Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s Low Profile Relationship Sparks Divorce Rumors

Knowing that their marriage would divide the fandoms, Ruby Lin (林心如) and Wallace Huo (霍建華) maintained a low profile relationship since their union in the summer of 2016. After the birth of their daughter, nicknamed Little Dolphin, in January 2017, Wallace took a hiatus from acting to raise their daughter, while Ruby made her comeback in the Taiwanese TV drama, My Dear Boy <我的男孩>.

News of the couple being together were scarce. They rarely interacted or acknowledged each other on social media, and it was difficult for paparazzi to catch them out together. The lack of news had led numerous media outlets to speculate that they were on the brink of divorce. Some even reported that the couple had already signed divorce papers and alimony was settled. Shipper fans who did not support Ruby and Wallace’s coupling definitely rejoiced with this rumor, as their marriage had affected their popularity in mainland China.

But new photos of the couple are proving that they are still as strong as ever. On May 17, paparazzi spotted Ruby and Wallace walking together in the Zhongshan District of Taipei. It was approximately 11 p.m. and they were dressed comfortably. While the streets were relatively not busy, many passersby recognized Wallace as he was not wearing a face mask.

Wallace was very alert and noticed that the paparazzi were following them. Originally strolling, the couple immediately picked up their speed after getting recognized. Ruby and Wallace were holding hands.

Whatever gossip that is hurdling their way, it appears that Ruby and Wallace are here to stay.


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  1. Divorce rumor? Sounds like another Angelababy and Huang Xiao Ming or Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen?

    1. @cutie777
      Honestly, their marriage to me from the beginning did not seem too happy as they had a lighting marriage just because she was pregnant. Even some of the photos from their wedding day showed very sad expressions which does not imply a happy union. But time will tell and who knows how their marriage will be. Some try to last just for the sake of lasting but are not blissful or happy at all.

      1. @hetieshou
        Really? I thought they’re super cute together. Media thinks low key =divorce, should they act like Gillian and be High profile all the time then lol

      2. @ice006
        Not necessarily as it depends. You should look at their wedding photos. There was in particular this one photo that showed how unhappy they were. It looked like a photo from a funeral not a wedding.

      3. @hetieshou it’s a long day, and photo will only capture 1 moment, not a full story, you can’t smile the whole day lol. Plus it’s you see what you want to see 🙂 But everyone is entitled to their own opinions 🙂 I’m curious to which photo you meant.

        Anyway, to me though, the signs that they love each other has always been there, when they announced they will get married it was like wow, finally they take that step xD by just the look of thing, Ruby has always loved him and be there for him, and Wallace to be quite honest is a hard man to read. Over 20+ years of knowing her, she has proved time and time again that she’s one of those that will have a lot of friends and be very good to people. This is not the first time they just hand in hand do a low key date, from all the photographs of what they do, they sound like a pretty normal couple, so I think they are here to stay, but as you said time will tell, nothing last forever, but if they can do 20yrs, pretty sure that is successful enough lol! I’m happy though that Wallace allows ruby to be that close to Alec Su xD after all, Alec was kinda the reason she and Jimmy broke up, and I think Ruby dodged the bullet though, jimmy’s mom sounds horrible :/

      4. @littlefish
        I know what you mean but I must say regardless, I have never seen such sad expressions on a wedding day in my life. I do not have the link to the photo but if you look at their wedding photos you will eventually see it. When a couple is blissfully happy, you see it and feel it. Like with Joyce Chao and her husband and Stefanie Sun and her husband, you truly feel and see it even if you are not there because they married for true love, not money or looks.

        I know that Ruby has always liked and admired Wallace for a long time, but never felt that Wallace liked her as much. Plus, for Ruby to say she cares about looks a lot shows something. When you focus too much on looks and marry for looks too much that is not bound to last. But hey, people can divorce after 20 or even 40 years of marriage so who knows what the future will hold? Yes but if they can even last for 20 years then that is already considered successful. But lasting versus being blissful is a different story.

        About the Jimmy, Alec and Ruby issue, who knows as it is the past now. How is Jimmy’s mom terrible? I heard his dad was strict but has passed away now. I did not hear about his mom being bad. What did she do?

