“Painted Skin 2” Breaks Box Office Records; Rakes in $70 Million on Opening Day

With movie blockbuster Painted Skin still refresh in people’s mind, its sequel Painted Skin II: The Resurrection in 3D <畫皮2> recently broke all the box office records in mainland China, raking in $70 million RMB on opening day, June 28th!

According to Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, Painted Skin II’s box office surpassed the first-day box office records of all Chinese mainland movies to-date. It closely trailed two Hollywood blockbusters Transformer 3 and Titantic in 3D, which brought in $102 million and $73 million RMB on their respective launch dates in mainland China.

Some film industry insiders projected that Painted Skin II’s box office sales will eventually break $300 to $500 million RMB! Painted Skin II combines Japanese aesthetics, Chinese costumes, Hollywood special visual make-up, Japanese music, and Korea special effects. The film had a 500-member crew and world-class production values.

With its record-breaking release figures, Painted Skin II has sparked mixed comments from its debut audience. Some audience members commented that the movie’s tickets were difficult to buy. The craze about the film has spiraled out of control following its debut. One netizen even uploaded a picture showing that all sessions of the movie were fully sold out in one cinema, except the 11 PM show, which still had a few seats in the first row.

The most-anticipated scene of the movie is Zhou Xun’s (周迅) metamorphosis. Unfortunately, the scene in which she changed her “skin” only lasted for two minutes. At the film’s premiere, Zhou Xun said, “Although it always gave me a hard time to wear the special visual make-up, the filming process had been very exciting!” She added that during the lengthy moulding process she could not see or hear nothing. This isolated feeling allowed Zhou Xun to immerse into her character, who had suffered 500 years for love.

However, other critics were not as impressed by Painted Skin II. They criticized that the 3D filming effects were not evident, and the storyline was incomplete. “The sequel lags far behind its first installment.” Another netizen commented, “Without a good storyline, it does not matter how many stars and how wonderful the special effects are!” One senior film reviewer, even went so far as describing the movie as nothing but emptiness covered by a layer of “special-effects skin”!

While mixed remarks exploded on the Internet after the movie’s release, many people did praise Vicki Zhao (趙薇) for her acting skills and ghostly appearance onscreen. It is evitable for any film to be clear of negative reviews. The criticism for Painted Skin II may have stemmed from audiences’ overly high expectations of the film.

Sources: 21CN.com, nownews.com

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  1. “The most-anticipated scene of the movie is Zhou Xun’s (周迅) metamorphosis. Unfortunately, the scene in which she changed her “skin” only lasted for two minutes. ”

    How long they want? 15 minutes? Wouldn’t that be overkill?

    1. guess i miss that part of the movie..the movie is okay cos i am a fan of vicky

  2. ” The criticism for Painted Skin II may have stemmed from audiences’ overly high expectations of the film.”

    Maybe the movie isn’t good at all? It could be you know.

    1. That is usually how it is when you have high expectations of anything. I still remember people’s high expectations of ROCH 2006 and it ended up not being so great. But with BXJ 2007, the expectations were pretty low, therefore, it ended up being quite a bit better than expected…

  3. I don’t understand the appeal of the movie. I saw the first one and was bored out of my mind.

  4. To hell with this! Deliver us Storm Riders 3!!!!!

  5. In actual fact, the film rakes in 800 million on the first day surpassing Titanic 3D. I have watched this movie yesterday. Overall, the actings are great and the actors/actresses are beautiful. Storyline wise, still acceptable.

  6. wow that’s amazing, i haven’t seen PS2 and i don’t remember the 1st one was that good.

  7. Hi Jayne, sorry to be off-topic — I’m not sure where to report technical issues, but I’m subscribed to the site’s RSS feed (http://www.jaynestars.com/feed) and it hasn’t been working for the past three days. The last article that was posted to the feed is this article (“Painted Skin 2” Breaks Box Office Records) from June 30.

    1. Tegan,
      We checked our RSS feed and it is working fine. It may be a cache problem from your RSS reader. What RSS reader are you using?

      1. Jayne, I’m using Google Reader. The RSS feed seems to be working fine now. Not sure what the problem was, the feed had a gap with no new posts between June 30 and July 4, but it’s all fine now. Thanks for the reply! 🙂

  8. Part one was not my cup of tea, I don’t think part two can change it, surprise it made so much already, maybe the casting? I rather see the one with vincent Zhao instead.

  9. Saw this movie last weekend. I didn’t think it was amazing, but it was still pretty enjoyable, and I liked the angsty love story between Zhao Wei and Chen Kun. Feng Shaofeng and Yang Mi were adorable in their scenes, but their subplot (which was mostly comic relief) felt a bit disjointed from the rest of the movie.

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