Ruby Lin was Scared to Be More Than Just Friends with Wallace Huo

In an interview with Marie Claire China, the gorgeous and very pregnant Ruby Lin (林心如) shared her most honest thoughts about life after marrying Wallace Huo (霍建華), her longtime friend of over ten years.

Ruby and Wallace tied the knot in a romantic wedding ceremony held in Bali on July 31, approximately three months after the couple announced their relationship via social media. In August, after weeks of speculation, Ruby finally confirmed that she is pregnant.

“We were laying low for so long,” said Ruby. “Taking it public required a lot of courage.”

Fans felt shocked yet contented after Ruby and Wallace took their relationship to the public. Ruby herself hesitated in making the announcement.

Ruby has always believed that a relationship should be between two people, and that they owed nothing to the public. However, she was surprised to find out how relieved she was after making the announcement.

“I let out a breath of relief,” she said. “We can now finally go out together in public.”

Ruby and Wallace were friends for over ten years before they finally took their relationship to another level earlier this year. Ruby had her worries at first—she wasn’t sure if she was doing the right thing in turning their friendship into something more.

“When were still friends, we had meals together all the time,” explained Ruby. “We weren’t afraid to get caught, because we were friends. But when we got together, I started to feel self-conscious. I was afraid of getting photographed. I was very alert. I would only feel comfortable if we ate at a time when there was little people. I only felt safe if I was in a VIP room.”

ruby lin wallace huo 2That line between lifelong friendship and partnership was very thin for Ruby and Wallace, and though they wanted to be together, the future was frightening to predict.

“Friends can be forever, but lovers can separate. And when that happens, it’s going to be hard to get back to how it was before.”

But after nearly ten years of avoiding that line, Ruby and Wallace finally decided together to cross it. “You don’t know what will happen if you don’t try. If you don’t go for it, and he ends up being the right one all along, everything would be a pity.”

How is marriage life for Ruby? She said simply, “Everything’s been stable. I feel very safe.”

Both Ruby and Wallace maintained their busy schedules after work. They only have time to see each other between filming breaks. Even after marriage, Ruby and Wallace still interact like old friends—and that’s going to be forever.

Source: Sina

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  1. I wish them all the best in life. This is a couple that is simply “meant to be”.

  2. Glad they find the courage to cross that line as liked she said… you’ll never know if a good one got away because of being too afraid to even try. Best of luck to the two of them!

  3. I am glad that both of them were brave enough to step out of the safe zone because they make a lovely couple. They both grew up with divorced parents so i can see why they were so afraid of their relationship failing. But sometimes if you don’t climb the hill, you don’t get to see the view. I hope to see their baby pics soon.

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