      5. @hetieshou well, we know for certain that jimmy dumped ruby on Alec, as Ruby might always have liked Alec a bit more than friend. Plus she has always been very friendly in general, so that can make any guys feel insecure. There was a recent article about Jimmy’s mum and his wife. After 10 years n the mother still treat her like that, yea, Ruby dodged the bullet. Meanwhile, Wallace’s mum loves ruby lol

      6. @littlefish

        Honestly, we do not know for sure that Jimmy dumped Ruby on Alec. I heard Jimmy got jealous of them so wanted to break up. Then Ruby called him so they were still able to be friends. I know how it is when anyone is too friendly that it makes your partner jealous. However, it depends on the partner as some are more jealous and insecure than others.

        I was trying to look for that article but did not see anything. Do you have the link? I saw photos of Jimmy’s wife and his mom and they seemed fine. What did his mom do? Jimmy’s dad liked Ruby in the past too but was not sure about his mom. I heard Jimmy’s dad did not like his current wife either. Maybe his wife just did not get along with his parents. Well, we do not know for sure as many things can happen behind closed doors. Who knows if Wallace’s mom loves Ruby for sure or not?

      7. @hetieshou strangely enough I can’t find it either. I swear the article was like last week the most. It’s pretty recent. Anyway, by the sound of it, she wears clothes that isn’t pleasing to the mother. Plus she told how Jimmy didn’t dare taking her out to public. Whereas for Ruby and Wallace’s mom, it was said in an article that his mom likes her so much and actually encouraged him to pursued her.

        I actually never heard about Ruby called Jimmy, but he dumped her using a fax so that’s pretty low lol. And look at how ruby and Jimmy treat their partner, Jimmy didn’t dare taking his wife out in public, only recently, after 10 yrs that he kinda relax and able to take her out (it’s a tv show, maybe you can search for it). Whereas Ruby went on one of those shows and gushed about how lucky she is to nab Wallace. Also to say Ruby is shallow because she said look is one of the things she pick for life partner is somewhat not fair. Hear me out: us human are shallow, period. The first thing that hit you is someone’s look, always. After the look, it’s their personality, etc etc. if someone is butt ugly, you would possibly dismiss them unless you are constantly in contact because you have to. This is real life. Why is cosmetic so popular, haircut, clothing, styles, etc. those are what improves our looks. Get through that first door first then we’ll talk personality and compatibility. Also caring about looks a lot might also including whether a person self care themselves: like exercising to keep fit, eating healthily. For her, being healthy is essential, no point in dating someone who just letting them go, it makes it really hard to achieve that fit, healthy lifestyle if your partner keeps eating pizza next to you xD and hey, in term of aging, she looks smoking hot for 40+, whereas Wallace is like not doing so well, if she is still with him, and still gushing about him, guess looks isn’t as important as she said? Also ppl allows to grow and change, and tbqh, many beautiful actress would look for “decent looking partner”, let’s be real here lol. 95% of them wouldn’t date a butt ugly one, giving them a choice of rich handsome or ugly handsome (all else being equal) xD

        Last and not least, I took me a very very long time to see Alec as good looking. Like he’s not bad, but is he dashing? No. Is he Prince Charming? Definitely not lol! (To my standard when I was like 15-18). But after 5 years, and they were still so good together, friendship irl, chemistry onscreen, the pictures together were just so cute, I started to like Alec a lot, and was hoping they would end up together. My point is look isn’t that strong in that case for her lol.

      8. @littlefish
        That article has been posted here already so I know how it is. I feel bad for Kelly but then again, not all daughter-in-laws and mother in laws can get along.

