Sarah Song, Jason Chan Plan to Start Their Own Business

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Sarah Song, Jason Chan Plan to Start Their Own Business

Getting married last year, Jason Chan (陳智燊) and Sarah Song (宋熙年) have big plans ahead. Since raising children is very expensive in Hong Kong, the couple plans to start their own business to increase their income.


Although raised oversees, Sarah was not opposed to abstract theories and traditional philosophy. She inquired with and received pointers from metaphysician, Li Kui Ming (李居明), who is also a successful Cantonese opera screenwriter. “Master Li advised me on the best time to have children. Since we [Jason and I] are planning to start a business, we asked what area of business would be suitable for us. He told us that we have good fortune in business this year. He encouraged us! We want to earn more milk money before having children.”

When asked what kind of business they plan to invest in, Sarah shared, “Jason and I were thinking about starting a fashion business, or maybe a language or tutoring center. Because we were both raised oversees, we are interested in this topic. We want to do something that will help nurture the next generation. Master Li said these options were all suitable for us.”

Sarah expressed that they will need at least six to nine months to prepare. Money and finances are often the most common issues that break apart a relationship. When asked whether mutual investment will cause problems in their relationship, Sarah remained confident in their bond. “We’ve never let money hurt our relationship. We are both very assertive, so we’re more afraid of not finding something we both want to invest in. But I think it will be okay. We have been together for so many years; we have learned to compromise.”


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