Nomination List for 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards

The annual TVB Anniversary Awards was a high profile event, in which the various awards recognize the talent and efforts of artists and production team for their efforts over the last year. The 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards will be held on December 5th at 8:30 PM.  Direct satellite broadcast will take place in Australia, New Zealand and other locations. The residents in Hong Kong may cast a vote in the 13 award categories.

Below are the nominees for the major categories of the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards:

Best Actor:
Chilam Cheng (The Rippling Blosssom)
Stephen Au (Be Home for Dinner)
Moses Chan (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
Roger Kwok (Wax and Wane)
Ron Ng (Wax and Wane)
Ruco Chan (The Other Truth)
Steven Ma (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
Kenneth Ma (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)
Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)
Bobby Au Yeung (Men With No Shadows)
Raymond Lam (Men With No Shadows)
Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3)
Sunny Chan (Curse of the Royal Harem)

Best Actress:
Liza Wang (Home Troopers)
Tavia Yeung (The Rippling Blossom)
Louise Lee (Only You)
Yoyo Mung (Only You)
Crystal Tin (Be Home for Dinner)
Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Charmaine Sheh (My Sister of Eternal Flower)
Selena Li (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)
Kate Tsui (Lives of Omission)
Nancy Sit (River of Wine)
Elena Kong (River of Wine)
Maggie Cheung (Forensic Heroes 3)
Jessica Hsuan (Curse of the Royal Harem)
Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)

Favorite Male Character:
Chilam Cheng (The Rippling Blosssom)
Stephen Au (Be Home for Dinner)
Jason Chan (Be Home for Dinner)
Moses Chan (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
Ruco Chan (The Other Truth)
Raymond Wong (The Other Truth)
Steven Ma (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)
Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)
MC Jin (Super Snoops)
Wong Cho Lam (Super Snoops)
Louis Yuen (Super Snoops)
Johnson Li (Super Snoops)
Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3)

Favorite Female Character:
Sonija Kwok (7 Days in Life)
Yoyo Mung (Only You)
Louise Lee (Only You)
Liu Xuan (Grace Under Fire)
Crystal Tin (Be Home for Dinner)
Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice)
Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)
Toby Leung (Wax and Wane)
Tavia Yeung (The Other Truth)
Fala Chen (Lives of Omission)
Kate Tsui (Lives of Omission)
Liza Wang (Super Snoops)
Maggie Cheung (Forensic Heroes 3)
Aimee Chan (Forensic Heroes 3)

Best Supporting Actor:
Kenny Wong (Links to Temptation)
Cheung Chi Kong (A Great Way to Care)
Patrick Tang (7 Days in Life)
Elliot Ngoc (Grace Under Fire)
Matt Yeung (Be Home for Dinner)
Law Lok Lam (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Sam Lee (Ghetto Justice)
Jazz Lam (Ghetto Justice)
Lee Sing Cheung (The Other Truth)
Cheung Kwok Keung (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
Derek Kwok (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
Ben Wong (Lives of Omission)
Pierre Ngo (River of Wine)
Power Chan (An Uninvited Date)
Lee Kwok Lun (Forensic Heroes 3)

Best Supporting Actress:
Vivien Yeo (A Great Way to Care)
Lam Yi Kei (Be Home for Dinner)
Queenie Chu (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)
Joyce Tang (Ghetto Justice)
Mannor Chan (Wax and Wane)
Florence Kwok (Wax and Wane)
Aimee Chan (The Other Truth)
Natalie Tong (The Other Truth)
Helen Ma (The Other Truth)
Ching Hor Wai (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
Elena Kong (Lives of Omission)
Sire Ma (River of Wine)
Nancy Wu (Forensic Heroes 3)
Gigi Wong (Curse of the Royal Harem)

Most Improved Actor:
Jazz Lam (My Sister of Eternal Flower, Ghetto Justice, River of Wine, Ghetto a la Spice, Neighborhood Gourmet)
King Kong (Gourmet Neighborhood, Super Snoops)
Jason Chan (Only You, Home, Home for Dinner, Dropping by Cloud Nine )
Matt Yeung (Only You, My Sister of Eternal Flower, The Other Truth, Home for Dinner)
MC Jin (Big Boys Club, Show Me the Happy, Stairway to Dragon, Yes Sir Sorry Sir, Lives of Omission, Top Eats)

Most Improved Actress:
Samantha Ko (Eat This Way, After Hours, Admirals Feast, Forensic Heroes 3)
Sire Ma (Eat This Way, Relic of an Emissary, River of Wine, An Uninvited Date, Curse of the Royal Harem)
Mandy Wong (The Scoop, Home Troopers, Ghetto Justice, Lives of Omission, An Uninvited Date)
Cilla Lok (Yes Sir Sorry Sir, River of Wine, Forensic Heroes 3)
Katy Kung (7 Days in Life, Ghetto Justice, Home for Dinner, The Life and Times of a Sentinel)

Best Series:

Show Me the Happy
Twilight Investigation
Links to Temptation
Home Troopers
A Great Way to Care
7 Days in Life
The Rippling Blossom
Only You
Grace Under Fire
Relic of an Emissary
Home for Dinner
Yes Sir, Sorry Sir
My Sister of Eternal Flower
Ghetto Justice
Wax and Wane
The Other Truth
The Life and Times of a Sentinel
Lives of Omission
River of Wine
An Uninvited Date
Super Snoops
Admirals Feast
Till Love Do Us Lie
Forensic Heroes 3


Jayne: I guess the most surprising was that Ruco was not nominated for Most Improved Actor. Michael Tse and Kevin Cheng are widely speculated to be the hot favorites to win the Best Actor Award. However, when Kevin won Best Actor in 2006 for “Under the Canopy of Love,” he was the dark horse that surprised everyone.

Will Ruco have a shot in winning the Best Actor Award this year, if TVB decides to promote Ruco in the same manner as they did to Kevin in 2006 by giving him the top prize? It really depends on how valuable TVB sees Ruco, Michael Tse, and Kevin Cheng respectively in 2012.

Jazz Lam may have the edge in winning the Most Improved Actor Award. The next closest contender would be Mc Jin. I just watched several of MC Jin’s rap battles and impressed by his quick thinking on his feet and sense of humor. He’s a very entertaining personality, but also very well grounded.

For Most Improved Actress, I think Sire Ma will win the award. I don’t understand how Samantha Ko can be nominated if the majority of her experience has been hosting food programs.