        It is true that all people are shallow to some extent. But some are definitely more shallow than others. I actually used to have a best friend was not good looking and fat too but yet wanted to decent looking girlfriend. If you want someone decent looking you need to evaluate yourself first. Ruby is attractive but for her to just aim for looks only is pretty shallow. Of course looks are the first thing we go for but it needs to beyond that. Ruby clearly likes Wallace way more than Wallace likes her. However, that is normal in a marriage/relationship as one tends to like the other a bit more. Did you see Joyce Chao and Stefanie Sun’s husbands? They are both pretty women but their husbands are both not so good looking. People asked them why they chose them and they said it was because they are kind and wonderful men. Joyce’s husband is divorced with one son too. I see how happy and blissful they are and admire that they married for true love not looks or money. My point is hopefully Ruby goes beyond the physical appearance or it will not be happy or lasting.

        I agree that I never found Alec so great looking but he is decent looking. Ruby is not the most beautiful either but she is attractive enough. She and Alec would be good together but at least they are still friends. However, Alec seems like a good guy and maybe he already has a good partner who knows?

        I heard Ruby did call Jimmy which is why they are still friends. I must say that it was a good thing she did or they may be bitter to this day. I feel bad for Ruby that Jimmy lied through his teeth about dating her. Ruby had to carry the burden all by herself for over 10 years. After over 10 years he finally admits to dating her.

      9. @littlefish Agreed. I think there were articles on their relationship before and Wallace mentioned he’s had a crush on Ruby about 10 yrs ago. Just that he didn’t work up the courage to confess until after her birthday a few years back. Don’t know where people get the impression that she loves him more than he loves her. He’s always said she’s the more sociable one while he’s the boring and quiet spouse and he was drawn to her liveliness. If anything, I think he likes her more than she does.

        And having standards in looks is her prerogative. It’s not as if she hasn’t dated men who weren’t good looking. I read she dated some director a long time ago and IMO he was only passable. Having looks is a plus and a benefit. Who doesn’t want a handsome husband? I think calling her shallow for having aesthetic standards is silly.

      10. @hetieshou you should go watch Wallace’s interview with Luyi. He opened up about his relationship with Ruby. He said that he already had feelings for her 10 years before they started to date. He also mentioned that he doesn’t have many close friends and she is one of them. Therefore, He didn’t want to lose a friend because he wasn’t sure how she felt about him. They have been good friends for more than 10 years. It’s very sweet. I don’t think you should judge by a picture. That’s just too shallow.

      11. @megrim
        I was not just judging by the photo but much more than that. However, that was just the feelings that I get so I can be wrong as I am not them. But one thing I feel I may be right is Ruby likes Wallace more than Wallace likes her. However, that is somewhat normal in a relationship/marriage as one likes the other a bit more.

        You are talking about being shallow? Ruby is extremely shallow and cares too much for looks. She said so many times herself.If it does not go beyond that, they are not going to last or be blissful. Wait until Wallace gets older and gains weight, let’s see how it will be…

        I truly admire Joyce Chao and Stefanie Sun who are both attractive and married for true love and not looks or money. They are happy and blissful too. Joyce’s husband is not attractive physically but she loves him regardless. She even said even if he got fatter she will still love him the same as long as he is the sweet and kind man that he is. Now that is pure and true love which is getting rare these days.

      12. @hetieshou hmmm… I feel like everyone is entitled to have their own preferences to who they are attracted to. She likes good looking guys, yes it’s ok because that’s what she likes. I can see them making it until old.

      13. @megrim
        All I can say is time will tell.. Also lasting is one thing but are you happy and blissful is a different story. I knew this lady who was happily married for 40 years and the first thing she told me was “it’s hard”.

        It is true that we have preferences but my point was it needs to go beyond the physical appearance and looks or it will not be lasting or blissful. I remember Joyce Chao who is very pretty and used to focus on looks a lot too. But then she fell in love with her current husband who is a bit chubby, bald, divorced with one kid and is not rich. However, she fell for his kind heart and his personality. Looks fade so your character, personality, compatibility, etc.. are much more important. Joyce realized that physical appearance is not important. Hope Ruby realizes that too.

        I must say that I am not shocked about anything anymore. Lelia Tong for example looked like she had a happy and low key marriage with 2 kids. But then one day she suddenly announced her divorce. Basically anything is possible…There were many other cases too..

      14. @megrim Ive always thought their slow burn relationship was very sweet too. They seem to be just a normal couple. Not sure why being low profile means the relationship is on the rocks.

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