & slim. So does my husband. His nose is every women’s dream. So is that mean my Mom & my husband are mixed???? Hahaha. I doubt it. They’re 100% Vietnamese as far as I know. My sister also has the nose similar to Natalie. High but a little big. But I can guarantee we’re Vietnamese. Myself, I have fair skin & freckles but my nose is just average for Asian. Ppl kept asking me if I’m mixed. If I have my Mom or my sister’s nose, I would definitely look mixed.

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