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  1. Myolie is really getting stunning lately..I think besides Kate, Myolie is the next artist who has this “S” curve.

    I think besides Myolie and Kate, Fala and Linda also have nice curvy body except for Sharon Chan..

    Sharon got the height but she’s too skinny in those important areas.

    1. Fala and Kate has a nice body.
      Linda Chung has an athletic body.. man, those shoulders!
      Myolie’s… ok.

  2. Why Ruco not in Most Improved? Because they want him straight in Best Actor and my guess is he may just win. I see Kenneth and Ruco everyday on TV telling me to vote. Every day. Every CM break. Vote they say.

    My prediction based on nothing but hunches since when has quality ever matter in TVB? If the person wins gave quality performance, that is icing on the cake.

    Best Actor aka Who TVB thinks they want to win as in most popular:
    I want : Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
    Should win : Roger Kwok (Wax and Wane)
    Will win : Ruco Chan (The Other Truth)
    2nd possibility: Michael Tse (Lives of Omission)
    Please not : Raymond Lam (Men With No Shadows)

    Best Actress aka Who TVB thinks they want to win as in most popular:
    Liza Wang (Home Troopers)- what series?
    I want : not nominated for that role that is Linda for River of Wine
    Should win : Linda for River of Wine
    Will win : not sure. Tavia, Myolie
    Please not : The rest, especially Nancy Sit. She is the WORST!

    My Favorite Male Character:
    How many can choose?? Don’t care!

    My Favorite Female Character:

    Don;t care also.

    Best Supporting Actor (wow, sounds more and more like an award show except it is more show than award):
    I want Jazz Lam. Pierre Ngo deserves the win. He was excellent within limitations of the role. Will win is probably Jazz. It shows Stephen Chan had taste.

    Best Supporting Actress:
    Probably Sharon Chan will win. Would be nice for a veteran to win like Florence Kwok. Sire Ma was ok in river of win for most improved but for best supporting? Should be Elena Kong in River of Wine but strangely she is not considered supporting.

    Gigi Wong? Miscast.

    Most Improved Actor:
    Jazz Lam (

    No doubt but then how can anyone insult him with most improved when he was fantastic in King of Comedy? Straight give him Best supporting.

    Most Improved Actress:
    Don;t know any of them but Sire Ma and she improved.

    Best Series:

    Can I say none? But my heart goes to Ghetto Justice which I didn;t watch but the themesong was refreshing and when the themesong is refreshing, it is a good sign.

    River of Wine was good but to me not the best.


    2. Interesting… Funn wants Kevin to win for GJ even though she hasn’t watched it. Haha… guess there’s no denying she’s joined the fan club now.

      1. Not a fan but why everyone is so surprised I choose Kevin? I always said he is TVB’s handsomest actor, but that’s looks. I have no idea about Ruco and frankly the rest… I really like what I saw in GJ, the little of it so I suppose that’s why I said Kevin. It is probably one of the few series I think I am eager to watch.

      2. GJ is a good series except the fact that its cases are copied from another series Partners. I just dun understand why ppl dun make a big deal about this copy. It’s too obvious, from the concept to the actions of actors. Compare it to the “copy scandal” of MWNS, I don’t understand why MWNS is accused of copy but not GJ.

    3. So glad Ruco Chan is not in the Most Improved category… after 17yrs in the industry, (as someone had pointed out) that would be an insult, no?? Good for him that he’s nominated for Best Actor – he lured a lot of ratings for his role in TOT so why not?

      1. cont’d.
        Having said that, Ruco Chan should not win for Best Actor (yet)… but it’s ‘nice just to be nominated’… and he definitely deserves it from TOT.


  3. Hosting a food program can be considered acting no? It’s kinda hard to make a distinction between acting and beeing yourself. most of the time TVB artist are just beeing themselves.

    Missing Raymond Wong in best actor category.

    1. Hosting food program should be best host. Not acting. If not Nigella Lawson would have been voted for Best Actress in Emmy awards for the sex she puts into the meal she is cooking.

      1. hehe, techically speaking you are right. it seems she is in FH3 so she is qualified.

      2. the first thing I first saw her on tv was her gigiantic boobs lol.

        And I could understand why she has such a big’s becuz she always eat after midnight LOL (the scene which shows her eating after midnight, is usually the last scene of the show)

      3. Well, amigo won the award a few yrs ago when Stephen Chan reigned mighty. Not sure if the award was called most improved actor or male artist.

      4. not true, eating after midtnight just before you sleep will only make you fat, hehe

        if it were true then noone else will do silicon implants anymore…

    2. Are you talking about MC Jin?

      Well, Amigo Chiu won ‘Most Improved’ last time and he didn’t even act in 1 series. All he did was host. MC Jin at least got LOO.

    3. Ok, I see now that you are probably talking about Samantha Ko not MC Jin. What character did she play in FH3? I don’t remember her at all.

    4. Raymond Wong dont have much to do in TOT. The star is Ruco. Tavia also dont get nomonated for TOT

  4. Fox’s list:

    Best Actor aka Who TVB thinks they want to win as in most popular:
    I want : LF
    Should win : LF
    Will win : Whoever I don’t care
    2nd possibility: Whoever I don’t care
    Please not : Anyone else

    Reason: Will be very funny!

    If not then let Ruco Chan win. Maybe we can see the Kevin Cheng 2006 incident again and who is truly TVB’s biological son.

    Best Actress aka Who TVB thinks they want to win as in most popular:
    I want : Myolie
    Should win : Myolie
    Will win : Myolie
    2nd possibility: I don’t know
    Please not : The rest

    Reason: I want Myolie to win, especially this year.

    My Favorite Male Character:
    I want : Whoever I don’t care
    Should win : Whoever I don’t care
    Will win : Whoever I don’t care
    2nd possibility: Whoever I don’t care
    Please not : Whoever I don’t care

    My Favorite Female Character:
    I want : Whoever I don’t care
    Should win : Whoever I don’t care
    Will win : Linda
    2nd possibility: Whoever I don’t care
    Please not : Whoever I don’t care

    Reason: Too obvious that Linda will win. Deserve or not, not a matter. Her role Miss Koo shined. But ROW? I finish it and Country’s spirit is even better. SS? Watching it and Linda improved much.

    Most Improved – Male
    I want : Matt or King Kong
    Should win : MC Jin
    Will win : MC Jin
    2nd possibility: Jazz
    Please not : Nobody

    I want Oscar to be nominated and win, but no him, then ok. MC Jin is also good.

