Oxide Pang Goes to Massage Parlor to Relieve Stress

Putting aside husband Oxide Pang’s (彭順) extramarital affair with model Liddy Li (李悅彤), Angelica Lee (李心潔) returned to work and busied herself for HKTV Internet drama, The Storm <風雲>. After Angelica went to the filming studio, Oxide was seen heading off to a massage parlor to seek relief from his recent marital stress.

On July 15, Oxide met with a friend and entered a massage parlor in East Tsim Sha Tsui together. The parlor offered an afternoon special price of 900 RMB which includes two hours of massage, warm and cold baths, as well as unlimited food and drinks. Wrapped up in a towel after his bath, Oxide selected a masseuse from the largely female staff and enjoyed the massage. Oxide was in a good mood after the massage, and played with his cell phone the entire time in the resting area afterwards.

Angelica Lee’s Hardship

When Oxide and Liddy were caught red-handed on a movie date by the media, Angelica suffered from a heartbreaking betrayal. Luckily, good friends, Charlie Yeung (楊采妮), Gigi Leung (梁詠琪), and Valen Hsu (許茹蕓) were supportive during this time and kept Angelica company during her worst times. However, Angelica was unable to pick herself up and ultimately took a seven-day retreat in Malaysia to sort through her marital problems.

Even after deciding to forgive Oxide, Angelica appeared to be slightly nervous when facing the media. When she was at a costume fitting for The Storm, she maintained a forced smile and clenched her fists. Also, her wedding ring was noticeably absent from her finger on that day.

Liddy Returns To Hong Kong

After shying away from the public eye over her affair with Oxide, Liddy returned to Hong Kong to take care of her father’s funeral. Her father, Li Duk Yun (李德仁), committed suicide last month by shooting himself in the mouth after a standoff with the police. Oxide has not officially ended his ties with Liddy, who hopes to get back together. Currently staying with a relative, Liddy’s mood has stabilized and will be attending the promotional event for her movie, Sei Fei <四非>.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I think I’m tired of this couple. I think Angelica is dumb to still be with Oxide after his repeated offences

  2. I wonder if the 2 hours massage is truly purely massage.

    1. Well massage parlours are often associated with other healthy activities

    2. for men, 9/10 times it’s not just purely for a massage.

      1. A bit fairer 8/10 times.

        Stress reliever, especially for people like him?

      2. ya, he may spread aids to angelica and liddy, yet, they still want to be with him

  3. There’s a lot of truth that a lot of massage parlours are using girls to entice the men to have sex. One of my friends told me recently told me a girl earns up to about usd6k a month at massage parlours, of course with sex.

    He may went to proper massage parlours strictly massage and no sex. Depends what the men wants, some men just want sex so they can have sex with any women (and some dont even mind paying for it), some wants it for free.

    Some men wants love, they wont have sex with you without loving you. These type of men usually wont go to massage parlours.

    Some men are afraid of contracting herpes, aids etc so they deemed any women with free sex are dirty so they wont take the risk.

    It really depends on the person, not necessarily he went to the mssage parlour for sex. I’m sure he was affected with the negative news and no one is so silly to go all out to making another silly headlines, his image will be at further stake.

  4. @ bloom:

    I know you’ve repeatedly mentioned we shouldn’t encourage divorce.

    BUT, as mentioned by someone else – these are strictly our own opinions on the dude.

    There are massage parlours, and there are spas. Massage parlours are the sleazier twin, with other “options”.

    I mean, with his wife/mistress all in limbo – shouldn’t he exercise some respect to both, and stay away from these places?

    There are also many, many ways to de-stress – including healthy outlets like sports.

    Life is shorter and sometimes unexpectedly transient … it will be made unhappier and shorter with a partner like that. How many arguments/confrontations/deluded-denial, self-blinding/self-numbing, emotional unrest and worry can Angelica have?

    Prolonged death-wish on self, imo.
    Vivian Chow is another example.

    1. To nomad,
      Yes, you’re right that everyone here has their rights to voice out their opinions.

      To be honest, I don’t think their marriage is really that bad that is absolutely no way to salvage. Yes, a broken glass is broken if you managed to glue it.

      What I was trying to say is it’s honestly not a good idea to even suggest that they should end their marriage. If Angelica, the victim is willing to give a chance to her husband, why are we so adamant that this guy a jerk and she should just divorce him.

      Maybe majority of you have not seen worst cases, there are worst men out there, a lot of men cheated, just that some women don’t know.

      1. Oh? So you’ve only just realised that people are entitled to their opinions?? To quote you :”Yes, you’re right that everyone here has their rights to voice out their opinions.” Add to that your other priceless quote: “Beauty is in the eyes of its beholder. You may see Grace Chan as pretty, some ppl may not see her as pretty. Everyone has a different yardstick and taste on everything”. I wonder who was it who went around attacking others’ comments she did not agree with? I love it when you have to eat yr words. Makes my day.

      2. To lollo,
        Thanks for keeping track or having the trouble to look up what I wrote. I don’t remember where I wrote the below.

        If I remember you correctly you were the girl that wrote flat chested etc on Nancy Wu, Myolie Wu bikini headlines am I right?

      3. bloom, don’t put yourself on a pedestal. I don’t track what you write. It’s just that i have a good memory. It’s good to know that you know the meaning of “each person is entitled to their own opinion”. I couldn’t have said it better than you.

      4. To lollo,
        Thanks for remembering, I forgot that 🙂

      5. bloom, i’ll make sure to jog your memory at the apprppriate times. Practise what you preach.

      6. lollo,
        Noticed you paid attn to what I wrote and remember, was it because you were still unhappy that I replied to your post on Myolie Wu? I wouldnt have replied to your post if your comments were harsh like flat chested on them. These words are very harsh, it’s more mean if a girl telling this to another girl.

      7. bloom, i can’t help it that i have a good memory. Spin it any way you want. Doesn’t change a thing. To quote you, “every one here has the rights to voice out their opinion”. However harsh my opinion sounds to you, it’s MY opinion. Geddit? No one is obliged to only make nice comments here, you included. Stop being judgemental. made sure i got a screen cap of yr priceless quote. Practise what you preach.

      8. lollo,
        Feel sorry for you for holding on bitterness towards me. Yes, go on pay attn what I’ve written or going to write since you’re so free

      9. bloom, yup, carry on spinning after you’ve been caught flat footed having to eat yr own words. Btw, I find it almost amusing that you’ve so much free time on yr hands to leave so many comments, sharing yr nuggets of wisdom with all of us here. It’s almost like you have verbal diarhhoea.

  5. Is it one of those massages that give happy ending?

    1. He was reportedly very satisfied, so his must have ended very happily inside the room for the time being.

  6. More news like this will make Angelica more unhappy. So if she doesn’t get this, then nothing will. She is choosing her own fate and has no one to blame but herself.

    1. Agreed! Knowing you’re going to wall into a wall and you still do it, that is stubbornnnnn. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      1. And, stupidity!!! But, with a pimp/bastard of a father telling her to keep the marriage (because of whatever benefits is in it for him), makes it tough for Angelica to divorce the bastard, TOxide.

  7. So this is their version of couple therapy: he visiting a massage parlor while she filming at the studio.

    What’s next on the agenda, he hits the adult DVD/book store while she shopping at the mall? Then he hits the strip club while she fetching him supper?

    1. LOL

      But, what do you expect when Angelica Lee has a pimpppp/bastardddd father?

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