Rebecca Zhu Doesn’t Mind Bringing Matthew Ho to Family Gatherings

Having a fruitful year last year, TVB actress Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) talks about her goals for the rest of 2020. In a stable relationship with Matthew Ho (何廣沛) for two years, Rebecca feels comfortable to bring him home to meet her family in Suzhou.

In 2019, Rebecca starred in three dramas: Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV>, The Dripping Sauce <大醬園>, and Wonder Women <多功能老婆>. Not long after Wonder Women began airing, Rebecca’s lively character became an instant favorite among viewers. Rebecca said, “I gave it my all for this character – I think the audience is shocked at how crazy I can be and how far I can take my character. I hope that there are more different roles I can try out in the future!”

Doesn’t Mind Bringing Matthew to Visit Family

During the Lunar New Year holidays, Rebecca will be flying back to her hometown in Suzhou despite the coronavirus outbreak in China. Looking forward to spending time with her family, Rebecca will be following all of the holiday customs and making traditional dishes. Rebecca revealed that she is very good at cooking Shanghainese fried rice cakes. She said, “I did think about going back home and making food for my family. My mom would be the happiest. After they see the finished product, I can prove to them that I’m not a chef from hell.”

Romantically linked with Matthew Ho (何廣沛) for the last two years after being spotted on numerous dates, Rebecca was asked if she would bring him along to meet her family during the holiday. Rebecca joked, “If he’s interested in coming for vacation, I can take him to see the beauties of Suzhou! But a lot of people just stay home with their families over the holidays.”

Asked if she plans to visit Matthew’s family instead, Rebecca said,  “I like going to get red packets. The best is when we all go in big groups – but there haven’t been plans yet. I hope he can invite us!”

What’s Ahead for Rebecca

As her goals and plans for the new year, Rebecca said, “I hope to try different things. Besides acting in television dramas, there are movies and stage plays. I can even do singing. I’ve actually been waiting for an opportunity and I’ve been hoping that someone can scout me. I think my singing is quite decent! I can definitely try out for singing competitions. You don’t know how good I am until you’ve heard me – so I welcome everyone to come find me!”


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  1. So is she or isn’t she dating Matthew Ho? Like I guess it doesn’t really matter but they never confirm. It’s like milking out all the money they can get for this couple relationship in sponsorships and ads etc.

    1. @oligodendrocytes Rebecca and Matthew went to Thailand to celebrate his birthday last summer. Plus he was sighted visiting her at home overnight. If they’re not dating, then it’s a “friends with benefits” arrangement. 🙂

  2. rebecca and matthew’s relationship reminds of myolie and bosco’s one. myolie was promoted more than bosco, older than the guy, seen in public, linked for a number of years and an open secret in tvb. hopefully rebecca and matthew’s ending would be a better one!

    1. @pandaxo Ohh I didn’t even thou Myolie is older until now. haha lol… Cuz they both seem young to me at the time at least. M looks a bit older now after being a mom of 1 of course. I thought popularity wise they were/are almost the same level? Seems like Bosco even have market in the mainland. I see what you mean thou until she really confirmed it on an award show and then not long after that it was bye bye land.

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