    Most Improved – Female
    I want : Sire or Mandy
    Should win : Sire or Mandy
    Will win : Sire or Mandy
    2nd possibility: Sire or Mandy
    Please not : Nobody

    Reason: The race is Sire and Mandy’s. Without any doubt.

    Supporting – Male
    I want : Derek and Oscar
    Should win : Derek
    Will win : Ben Wong
    2nd possibility: …
    Please not : ….

    Reason: I want Derek or Oscar to win because I think they have very good acting, this year.

    Supporting – Female
    Don’t know for all but maybe Sharon or Nancy will win. Not a matter to me.

    Best series?
    Must be the TVB internal war. Not being nominated? Ok, let’s say none or I don’t care.

    1. I think Sire has higher chance to win the most improved female artist than Mandy…my instinct lol.

      1. I like Mandy more, but like you, my instinct tells me that Sire has a higher chance. She’s actually pretty cute in Curse and the costume look suits her well. There was a scene where she had to act out some show, which I thought was a bit of a challenge, but she performed well. I think she just needs more working on expressing her emotions naturally.

      2. Yes, I think Sire has a higher chance. Sire improved a lot and she is quite natural to a newbie. Mandy is the person I like more but Sire also grows on me. Then either win, I’m ok.

    2. Jaynes comment might be true. Ruco being upgraded to Best Actor nominee is hinting that he might be TVB emperor this year? Dark horse will overthrow Kevin and Michael who are hot nominees for the position? as well as younger hot contender Bosco and Raymond and 2 times winner Wayne?

      Given that Ruco just signed a long contract with TVB his chance isnt low

      1. if ruco wins the best actor this year..I think SM will prolly say %^&%&T&* to t-vb for getting nothing after all this years.. (Joking!)

      2. Not only SM but many more ppl. “*#&^(&&%*#& just come back and have award? Then I’ll go out of TVB and come back later to have an award!”

      3. Ruco is contracted and has more fans after TOT. Steven Ma less fans and want to end contract. Its a fair game

      4. SM: i don’t care anymore my heart is like pure water in the river besides among the contenders Ruco is obviously the best.

      5. Compare fanbase of Ruco and SM, I doubt that SM has less than Ruco.

        And I doubt that SM thinks Ruco is the best, lol. The one that he really thinks as the best is he himself. Everyone the same.

      6. If the audience and fans support Ruco to win Steven and the others cant do anything

      7. Of course, it’s the policy of TVB to let Ruco to win, SM and others can’t do anything. However, Kevin will say to Ruco with a lot of emo: “Brother, I faced. I’ll tell you one thing: Don’t go out and act in a movie with Ah Sa and Leo Koo because it won’t help. Go to China ASAP because it’s a better way.”

        Then the one who will be truly happy for Ruco’s victory is Ricky Wong. He won’t need to spam email and SMS anymore because many ppl are willing to go out.

      8. Nope Fox. Raymond thinks Wayne. Bosco thinks Wayne and Michael. M. Miu thinks Michael tse. Kate thinks Myolie.

      9. They say they think, but in their heart? Lol. Nobody is better than meeeeeeeeeeee~

      10. Sure everyone thinks they are the best, however SM is fully aware of that he won’t win anything as he will leave the ship very soon 🙂

        What is Ron doing in the best actor category alongside with Moses?

        Both should be in the category “worst performance”

        Sister fa in best actress, hahaha…

      11. I also don’t agree if Ruco win Best Actor or Most Improved because if it only his performance in TOT while others has been perform good in many of participation in many series and not JUST ONLY ONE!!!

      12. Ruco best performance in 2011. you can’t compared to other time periods.

        if you do that if will be like best actor i the tvb history then just give it to tony leung already and the rest can go home…

      13. I guess she means all the roles Ruco acts in 2011 and not ToT only. Look like he dun make anything big or special in FH3.

      14. LOL, that’s bc he can be considered a big KLF in FH3 where he is not given a chance to shine.

        even two-time winner wayne played major KLF roles for decades where noone cared about him.

        other actors like Ron are given plenty of chances due of the girls but are not able to act.

      15. If he is KLF in FH3, then I doubt that I’m watching wrong series.

      16. I agree with Exoidus, It’s an award for best actor, not best actor who’s in the most series this year.

      17. im not watching it so perhaps he is not a big KLF.

        in my book the best single performance should win and not use weighted average.

        if you have watched TOT you would’ve known what im talking abt, yet you prefer watching sister fa, 😛

      18. It’s Raylan’s opinion and she can think different to you. Not a big deal.

        If you are not watching FH3 then I advice you not to watch because your beloved Ruco is kinda utmost normal in this one.

        Sienz, the way you guys are convincing me to watch ToT make me not want to watch it than whenever. And even if I watch it, I’ll watch it with a very high expectation. If Ruco Chan can’t do as good as you guys claim, I guess I’ll start to criticize his acting much much. Then the safe way is: Not watch.

      19. Then kay, exoidus, others please don’t say that Myolie or anyone else is not deserved to win because she/he do well in all but not very well in one. Because she/he only needs to do good in just one to win.

      20. Maybe you can say that I’m more focus in whether Ruco get Most Improved because you need more than one good performance in only one series

      21. What if Ruco wins TVB Best Actor award?
        Will he thank ATV release him? 😀

        Will it cause a Backlash???

    3. Linda Chung will win SOMETHING (likely Favourite Actress) because she is one of TVB’s favourites. PERIOD.

    4. Sorry to say myolie doesn’t deserves to win. I watched the curse of royal harem and think that jessica’s far better than her. I wonder why so many people over praise her. If u compare her to tavia, jessica and maggie…surely she doesn’t deserve to win… Even linda’s better than her

  5. My favorite actor right now is Ruco but his chance of wining is very slim. I like Ruco but I want Kevin to win for best actor. I mean he was great in GJ. I think he shine in this kind of role instead of the all so serious one. Also Kevin is one of the few actors that can do comedy and we know how hard that is. I rather see do comedy over Moses any day.

      1. I know, and he’s in so many up and coming dramas. Do anybody else get annoy of TVB pairing the same couple over and over again just because they have some success in previous drama like Moses and Charmaine. I mean Charmaine barely do any drama anymore for TVB, couldn’t they at least pair up with someone different.

