No Gifts for Moses Chan’s Kids on Lunar New Year

Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) 2-year-old daughter Camilla is a special one. The youngest sister of two older brothers, Camilla is the baby of the family, and the center of attention.

Hong Kong’s current winter flu season is among the deadliest in recent years. Many kindergarten schools had to close for the week due to sick students. When Moses and Aimee were spotted out in the streets with Camilla last weekend, the family of three were all seen wearing face masks.

It was a relatively chill day in Central, but not nearly cold enough to warrant thick jackets. Moses wore T-shirt and shorts, while Camilla wore a tank top. As they were waiting to cross a red light, Moses spotted paparazzi across the street. He said a few things to Aimee and pointed in the paparazzi’s direction. Aimee looked and smile. She also told Camilla to wave at the reporters in greeting.

That evening, the three of them were seen in West Kowloon at a shopping mall. While Aimee was off at another store with Camilla, Moses was seen picking up a few quick eats at the supermarket—some sushi and sandwiches. Reporters approached Moses and asked if he plans on going overseas for the Lunar New Year holidays, to which he shared, “We will be staying in Hong Kong with the kids.” Asking if he has gifts prepared for the kids, he said, “They have plenty of gifts already. I don’t want them to get too materialistic.”


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