Ruco Chan and Natalie Tong Film Funny Massage Scene for “Power Envoy”

TVB actor Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and actress Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) have teamed up once again for the upcoming series, Power Envoy <超能使者>. As the drama has comedic elements, Natalie boldly unleashed all her ugly faces during a massage scene with Ruco, surprising the whole set. She expressed that this is her first time going so big for a comedic scene, so she hopes viewers will find this side of her amusing or refreshing.

In the massage scene, Natalie plays the one in charge of the background extras while Ruco’s character wishes to become a background extra. He immediately rushes to Natalie’s aid when she felt dizzy and gives her a head massage to lick her boot. With expert skills in massaging, Ruco dramatically rubs and kneads Natalie’s head, as she comedically responds by moaning in pleasure while swaying her head around. While exaggeratedly massaging Natalie’s head and messing up her hair in the process, Ruco asked, “Is it strong enough? Do you feel comfortable? Do you want me to make it harder?”

With a pleasured look, Natalie expressed, “It’s comfortable! Real good! Harder!”

Ruco humorously replied, “Why do you get satisfied so easily?”

Ruco Said Natalie Can Take Another Career Path

When reporters mentioned Ruco made Natalie feel so excited, he joked, “Of course, I practice on my wife every day – practice massaging her!”

Hearing this, Natalie teased Ruco and said he will surely have another baby next year. In response, Ruco said, “That’s my job, but Natalie can take another career path if she wants to! I barely even touched her, but she reacted very well. She has great potential… in acting.”

With the TV Queen giving her best shot every take, her hair eventually turned out like a bird’s nest, which matched her ugly expressions. Natalie expressed, “I wanted to exaggerate, so there is a greater sense of comedy. I literally went all out for the scene and showed the ugliest side of myself, but then the director also wanted me to look beautiful as well.”


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  1. If Natalie can truly let go and act uninhibited, then she may be able to breakthrough her own subpar acting. But I have a feeling that she might have been able to do so just for this one scene and then she’ll be back to her reserved method of acting which is lackluster and boring to watch. Personally, I think she is too self-conscious about how she looks when she acts and even in interviews, which makes her appear pretentious and also limits her expressions in dramas. I don’t hate on her but I wish she would understand that her look isn’t that attractive so she doesn’t need to preserve her appearance when she takes on a role. A lot of actresses have this problem. Rebecca Zhu was one of them but at some point, not sure which drama, she just let herself go. Gigi Lai is a good example. But Gigi is actually beautiful in my opinion and Rebecca is attractive too. So for them to break free from their own boundaries, it definitely improved their performances. Would be nice if Natalie can do the same. Otherwise I find her too boring to watch and usually skip her dramas after giving it a couple episodes’ chance.

    1. @gnomageddon I agree, but I don’t know about Natalie. I feel like Natalie really has potential in comedy roles. She’s done great in a few series as a funny character. I don’t think her acting skills are a total fluke. I’ve seen lots of improvements over the years. The only thing I would say hinders her isn’t necessarily her acting, but rather, her roles. They always put her in really boring roles.

      1. @coralie I agree she is not awful. Just very boring. Perhaps her roles have been boring but then again, are her roles really that boring or did she make it that way? Give the same role that she has been in in the past to another actress, and would we still be able to say the same? I see what you mean but I also think her characters are bland not because of poor writers necessarily, but her lack of depth, understanding, and grasp in character development. There’s hope, yeah, but she needs to find it within herself.

      2. @gnomageddon I think it really depends on the role. Like she gets all these serious roles. If anyone got them, I think they would be boring too. There’s only so much you can do with being a serious character…it’s either frowning, blank face or look worried. It also doesn’t help that she has a very bland face to begin with. But I’ve seen her in Short End of the Stick and I was surprised. Some people were also really impressed with her in Fistful of Stances. It’s too bad that the variance in her characters are so low – always some form of goody-two shoes or worrynut.

        I want her to have more of a breakout character – like she can play a bimbo or sly and evil antagonist. I think she’d excel.

      3. @coralie your comment reminds me that Natalie played as Sasa in The Seventh Day who was rather loud and sly in that show. So yeah, her boring acting is partly due to type casting and also how she feels she needs to keep up her girl next door image. Hope she can take on some stronger roles, such as a policewoman or in some supernatural or thriller series

      4. @bubbles23 I was thinking the same. I feel like when they first start, they get all sorts of different roles. And once you get famous they typecast you a certain roles. When I first watched her I thought she was such a good actress. She played a silly bratty role, and she also played a role where she was insane. All was played well, and now she’s always playing the same role. I remember tavias interview a while back, she said she’s tired of playing the same serious role that cries all the time. She really wants a comedic role. I think that’s why she left tvb.

      5. @abcd interesting. Tavia did some stage plays post tvb, but then she went back to playing a villain in _another era_…
        The root problem is probably the way all lead characters are written, so when they start getting cast in lead roles, it’s all the same… Celebs like Tavia, Fala, Nancy, Ali never got a real breakthrough as the main character, all were as supporting, ie. Ali as the homewrecker, Nancy as the mute girl :3

      6. @bubbles23 Nancy & Tavia were both in Twin of Brothers. However, Tavia was given lead roles after that, while Nancy stayed as supporting, even though I think Nancy is much prettier. They can both take on a villain role though!

      7. @coralie yes Natalie gets type casted into similar roles, which is good demure type of character. I don’t recall that she has acted as a villian. Just like Linda Chung for example.

      8. @runnershigh The most “villain” role Linda ever got was Tiger Cubs 2. But she wasnt evil, more like mentally unstable. She was also a cheater in L’Escargot.

      9. @luye omg yeahh TC2… very unstable LOL.
        Still think her best role was in… what’s it called…. Gem of Life? as a wild party girl I think.

  2. I don’t mind her doing a bit of comedy, but isn’t this a martial art or fighting series? That is the part I can’t see her in. Like Natalie and martial art, uh uh.

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