Pakho Chau Wants a Son

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Pakho Chau Wants a Son

Recently, Pakho Chau (周柏豪) accepted a radio interview and discussed his new role as a father. Though the 35-year-old finds caring for his daughter more challenging than filming, he is thankful his daughter is not a difficult baby. With great experience as a first-time dad, it is no wonder the singer is already thinking about having another child. He joked that he wants to reward his wife, Stephanie Chu, for her hard work with another baby – hopefully, a son to accompany his daughter.

Though it is rumored that he gave Stephanie a Clear Water Bay mansion as a push present, Pakho denied it and said he bought the property last year, and it is now worth 40 million HKD. However, he admits he has the urge to shower his wife with gifts “since she doesn’t ask for much.”

He added, “I let her manage our finances because she’s good at math. When I need money, I just let her know. I will continue working hard after resting for a bit.”

Nameless Daughter

With a new baby comes new responsibilities, and that includes choosing a name for the child. However, since Pakho’s daughter does not have a name yet, he will ask a Feng Shui master for advice since it’s an important decision. Equally as important is picking a date for a Cesarean section, which can bring good luck to the mom, according to Pakho. He generously shared his own experience of being in the operating room with his wife.

“Once I sat down, I started crying, so she had to comfort me so I wouldn’t scare the doctor,” Pakho recalled. “She said it was fine even though her stomach was opened. My heart ached for her. Women are really strong; I feel that men shouldn’t complain. I will do my best to do my part!”

He Enjoys Changing His Daughter’s Diaper 

At home, Pakho tries to be as hands-on as possible. “I like to change her diaper because she doesn’t cry when I do it. Of course, I experienced her pooping all over the place, but I don’t think it’s nasty. Although it feels a little like the crab filling of a Shanghai dumpling, I know she’s the product of me. It feels very warm,” Pakho said.

He also said he misses her every day. “I want to quickly return home after work, and I’m not considering long work trips for the time being.”

TVB’s Annual Anniversary Awards Ceremony

Not only is Pakho growing in his personal life, but also his work life. His acting skills in the currently airing drama, Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, was praised by director Ella Chan Po-wah (陳寶華). He humbly said, “We started a group message in which Ella helped us get into our characters for better results.” 

As for being nominated for three awards – Best Actor, Most Popular TV Male Character, and Most Popular TV Song – at the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards, Pakho said he was more confident in the music category. “I don’t have confidence in winning the TV King crown. I am a new actor, and I have a lot of outstanding senior actors.”

He continued, “Many dramas this year are very interesting. I am very happy to have come across good scripts and songs. The awards are for the whole team and those who support me.”

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7 comments to Pakho Chau Wants a Son

  1. m0m0 says:

    i think most dads want a son to kick ball and play sports with just like moms love to have a daughter to pamper. having both genders is a great thing but i am sure that if it ends up being the same gender, parents would love the same.

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  2. joyce says:

    My husband is super happy & contented with 2 girls. Our family & friends kept urging us to try for a boy but he said he happy with girls. Girls are more fun. They can be Daddy’s girls even when they grow ups, they can also be Mommy’s shopping partners and the majority, girls care about parents more when they older. On the other hand, boy can be fun when they little,they can be Mommy’s boy. But when they grow older, they’ll start parting away from you. They’ll be in their own world. The majority won’t pay much attention to their parents even though they love their parents. When they get marry, they cares more about their own family. I’ve seen a lot of examples like this

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    • berry replied:

      @joyce so true indeed

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    • pisces2019 replied:

      @joyce hmmm maybe your hubby is just too scared the next would be a girl, then you’ll have to try for another and another…….Not saying there’s anything wrong with having all girls but I dont think you should generalise like that about girls and boys, just makes you sound like sour grapes. There are many boys who are loving to their families and care for their parents too. I have friends who have sons and they get treated like queens in their family, eg when grocery shopping, the boys will insist on carrying all the shopping. Otoh I have friends who cant get along with their daughters, maybe both mom and daughter are spoilt and want attention. So there!

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    • coralie replied:

      @joyce this is a generalization, but i think it’s also really true with boys. at least it’s true in my family. my dad always think that the worst thing my grandma did in the past was to leave her money early to her kids (read: her sons), hence when she passed away, she wasn’t treated very well. my rebuttal is that no, her worst mistake wasn’t giving her sons money early before she passed away. it’s giving money to her SONs, period. i genuinely think if she had given the money to her daughters instead, she would’ve left the world much happier and in better condition. but it’s a different time back then. men nowadays are more educated and are given more pressure at home to do better, so it’s possible for men to be more sensitive than women. still, you don’t see too many of them.

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  3. nleung12345 says:

    I worked at a nursing home for 6 years as a social worker and in my experience, girls/females visit more often and are more caring- there were a few patients who I was not even aware of them having a son until near their death. Generalization or not, that’s my observation in my 6 years of experience at a multicultural nursing home.

    I know my mom will leave everything to my brother and I am no longer bitter- I’m 33 and have a fulfilling family and fulfilling job. Her favoring only made me stronger and I am not bitter anymore. I forgave her after having my own.

    All in all, girls and boys are both good- if they are good people.

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    • pisces2019 replied:

      @nleung12345 I agree it’s how you raise them. I hv a bro in law, and guess whose side he’s on if my sis quarrelled with his mom? Girls and boys are equally good if you inculcate the concept of filial piety in them from young. Most guys do not show their emotions freely but when they are needed, they will provide you strong shoulders to rely on.

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