Niki Chow Returns to Hong Kong to Have a Body Check Up

The day before yesterday, Niki Chow (周麗淇) left the Himalayan mountains to fly back to New Delhi, India. Since she changed to a night flight back to Hong Kong, Niki rarely had half a day’s time to herself in New Delhi. Thus, she went to the town’s mini version of Taj Mahal to tour around.

Due to the earlier disconnection of her cell phone’s internet access in the mountains, upon reaching New Delhi and turning on her cellphone, Niki was stunned to see so many text messages pouring in to console her about her altitude sickness. Shocked, Niki immediately reported that she was safe and sound to everyone. Currently, Niki already felt alright. Since she had contracted pneumonia before, Niki will go for a full body check up and nurse her health.

This charitable trip was a deep experience for Niki hence she wished to continue to visit even more countries and understand the various cultures of the other countries in the world. Previously Niki had watched the special program by Ivan Ho (何守信) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) when they went to Africa on behalf of TVB. Niki hoped to have the opportunity to shoot such a program which carried a special meaning.
Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. this is news because? i expect Jayne to report something more impacting or news worthy…

    1. @Darren:

      Nothing to do with Jayne, I was the one who translated it. I thought it would be good to have a balance of news worthy and not so news worthy stuff. You mean you would like to read about Moses and Aimee news all day long? And it’s very hard to gauge what is news worthy and what’s not, at the end of the day, I think most people would be more interested in reading light-heartened entertainment news in general, no? If you feel that the title bores you then by all means, please don’t read that particular article and kindly read other interesting articles in Jaynestars instead. Sometimes, it’s beyond our control if it’s a slow news day and we don’t have much to translate, we can’t just create something out of nothing, hope you can understand 🙂

    2. How to define which news is worthy and which news isn’t?

    3. @Darren: I’ve seen worse news articles.
      At least this article is better than those ones like ‘Moses holding a stick’ or ‘Linda Chung getting HK Citizenship’ … blah

      1. and even the previous article ‘Fala returns to hometown’…. yeh this one’s a tad more interesting.

      2. @lara:

        Unfortunately, both articles that you mentioned were translated by yours truly! Lol! -_-“

      3. hehe sorry Ah K…u know i wasn’t directing it at you =) hahah .. its just the original content I was referring to. i hope you know what i mean!! =P

      4. @lara:

        LOL! Don’t worry lahs, I know you don’t mean it that way, you know me, I’m just kidding lahs! 😀

    4. @Darren @Lara @Ah K
      Not everyday we have large scandals or deep provoking interviews to report. Ah K’s news is usually light-hearted in nature and reflects her sunshine personality. 🙂 She has done a wonderful job in providing news on a wide range of artists, which fits our motto of a little bit for everyone. She works very hard for the site and translation is a long and tedious task.

      Ah K, thanks for everything!

      1. @ Jayne and Ah K: My girls, still have a lot of tabloids waiting for you :P. But sometimes shock news all the time will be boring. To have some boring news to make the balance is not bad at all.

        Some ppl are bored too much.

      2. @Jayne:

        Wow, am I really as good as what you depict me out to be lol! Haha thank you for your flattery, you truly praise me up to the skies and make me sound like superwoman manx lol but I’m only a normal girl lahs lol!

        There’s only so much I can do without a good and efficient editor like you, @Jayne! And thank you to everyone including @Fox & @lara for being so understanding and receptive towards my humble work as a newbie translator so far! Constructive comments are always welcome to help me improve further! 😀

      3. Ah K,
        You are truly one of the sunshine girls on! Keep up the wonderful work! I’m an old soul, have always been this way. 🙂 Hehe but you help people see humor in situations. Bless your positive, upbeat personality. The world needs more positive energy like yours!

      4. @Jayne:

        Well, what can I say? I’m walking on sunshine manx lmao! No lahs, I have my dark moments too, I’m only human! Oohs anyway, I have replied your email Jayne heehee, provided some likely holiday destinations too lol! Hope you don’t fall asleep reading my list of recommended destinations! ;D

  2. This is interesting isn’t it? Just because you’re slim doesn’t mean you’re fit. Luckily she didn’t die or anything.

    I do think this is news worthy.

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