  6. For me…
    Best Actor:
    Who i want:
    Either Kevin or Ruco

    Who i dont want to win: Wayne

    Who it will go to:
    Either Kevin or Micheal… or Wayne
    Reason: Kevin’s LA Law… wow certainly different! TVB series this year has not been great to say the least but me not being a Kevin fan (never hated him either) he had me smiling, awwr-ing and crying. Ruco, man i think he was the anchor of TOT Tavia being the ‘fa dan’ seriously whether she was there or not the show would have been great either way cos of him. The way he carried himself as a lawyer WOW – Keith/Ruco should have a spin off Just saying and ive been watching old TVB dramas and noticed he had a few minor roles! it shows his diverse acting eg The Threshold of Persona – good turned villain and Every Move You Make – killer!
    And why i dont want Wayne to win… i like him he was great in No regrets and the 1st one i cant think of the name right now lol but but seriously i only watch FH3 for the cases the main characters life/love life i have no interest in

    Best Actress:
    Who i want to win: Selina or Myolie
    TBH no female actress has had a WOW moment for me so im basing this on whos acting ive liked over the years

    who i dont want to win: Liza wang
    Man… i find her annoying the “three gods” at the beginning were awesome but then they collabed with Liza – TVB trying to have her ride on their fame (shes not popular with the younger gens)
    Kate Tsui. Her face has been everywhere this year and not one of her roles were appealing to me and her expressions are always the same no matter for what roles

    who will win:
    Either Fala, Kate, Tavia or Myolie wish a veteran would win this but we know TVB i guess this will determine whos the next Yut jie?

    Favorite Male Character:
    Who i want to win:
    Ruco, Kevin, MC Jin
    Who i dont want to win:
    everyone else
    Who will win:
    I feel like if Ruco doesnt win Best actor Kevin should win this and if Kevin doesnt win Best actor he should win this lol but im hoping for a draw in best actor so MC Jin can win this =P

    Favorite Female Character:
    I dont have a fav so yeah dont really care

    Best Supporting Actor:
    Who i want to win:
    Sam Lee (Ghetto Justice)
    Jazz Lam (Ghetto Justice)
    who will win:
    Sam Lee (Ghetto Justice)
    Jazz Lam (Ghetto Justice)
    Ben Wong (Lives of Omission)

    Best Supporting Actress:
    Who i want to win:
    Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)
    Joyce Tang (Ghetto Justice)
    Sire Ma (River of Wine)
    Nancy as well but not for her role in FH maybe COTRH
    who i dont want to win:
    Aimee. Why the heck is she nominated for TOT? she was like an extra wtf??
    who will win:
    Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)
    Sire Ma (River of Wine)

    Most Improved Actor:
    Who i want:
    Jazz Lam
    King Kong
    Jason Chan
    MC Jin
    Who i dont want: …
    Who will win: MC Jin

    Most Improved Actress:
    Who i want+ who it will go to:
    Sire Ma
    Mandy Wong

    Best Series:
    i want: Ghetto justice
    i dont want: …
    will win:
    Ghetto Justice – Should win IMO
    Lives of Omission – If they want to put hype in the laughing franchise this will win
    Forensic Heroes 3 – cos of the wayne hype. Im sorry but if Frankie and Bobby couldnt win an award for this show then it shouldnt win for series 3 because the new main cast is boring

    wow this was fun LOL sorry for long post and if you got offended (i dont think anyone should?) remember – its my opinion =)

  7. Many of u may not see this but I think bosco should win. Judging from the character he portrayed in grace under fire and lives in omission, clearly that his acting calibre is very versatile. It is a pity if this whole award thing is tvb’s political tool

  8. My prediction:

    Best Actor: Kevin
    Best Actress: Moylie
    My Fav Male Charac : Michael Tse
    My Fav Female Charac: Linda
    Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong
    Best Supporting Actress: Nancy

    My pick:
    Best Actor: Kevin (Kevin acting in this drama was outstanding and refreshing. He is the very few leading actor that can do comedy in TVB)

    Best Actress: Moylie (I don’t think the actress really stand out his year, but if i have to choose, Moylie has improve a lot.

    My Fav Male Charac : Ruco chan (I want to see Ruco try his hand in comedy)

    My Fav Female Charac: Linda

    Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong( The race for supporting is fierce this year. when you think about it, it’s hard to get notice when ur supporting, given that you have very little screen time and the script is not always so good, and they can’t be picky about the roles given to them. That is why they have to work extra hard to get notice. Now a day i notice some of the supporting actors/actress retain a better acting skills then the lead. Prime example would be Kate and Fala getting overshadow by supporting actresses in every dramas.)

    Best Supporting Actress: Nancy

  9. Prediction

    actor-Mike tse
    supporting actor-ben wong
    supporting actress-nancy wu
    Fav character-kevin &linda

    Dark horses

    supporting actress-sharon
    supporting actor-nobody nobody but ben wong
    fav character-kevin&linda/myolie


    best actor-bosco wong
    actress-fala chen
    supporting actor-ben wong
    supporting actress-nancy wu
    fav character-kevin&myolie

    HONESTLY,i don think my fav tv king &queen will win since they are juniors compared to other “seniors”

    in short,i guess tv king battle is between mike&kev queen is between myolie &fala..who knows the end result will be unexpected!!!
    actually,tvb awards(king&queen) take into acc of many things such as who do they want to promote?which one they can make use of?Character-wise too is not only about acting ,they hv to consider many things

    1. agree!!bosco is better than laughing!!mike is too arrogant these days

  10. honestly i think this year competition is quite fierce,this year’s results are quite hard to guess compared to last few years n i really hope mike tse wont win and wayne!!kevin is undeserving in 2006 but is deserving this year..i guess he shud win 2011 best actor best actress:no 1 is truly deserving but i guess the best among them is fala..

  11. Please dun let myolie win this year. How she can win when jessica’s better than her in TCORH. And for the best actor I hope micheal will win.

    1. None of the females are any outstanding this year includingFala and Myolie. Myolie back to OTT acting in CORH. Fala the weakest madam in TVB

      1. TVB press conference: “due to too many unqualified contenders this year TVB have decided to cancel the award ceremony this year, however the show must go on as we still need all the money we can get”

  12. Fala? Huhu Kidding me? Huhu, the truth’s Myolie and Linda did very well this year… As for men, Bosco deserved to win but its impossible…

  13. Best actors: Micheal Tse
    Deserved: Bosco Wong

    Best actress: Myolie
    Deserved: Linda

    Fave Male: Kevin
    Deserved: Micheal Tse

    Fave Female: Linda
    Deserved: Linda

    Most Improved: Nancy

  14. tvbfavs

    character-linda & kev


    actress-jessica hsuan

  15. As for me, personally I would choose Maggie or Jessica for best actress and Bosco or Micheal for best actors. Fave Char. Should belongs to Linda and Kevin. Most improved…give it to Sire or Nancy


    1. Actually the best actress nominees are weak this year, but I find nominees for best actors more interesting this year than last year. A lot of new faces and different style of acting, very refreshing.

