Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo Attend Awards Show Separately

Despite attending the same awards ceremony, the married couple arrived, sat and presented awards separately.

On July 13, Wallace Huo (霍建华) and his wife Ruby Lin (林心如) attended the 2019 Taipei Film Festival but kept their distance throughout the event. Not revealing anything about their scheduled appearances before the awards, few knew that the couple would grace the awards even after it has started. The couple strangely walked the red carpet, sat, and presented awards onstage separately.

Since the last gathering with their friends, it has been a month since Wallace and Ruby were seen together in public. Ruby has been busy flying overseas for new product endorsements, while Wallace returned to their Taipei home to take care of their daughter “Little Dolphin” (小海豚).

At the ceremony, Ruby appeared in bright spirits in a gorgeous low-cut black lace gown, while Wallace made a low-key entrance in a white top and black suit as a mystery guest towards the end of the show. He walked the red carpet humbly without being interviewed. Seeming to have gained weight recently, the tight button on his jacket looked like it was close to bursting.

Despite the married couple not appearing together at the event, their matching black outfits is proof that they had coordinated their attire for the event in a quiet display of their love.

Ruby presented the Best Actress award with Tiffany Hsu (许玮宁), while Wallace presented the Best Dramatic Film award with the festival chairman Mark Lee (李屏宾). Both Taiwanese, the two men displayed good chemistry onstage at the event which celebrated local films. Later everyone had their eyes on award winner Liu Yin Shang (刘引商) and applauded for her, while Wallace, who was sitting beside Ariel Lin (林依晨), was spotted keeping his eyes fixed on the stage where his wife was.

Previously, there were rumors of the the couple falling out when Ruby cut her hair short. Despite the seemingly intended distance at the film event, Ruby and Wallace’s silent love for each other was apparent.

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    1. @babycakes First they fell out because she cut her hair, then they proved their love by wearing matching color (black! How unusual!) to the event.

      1. @bearbear hahahhahaha reporters are so good at making up scenarios! They should work for TVB and would come up with better storylines!

  1. They just want separate profile. I hope not. I hate it when celeb husband and wife refuses to have pictures taken together. Do everything together! No harm right?

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