Selena Lee Heads Back to Hong Kong

The actress obtained tickets after getting help from aircraft personnel.

In February, Selena Lee (李施嬅) flew to Canada to work on the third season of Canadian drama, Blood and Water. Due to COVID-19, the drama has halted production, but Selena remained in Canada because she was unable to get tickets to return to Hong Kong. On Friday, Selena revealed that she had boarded a Hong Kong-bound plane and was on her way back, whereas Tony Leung (梁朝偉) whose filming for Shang Chi had been put on hold in Australia, chose to stay there.

Fully Prepared

Providing updates on her social media, Selena posted a photo of herself on board a plane on Friday. The actress revealed that she successfully got on a transfer flight heading towards Vancouver, which will land in Hong Kong, thanks to help from airline personnel. In the photo, she has a mask, glasses and a cap on, and had also prepared disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer as well as a portable air purifier for protection.

Tony Leung was in Australia when the crew announced a halt on production for Shang-Chi. As the local government announced that all foreign tourists arriving in Australia would have to self-quarantine for 14 days, Tony was worried that filming progress would be affected when it eventually resumes, hence he decided to stay put. To pass the time, he has been mountain-climbing and surfing, while preparing to make further plans.

Stars Impose Self-Quarantine

Donnie Yen (甄子丹) and his wife Cissy Wang (汪詩詩), who came back from the United States to Hong Kong, updated through social media that they have imposed self-quarantine. As for the recent mix-up of test samples by the hospital authority which caused some infected individuals to be allowed to return home, she answered, “I’m not very sure, but I feel that everyone who returned from overseas, especially countries where the situation is serious, should be responsible to Hong Kong society and stay in their homes for 14 days.”

Actress Anita Chui (崔碧珈), who returned from the United States on the same day and is currently undergoing self-quarantine in a hotel, said, “I feel that most importantly citizens should play their part and be socially responsible, so society and government don’t need to be too stressed.” Asked if she was concerned about loopholes in checks, she replied that she is not worried and would keep tabs on her own health.

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. Well, not saying she isn’t missing HK but many know USA is doomed, gonna be worse than Italy. Get out while you can

    1. @littlefish
      Why do you think that? I feel America is getting strict about making people stay home and all. They are enforcing the orders too. Many who can work from home are doing so and only go out when necessary. I just experienced it all shopping and going to the bank today. People are also practicing social distancing as well. Therefore, America is serious about this as they do not want to end up like Italy. Italy has a high fatality rate due to their high elderly population which makes people scared. This virus is fatal for the elderly and anyone with underlying health issues, but is not fatal for younger age groups for the most part. It is not a death sentence if you get it for the most part. Americans are paranoid as they have not endured hardships in their lives for the most part. This is nothing compared to what the people in China have experienced and things are now better in a China due to their strict rules and lockdowns.

      What I must say I hate most is people stockpiling and hoarding things. I find that so unnecessary. Also, those who rip others off in this tough time. We should be helping each other out not profiting off of each other during this crisis.

      1. @hetieshou not about that at all. More that the infection rate is going through the roof in the state atm, it will be a hot zone, plus gun n stuffs. Safer to get out lol.

        The trajectories of US’s case count and deaths show that you guys will be worse than Italy. I’m not saying you guys ain’t take it seriously (look at us, Australians, that’s not serious lol). But because it’ll be so high, most likely your healthcare might not handle it. Compare to HK, currently pretty under control, not so high. So if she has it, best to have it in HK 🙂 also less infection rate in HK, also no gun lol

        “ This virus is fatal for the elderly and anyone with underlying health issues, but is not fatal for younger age groups for the most part” – yes, yet we are priorities the younger group for the ventilators if they get critically ill and they do. That’s what the Italian and spanish doctors are doing atm, choosing who to save. And 100% will be the young one 🙁

      2. @littlefish
        the us is going to be with most cases. people not staying in when they’re told and the gov telling people not to wear face masks. i thought europe was going to be the worst hit but now i think the us will be worse.

      3. @m0m0 yup. The westerners don’t have the asian mentality (Chinese/hk/Singaporean have been through this once so they are in a sense know what to do: stay indoor etc).

        I fear for US, not just the amount of people are dying but the crime rate will skyrocket >__<

      4. @littlefish
        you’re right about the crime rate. as people stay home, spending less and some losing jobs. robberies, hate crimes, and domestic abuse will likely to occur more often. there’d be fewer policy around too.

      5. @littlefish
        I find it sad how you do not live in the US but yet you judge it so negatively. Let’s see what happens and you are wrong about them only saving the young ones. They only allow those regardless of age who are really ill in the hospital. If you are infected but your symptoms are not serious then you are not allowed to stay in the hospital in order to save space for those who need it most.

    1. @lavenderboba ya one of those actress that you know is about to say something before they say it because you can hear them take a breath before saying things.

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