      1. Me copy from exoidus ROFL

        TVB: “due to weak actresses this year we decided to cancel the Best Actress award and change it to Luckiest Actress because Everyone is Bad this year award”

      2. @ Exoidus & Vivien,
        You’re so funny, and I completely agree with you on this one, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    1. Yeahh even though linda’s not good enough to win but she’s better than others.

  17. I don’t have any favourites this year but I strongly do not want Charmaine, Kate, Linda or Fala to win for Best Actress. The latter 3 deserve supporting roles ONLY.

    Best Actor – anyone BUT Lam Fung!!

    Linda Chung is so overrated, over promoted and over everything… she will win Favourite Character because TVB WILL give her SOMETHING to take home.

    FH3 will not and should not win for anything.

    1. Actually, I forgot about Nancy Wu… yes, she deserves Best Supporting. And Ruco Chan for Favourite Character.

      All the others can battle it out for all I care! (ok, I do care a little).

      1. Yeah, loungegirl, same here with me. I like both Nancy and Ruco & they deserve the awards you mentioned. The others can battle it all out themselves. Anyway, I think the likely winners are :
        Best Actor : Michael or Kevin. (Bosco not bad. Hope TVB consider him)
        Best Actress : Myolie or Linda (This year actress are all ok and so-so. Quality quite the same. Jessica and Maggie however not bad but I guess unlikely to win)
        Best Supporting Actor : Ben Wong (He is good and he deserves it)
        Best Supporting Actress : Sharon (Ok if she wins. Hope they will consider Nancy and Elena too)
        Fav Male Character: Ruco (If TVB wants to promote him, they should give him this award instead as too early for Best Actor )
        Other awards, aiyah anybody can win, not too interested to crack my head over them.
        Most Undeserving of Award : Aimee Chan (Hee, Hee, my own award to her)

      2. If I must choose:

        Best Actor: Kevin
        Best Actress: Myolie (for Ghetto Justice)

        I’m half way through GJ… Kevin and Myolie are so much better here than any other dramas I remember them in (a long time). But GJ is not good enough for Best Drama. I don’t think there is a ‘Best’ this year.

    2. Yup linda’s overrated but at least she’s better than Fala and Kate… Both of them r rubish.

    3. Besides the fact that Linda is getting her own spin-off show, I haven’t heard about Linda in a long time. It has all been about Fala and Kate lately. How Fala and Kate or “hot fav’s.” How they are trying to get on the good side of the big bosses. How Fala is going to do so great in her new series with Roger. How she is in so many of the 2012 series. Even in the pic tor TITS 2 her pic is more noticeable than Myolie’s pic.

      1. so you mean roger is in the series with fala just to make her look more veteran or more promoted?

  18. Wow! since the Nomination List for 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards came out, I believe Ruco Chan popularity just increased even more. Hes the main topic in all the discussions. It must be due to the surprise upgraded nominations. :thumbsup Good job TVB! I think this was was their intention all along to hype up the awards show, they know what they’re doing. :tricky:

  19. hey!!

    you guys know what.. foreigners like us can vote on as well.. you just need to sign in for an account with them.. it is simple.. i’ve voted this afternoon.. so go and support your favourite/ most deserving actors and actresses!!

    i gave my vote to ruco.. not because i want him to win this year (there will be great chaos if he ever wins this year… looked at what happened to kevin in 2006) but because i hope he gets to the top 5.. haha!! that’s enough for me!! haha!!

    1. Everytime I vote, it keep telling me the server is busy, OMG I give up!

  20. i think LF didnt really get any breakout roles this year… on the other hand, bosco got some really good roles like LOO allowed him to show his best…

    it would be really awesome if myolie got the award aswell so its like a couple thing… but i have a feeling she wont get it yet.. maybe kate tsui and if not liza wang wuld take it again… just because its wang jeh…

    1. Kate Tsui? I felt that she was more of supporting in LOO. She was 2nd female lead, but her roles were mostly with Bosco. Plus all she did was kiss. I don’t think Kate’s ready yet. Wang jeh may be a dark horse, but her roles weren’t amazing either. Such a fix if she wins

  21. Predictions:

    Best Actor: Michael Tse
    But I want Ruco Chan to win it b/c I think he was so into character; he really given me a lawyer feel.

    Best Actress: Fala Chen
    But I want Linda Chung; the female performance has been a bit dry this year. At 1st I thought it was going to be Myolie for Ghetto Justice but not anymore lol

    My Favourite Actor: Kevin Cheng

    My Favourite Actress: Linda Chung

    Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong
    I have no problem with him winning it b/c he deserves it; Jazz Lam is a close 2nd for me.

    Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan
    Not much good choices here. This is going to be a wild card for me.

    Most Improved Actor: MC Jin
    But I want Jazz Lam to win b/c I think he’s more deserving but MC has more value for the company.

    Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong
    Her acting skills are decent, can’t see anyone winning beside her. Unless they want to promote Cilia but that’s too early.

    Best Series: Lives of Omission
    I like the series don’t get me wrong but I want The Other Truth to win but the chances are 0%

    The quality of TVB series this year has really taken a hit. It lacks originality and I hope 2012 is a better year.

  22. Ok serious time. If based on acting and not consider anything out of acting, from wat I watch this year (to say that I dont watch all series because I quit a lot due to boring reason), I will say I support LF or Kevin to win. To talk about acting, their emotions and actions in series they are in leave impression on me. The way they portrayed their characters make me feel the characters the way the series want to tell. The characters they had this year are all different types to wat they had before and loook like they live with it. Either the portrayal or the inside feel are good.

    Other ppl, first to say about Michael. I always think he is a good actor and he is definetely is one. But in LOO, it’s a simple reapeat of E.U with less layer and a liitle bit overdone. Michael can do better than that and it’s a truism tat the shadow of Laughing make him repeat himself. Wayne, is not suitable for the role. He is a good actor, yes he is. But the role he portrays, it’s not for him. So he acts it not with the whole heart. It lead to the result that Wayne seems to be out of the role.

