Rumored Couple Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu Get Awkwardly Pulled Apart

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Rumored Couple Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu Get Awkwardly Pulled Apart

Things got pretty awkward on Monday night, when rumored couple Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) showed up at an event for the new skincare brand Harmonie. Not only did they not interact with each other as usual, they even avoided standing next to each other during group photos. Just as reporters were about to ask Ruco and Nancy to take some photos together, Nancy’s assistant pulled her away, making the moment awkward.

ruco-chan-nancy-wu-2Ruco and Nancy got themselves wrapped in a rather serious dating rumor when the paps leaked photos of them eating dessert soup together last week. Ruco was seen driving Nancy and her assistant home, after they stopped by a dessert soup shop for some late-night snack. The rumored couple are currently shooting their new TVB drama The Alliance <同盟>, and Ruco would drive Nancy home almost every night.

“We’ve been working everyday,” said Nancy, when reporters asked about her ‘developments’ with Ruco. “There’s no development.” (You guys refused to do interviews together!) “We’re just following what the organizer’s have arranged for us. I personally don’t mind.”

nancy-wuNancy said the paparazzi’s “bust” did not affect her friendship with Ruco, and that he still drives her home after work. Her friends and colleagues take turn driving her as well. “Everyone knows that I can’t drive now because my license got suspended. We always have late nights, and when we have outdoor photography, it’s usually far away. You wouldn’t just leave me out there with no way to get back home!” (Ruco deserves some extra points.) “He really is a gentleman.”

Pointing out that Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) has said he would like to see their relationship develop into something greater, Nancy said, “You’ll get to see that development in our characters for the show. About 90 percent of my scenes are with him.”

In the other side of the room, Ruco echoed Nancy’s responses. Asking why they didn’t take photos together, Ruco said, “I don’t even know what’s going on right now, but it’s probably because we’ve taken too many photos together before.” (You guys aren’t doing interviews together either.) “I really don’t know. Maybe they don’t want me to say something wrong.”

ruco-chanAsking if he will continue to drive Nancy home, Ruco said, “We just shot a long car scene together today.” (Are you guys closer now?) “You can put it that way. She’s a great partner.”

When reporters commented that it would be a waste if they did not date, Ruco laughed awkwardly and said, “I don’t know how to respond to that. Nancy is a great girl, of course, but I have problems.” (What kind of problems?) “I’m strange in the sense that I’m too focused on my work. I don’t want to distract myself from that.” (Nancy said you’re a gentleman.) “Everyone at [TVB] are gentlemen. I’m just following their example.”

Ruco said he does not like talking about his rumor with Nancy, as he does not want their current relationship to be affected. “I don’t want things to get awkward between us, and I don’t want it to affect work. I want to maintain our current relationship right now as great colleagues and partners. Of course, if there are feelings, we can date. It’s not like my contract prohibits it. However, I feel that work is more important right now. I’ve been getting so many questions like these, I don’t even know what to respond anymore.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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10 comments to Rumored Couple Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu Get Awkwardly Pulled Apart

  1. dramadrama says:

    He is so sweet.

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  2. june says:

    They look great in these pictures.

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  3. isay says:

    Pesky media should leave them alone instead of making things awkward for them. Nancy fielded those difficult questions with a lot of class and graciousness. I’m really getting to like her more and more.

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  4. janet72 says:

    why did nancy’s assistant pull her away? if they are meant to be together, then just be it.

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  5. creditor says:

    Nancy’s assistant was right in pulling them apart. Nancy doesn’t deserve Ruco. She isn’t beautiful enough. If you look at her closely, she has a man’s face!

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      When Ruco was playing tiny roles in TVB, I bet Nancy wouldn’t even go anywhere near him. Now that he’s popular and has a good reputation of course she enjoys being linked. She’s nothing more than one of the founders of the ‘husband searching group’, who has a poor reputation after failing relationships one after another.

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      • kangaroo replied:

        @jimmyszeto Yeap, I think you’re totally right with her the most brazen of them all

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  6. dandan says:

    What did she do to get her license suspended?

    This is starting to get very in your face, bleh. I don’t get the sense that they’re together, though it seems that Nancy is open to it. Ruco, on the other hand, does not seem to care for these rumors to be news fodder.

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  7. The news is getting boring and repetitive. Same 3 pictures of “dates” they allegedly had: Sammi concert, hiking, and dessert in Ruco’s car! Hardly any suggestions? let alone proof of any romantic relationship developing between the two. Ruco has already discounted the reports at least 3 times and Nancy has also finally hinted her corroboration, albeit in an indirect manner. Maybe the sponsors of this event were bored of this old news and decided to pair each of them with different artists. Good strategy on their part if that was in fact the case! Enough already!

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  8. wworth says:

    Hope they are not ending up as an offscreen couple, Ruco is not all that but definitely not Nancy Wu. lol….

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