Samantha Ko Rises in Star Status in China

With the trend of TVB artistes shifting their focus to China for the larger market, Samantha Ko (高海寧) is a growing star in China. After her guest appearance in Nothing But Thirty <三十而已> was highly praised, Samantha began receiving multiple job offers in Beijing.

Wrapping up filming for new TVB drama Seven Princesses <七公主>, Samantha returned to Beijing to work on new web movie I Broke Up Because of Tan Tan <Tan Tan害我分了手>. Samantha was cast in the lead role after the producer worked with her in Nothing But Thirty and was impressed with her skills. The producer custom tailored the role for Samantha and treated her like royalty on the filming set. The team even arranged to have Samantha stay in a luxury suite at a five-star hotel during the filming.

The web movie originally finished filming in mid-November, but Samantha decided to extend her stay in China for her other work. Besides promoting Shaw Brothers miniseries The Impossible 3 <非凡三俠>, the actress also took part in various shows, livestreaming events, and variety programs.

Estimated to have earned a six-figure salary from her recent work in China, it is evident that Samantha’s status in China has increased significantly over the last year. Solidifying her star presence in China, Samantha was even addressed as “Ling Jie” by a staff member during one of her Douyin livestreaming videos.

Source: HK01

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  1. I call BS on this type of reporting. No other publications have claimed her rise in popularity. Mind you she had a “guest appearance” and is doing a web movie, that does not equates to raising star status. If anything this reeks of rich tv producers supporting his side piece.

    1. @seriously
      i’ve heard from other sources that she is quite popular or at least noticed by the chinese audience from that guest appearance role. beats me, because her looks aren’t exactly the likeable type.

  2. As long as she can appear in top shows like Charmaine, then we will know. Happy Camp is a good indicator.

  3. You have to wonder who’s doing her promotions and PR. Because they’re really working overtime for Samantha.

  4. She is deserving judging from her work ethic and hardwork. All the best!

    As usual, the jealous one will post negative and doubtful remark. Get a life.

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