    I have a habit to look at the eyes of actors when watching them. And I like who can pass themselves and put themselves in the role to be the person they portray. So if the expressions are good but the eyes cant tell the emotions, it’s a failure to me.

    So overall, in my opinion, for the acting I vote for LF and Kevin. It isnt matter if they are not or even be in top 5 because they all won. In LF’s case, as Im more of his fan, I will say he has already won the Asian Emmy one, mean he has enough reputation on acting. It’s time for him to look farer and leave the field in TXB for the fellows. And Kevin, with the new fresh wave in China, he can consider of leaving.

    Yes, TXB field is kinda deserved to lmao~. Leave it to the ones TXB truly love.

    1. I agree with you,only these 2 actors that really deserve to get Best Actor Award based on their performance;LF in MWNS while Kevin in Only You and Ghetto Justice.

  23. My vote:

    Best Actor :
    • Will win: Kevin Cheng – (Ghetto Justice)
    • 2 nd possibility: Michael Tse – (Lives of Omission)
    • Long shot:
    Steven Ma – (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)
    Kenneth Ma – (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)Ruco Chan – (The Other Truth)

    Best Actress : {very tough decision because, they all SUCK!}
    • Will win: Myolie Wu – (Curse of the Royal Haarem), should have been “Ghetto Justice”
    • 2 nd possibility: Tavia Yeung or Linda Chung
    •Long shot: Fala Chen and worst actress Kate Tsui.

    Favorite Male Character :
    • Will win: Ruco Chan – (The Other Truth)
    • 2 nd possibility: Michael Tse – (Lives of Omission)
    • Long shot: Steven Ma – (The Life and Times of a Sentinel)

    Favorite Female Character :
    • Wll win : Linda Chung – (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
    • 2 nd possibility: Fala Chen – (Lives of Omission)
    • Long shot: everyone

    Best Supporting Actor :
    • Will win: Jazz Lam – (Ghetto Justice)
    • 2 nd possibility: MC Jin or Ben Wong – (Lives of Omission)
    • Long shot: Sam Lee – (Ghetto Justice)

    Best Supporting Actress :
    • Will win: Sharon Chan – (Ghetto Justice)
    • 2 nd possibility: Natalie Tong – (The Other Truth)
    • Long shot: everyone

    Most Improved Actor :
    • Will win: MC Jin
    • 2 nd possibility: Jason Chan
    • Long shot: everyone

    Most Improved Actress:
    • Will Win: Mandy Wong
    • 2 nd possibility: Katy Kung
    • Long shot: Sire Ma

    Best Series:
    • Will win: GHETTO JUSTICE … FTW!!!!
    • 2 nd possibility: The Other Truth
    • Long shot: The Life and Times of a Sentinel

    1. But, I have to say…

      This is the WORST TVB award nomination list in 10+ years.

      WTD, TVB?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁


    I can’t believe they didn’t even nominate Joe Ma from Relic. Yes, for sure he won’t win, but at least he deserves a nomination for his nice performance in Relic. His character was quite memorable to me even that the series was aired a while ago.

    I also feel that Raymond Wong should be in the list. He was one of the main characters too, even though Ruco’s character was probably a bit more “main”. I guess they wanted to stick to 15 nominees. But then maybe they should’ve replaced Ron with Raymond Wong. Not that I don’t like Ron, but all his characters this year didn’t seem to be “main” or didn’t shine enough. If Ron was nominated for Best Supporting for any of his characters, he might have a chance of winning.

    For best actress, I was surprised that they nominated Tavia for TRB, should be TOT instead.

    And Elena Kong for Best Actress? Wrong category!

    For Best Actor, I don’t really have a strong preference for who to win, but I liked Kevin in GJ.

    I’m a Myolie fan, so I’m really excited to see Myolie’s win for Best Actress. She deserves recognition for all these years of hard work, especially for her outstanding performance in all her series this year. I think Myo has a 90% chance of winning. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be the other 10%.

    No strong preference for Best Supporting Actor too. If I must pick, then maybe Ben Wong.

    Best Supporting Actress, I liked Sharon, Nancy and Joyce.

    Favorite Character, I don’t really care.

    Most Improved Actor, Jazz or Jin.

    Most Improved Actress, I think it will be Sire or Cilla. Mandy has some chance too. But I prefer Sire most.

    Best Series this year, I liked TRB, GJ and TOT. But I have a feeling that LOO or FH3 will get it.

    1. That’s bc Joe is heading north to dig gold…

      samuel is also much better than wooden Ron who needs to stay in the sinking ship to survive unlike samuel who managed to survive and found a even bigger ship…

  25. TVB Worst list of nominations awards 2011 😀 ….

    Worst Lead Actor: Moses Chan [ HORRIBLE ] and Raymond Lam

    Worst Lead Actress: Kate Tsui [ HORRIBLE ], Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Nanct Sit and Liza Wang

    Wort Supporting Actor: Power Chan

    Worst Supporting Actress: Aimee Chan [HORRIBLE] , Gigi Wong, Sire Ma

    Most (NOT) Improved Actor: None from the list

    Most (NOT) Improved Actress: Cilla Lok [ HORRIBLE ]; Samantha Ko

    Worst TVB series:

    NO = Show Me the Happy
    NO = Twilight Investigation
    YES, BORING = Links to Temptation
    NO = Home Troopers
    NO = A Great Way to Care
    NO = 7 Days in Life
    NO = The Rippling Blossom
    NO = Only You
    YES, mess up the series, unwatchable = Grace Under Fire
    YES, BORING = Relic of an Emissary
    YES = Be Home for Dinner
    YES, because it is not for everyone, poor editing, bloated = Yes Sir, Sorry Sir
    YES, because it suck so hard! = My Sister of Eternal Flower
    NO = Ghetto Justice
    YES, copying Heart of Greed concept, BORING and too much SHOUTING! = Wax and Wane
    YES, because Ruco is one man show = The Other Truth
    YES, BORING = The Life and Times of a Sentinel
    NO = Lives of Omission
    YES, BORING = River of Wine
    YES, IT SUCKS! = An Uninvited Date
    YES, ITS GARBAGE = Super Snoops
    YES, ??? = Admirals Feast
    MEH = Till Love Do Us Lie
    YES, IT SUCKS! = Forensic Heroes 3

    1. ROFL great awards very funny.

      Most Arrogant and Cocky: Michael Tse
      Most ‘Improved’ Nose: Tavia Yeung
      Most Overrated Crying: Linda Chung
      Most Overrated Chok: Laughing
      Most Exaggerated Acting: Myolie Wu (CORH)
      Most Awful Makeup: (tie) Jessica and Myolie (CORH)
      Most Horrendous Character: Charmaine Sheh(MSOEF)
      Most Deteriorated Acting: Moses Chan
      Most Useless Madam: Fala
      Most Terrible Lawyer: Kate
      Most Boring Actress: Tavia Yeung(TRB, YSSS, TOT, MWNS)
      Most Boring Actor: Steven Ma(TSDIL, TLATOAS)
      Most sympathetic Villain: Kenneth Ma(TOT)
      Most Exaggerated Villain: (tie) Kenneth Ma(GUF, TLATOAS) and Myolie (CORH)

      1. Most Pretentious Acting : Jess (CORH)
        Most Aweful Series : CORH
        Wish it was never filmed : CORH
        Why is he in this junk : Sunny Chan in CORH
        Most redeemed actor in a performance when he was just ok in the past: Kevin Cheng in GJ
        Off With Her Head performance : Myolie in CORH
        Worst villain for making all these junks : TVB

        Special mention award : TVB for its contribution to degeneration of good storytelling, casting and finding new talents.

        Most Unnecessary Research Done award : Producer of CORH for the word Nucai when he should have paid more attention to the acting and writing.

        Mots SO NOT big deal trailer : WAB II and that so called lesbian storyline. If it shows the emperor having a gay love story despite all the women, I shall applaud TVB. I mean isn’t it the worst fate if you love men and all you’re surrounded by women and half men?

      2. Most Exaggerated Actor: Sunny Chan(W&W)

        Most bloated comment by a producer for his cast: Producer of TLATOAS about Steven Ma

        Most deceived by TVB actress: Nancy Sit(ROW)

        Honourable mention for Unsuitable casting: Jessica and Myolie in an ancient series

      3. Actor Most Possessed by Character after series over: Michael Tse by Laughing

        Most Annoying Couple: Moses and Aimee

        Special Mention for Shocking Nomination: Elena Kong for Best Actress(ROW)

        Most Ambitious but fail to reach the ambition series: MWNS

      4. @Vivien,

        LMAO, totally agree with that list, wow this is more fun then the positive list

      5. That because this year’s TVB award nomination list is Totally Very Bad.

    2. oh hell no,wax and wane is not boring to me, the complex character make Roger shines out of the rest, his character is well/nicely-developed, although there are little bit of pieces that make his character almost perfect 9.9/10.

      1. Wax and Wane, is boring, repetitive, same family story style as Heart of Greed. The series fails! BTW, TVB; WTF you name this series Wax and Wane? Stupid name….

      2. you probably got some hate towards this genre, just because it is similar to hog then you say its a copycat. you probably havent watch the whole series by the action that you are against towards it. WAX AND WANE is just a unique name for the series, why dont you complain that the fricking series la femme desperado a stupid name, or L’escargot a weird name. shut up with your biased judgement. go watch the fricking series first before you judged anything. even if you watched it, you would have this “copycatter series in you mind”. LIKE A BOSS… WORD !!!!!!!


      4. You getting way tooo worked up. Thank god you somewere not close to me….

        Once a again; Wax and Wayne is a BORING series. Nothing appealing to me because the story wasnt that great. Sorry! I really dont care that you are a Roger Kwok fan. I have nothing bad to say about him.

        Wax and Wane is a stupid name, no meaning to the series and it should have been called “Reunion”, jeez.

    3. lol, I do think this list will actually be more interesting.

      btw wouldn’t it be more fun if asian entertainment has the Razzies awards too.

    4. lol all these awards you guys created are crazy. I’m not agree with some of those but quite funny 😛

      TVB version of Razzies

    5. Most resurrected character, also immortal of the year : Laughing Gor (HE WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      1. Then TVB will put Laughing in Laughing Firefighter, M.D., teacher, family, Cartoon, action figure, anime, bus, car, taxi, museum, garbage truck, etc. series…….

  26. LOL for some reason when I saw the Most Improved Actor nominations, I thought Jason Chan had a high chance of winning it. But I agree with a lot of you, Jazz has been solid this year and MC Jin was good in LOO so we’ll see.

  27. I hope Kate wins best female character! I really have enjoyed watching Kate this year as she has appeared as main female lead in 5 series this year? Correct me if I’m wrong. I never liked Kate at first but I seem to be growing into her! Her acting isn’t that bad right? I found her performance in Relic and FH3 most appealing to me. The way in Relic she could multi task to be come two characters which are twins and in FH3 where she is the top madam and her actions as a police is strong. Overall her series this year is great! I hope she at least wins a award this year for all the hard work she has given to TVB! Go Kate and good luck to the other competitors 🙂

    1. I’m gutted that she wasn’t nominated for Chim Sam Leung in Relic and Madam Ling in FH3. But at least Kate is nominated in something! Haha

      1. Agree that Kate should have been nominated for Relic instead of LOO. I heard that her role isn’t big in LOO.

      2. Kate’s role in LOO is a lot more popular than in Relic and her acting is better in LOO too except the lawyer part. Kate’s role in LOO got bigger nearer to the ending but it’s a very unlikeable role.

      3. @Kidd
        I agree too! I liked her role in Relic more though I’m glad that Kate is nominated in a award at least ^_^

        Yes her role in LOO is more popular indeed. Haha her character was sure unlike able to me though I felt sorry for her when Bosco betrayed her 🙁

  28. They do so many nominations for each category that it seems like prestigious or important. It seems like the entire TVB 1st and 2 rate actor got nominated for something.

  29. i support bosco for my favorite, i think tvb also put bosco in the most favorite category to give him an award because i dont think he would win best actor

  30. I support Linda all the way! Linda over Fala and Kate all they way! If Myolie or Jessica were to win instead of Linda I will be fine, just not Fala or Kate.

    1. I’m kinda like you- I want Myolie to win but will be fine if Linda won, but not Fala or Kate.

      1. All the actresses are disappointing. Myolie is nominated for her worst performance of the year!

      2. Tavia nominated for TRB seriously how many people remember her in that? Rofl

      3. Linda’s acting is not enough yet to be a Best Actress. You can’t just count that one screaming and crying scene.

      4. Yup put she’s better than kate and fala. I dun mind of myolie or tavia win instead of linda but I support her.

  31. I think my choices are mainly for Ghetto Justice actors.. lol

    Best Actor: Kevin
    Best Actress: Myolie
    Favorite Male Character: Chilam
    Favorite Female Character: Linda
    Supporting Actor: Jazz Lam
    Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (or Nancy)
    Most Improved Male: Jazz Lam
    Most Improved Female: Mandy Wong
    Best Series: Ghetto Justice, Rippling Blossom, Only You

    Nice to see Stephen Au and Crystal Tin in the leading categories. I’m also surprised that a lot of people seemed to like Relic and wanted a nom for Joe Ma and Sammul Chan? I thought that series was pretty horrible.

  32. Best Actor: Bosco Wong (improved so much, pro sir deserves it too but I think he should give a chance to other people :P)
    Best Actress: Maggie Cheung (an amazing actress, glad shes back)
    Favorite Male Character: Chilam (loved his character here, also Raymond Wong’s character, and Rucos)
    Favorite Female Character: Linda (miss koo did a great job)
    Supporting Actor: Benny Wong (amazing as lat geung)
    Supporting Actress: Rainbow Ching (great at portraying evil acts, especially in that drama)
    Most Improved Male: Jazz Lam (i personally don’t think tvb is going to give it to MC jin because he is too new; but i have confidence that jazz will win this; always brings laughter to the drama)
    Most Improved Female: Mandy Wong (noticed her since the beginning and thought she was pretty good at portraying emotions)
    Best Series: Ghetto Justice, FH3

    I am clearly surprised at some of the nominations. For example, Aimee Chan was nominated as her cameo appearance in The Other Truth? She only cameoed in that…and samantha ko seems like a list filler. she didnt even act in dramas?

  33. Best Actor: Kevin or Bosco
    Best Actress: Myolie or Fala
    My Favorite Male: well it depends if bosco doesnt get tv king then i dink he would get most favorite
    My Favorite Female: Linda
    supporting actor/actress: Ben and sharon
    Most improved male/female: jazz and mandy
    Best series: lives of omission
    popularity award: it really depends because this is like an extra award so probaly laughing kevin or bosco if they dont win an award then

  34. what TVB want to push and want us to accept:

    Best Actor: Michael
    Best Actress: Myolie or Fala
    Most Favourite Male: Lughing
    Most Favourite Female: Linda
    Best Supporting Actor: Ben
    Best Supporting Actress: Sharon
    Most Improved Male: MC Jin
    Most Improved Female: Sire Ma
    Best Series: LOO
    Popularity award: LF

  35. I’m a bit surprised with the nominations. Biggest disappointments are:
    -Tavia nominated for TRB instead of TOT
    -Joe and Bowie left our of best actor category, although not surprised
    -Myolie nominated for CRH instead of GJ.
    Not disappointed, but surprised:
    -Ruco in Best Actor and Favorite Male categories instead of Most Improved. But, as most people pointed out here, his popularity skyrocketed this year that TVB wants to boost him to main character category. However, I think his chances of winning in either category are slim although not impossible since he is so popular now. Now, for once, I am hoping that TVB keeps the “Best Performance” “consolation” prize this year because if someone does truly deserve that this year, it would be Ruco. I’m rooting for him to win it.

    My pics:
    Best Actress: Myolie Wu
    Best Actor: Michael Tse
    Fave Male: Kevin Cheng
    Fave Female: Linda Chung
    Best Supporting Male: Ben Wong
    Best Supporting Female: Sharon Chan
    Most improved male: Jazz Lam
    Most improved female: Sire Ma (although I’m rooting for Mandy, but I think Sire’s exposure was greater this year)
    Best series: Ghetto Justice (LOO is other choice, but since ghetto justice was immensely popular this year and sequel is being filmed, I think it’s well deserved)
    TVB popularity award: Ruco Chan (or, if someone else wins this, he better win the Best performance award if they still have that this year). My pics for that would be either Ruco or Bosco.

  36. What I find funny is why the nominated list for each category is so long? Is like as long as your in a series we’ll nominate you to keep you happy, because let’s be honest there are lots of undeserving people on those list.

  37. Best Actor: Kevin
    Best Actress:Myolie
    Fav male character:Michael
    Fav female character:Linda
    Best Supporting male:Ben Wong
    Best supporting female:Nancy
    Most improved male: don’t know
    Most improved female: Sire Ma

    I don’t think fala is ready for best actress. i don’t know why she is so hyped up

  38. Best Actor: Kevin Cheng
    Best Actress: Elena Kong
    Most Favourite Male Character: Steven Ma
    Most Favourite Female Character: Yoyo Mung
    Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong
    Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Wu / Sharon Chan / Ching Hor Wai
    Most Improved Male: Jazz Lam
    Most Improved Female: Mandy Wong / Sire Ma

    Really liked Yoyo’s character in Only You. 🙂

  39. based on tvb favs,

    best actor-mike/kev
    best actress-myolie this year is the worst nomination list for best actress ever!!!!!!best actor is more interesting but you see awards arent given to the deserving ones..u see bowie and joe are excluded form the nomination list and filled up b y the young contender that hv poor it depends whether u know how to play politics o not..when u are loved by tvb,u are safe,if nt u ll be kicked out!!but nw lots of talented ppl hv left tvb..i think jessica hsuan is the next to head up north which is good bcuz gallen is in mainland nw,mayb they can collaborate in mainland series.

    They are deemed to get it bcuz they are the tvb favs except other nominees hv stronger backing/audience support…t

    1. The latest edition of TVB Weekly seems to hint about Kevin having the highest possibility for the award.

  40. Best actor: Kevin
    Will win: Michael
    Best actress: Myolie or Tavia
    Will win: Myolie or Tavia, maybe Linda.
    I don’t mind Fala even though her acting needs improvement and please, NO Kate!
    Fav male character: Kevin or Bosco
    Fav Female character: Linda

    1. Now I think the ideal solution is

      Best Actor: Kevin
      Best Actress: Myolie
      Fav Male Character: Bosco
      Fav Female Character: Linda
      Weibo award: Michael

      but what TVB wants:

      Best Actor: Michael
      Best Actress: Fala
      Fav Male Character: Kevin
      Weibo award: Michael

  41. @lol,same here ,Fala in a series (LOO)nothing special reg act Madam Jo,I don’t think she is ready yet except TVB….

  42. i want either kevin,bosco, or roger.
    myolie, tavia, and linda
    but as long as raymond lam, michael tse or kate doesnt win then i’m fine with everything!!!
    gosh i hate their acting LOL it’s soo ….

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