Selena Li’s Beauty School Opens

Selena Li Sze Wan’s beauty school opened yesterday. Good friends, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Linda Chung Ka Yan, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Shirley Yeung Si Kei, Lai Lok Yi, Yoyo Chan Chiu Yiu, Timmy Hung Tin Ming, and Nancy Wu Ding Yan, attended the grand opening celebrations.

During the reception, Selena expressed her gratitude towards her friends for showing their support of her beauty school. Did ex-boyfriend, Patrick Tang, show support as well? “I invited him too. But he had to promote his new music album, so he could not attend today. It’s a pity. Today is a very important day for me. I hope he has good sales for his album.”

Did Selena chat with Patrick on the phone? “Yes, two days prior to the opening of the store, there was too much pressure. I cried on the phone and Patrick consoled me.”

In addition, rumored couple Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu refused to take photos together. Selena Li came up and joined in the group photo. Both Kenneth and Nancy denied that they were embarrassed, “I know that Nancy was not embarrassed. Since it is Selena’s big day today, we should not steal her limelight!”

Since Linda Chung’s record contract is expiring soon, TVB is currently renegotiating the terms.  Linda believes that there is a high possibility that the terms will be agreed upon mutually.

Soure: the Sun

Jayne: Congratulations to Selena! She seems to be a smart woman with business logic. Good luck!

It would be nice to make this opening a black tie event. Everyone seems so casually dressed, except for Selena and Kenneth Ma, who put on a tie for the occasion. LOL. Btw, Yoyo Chen looks like she has a hangover.

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  1. kenneth and selena look so compatible here. hehe. apart from nancy, yea i agree, everyone dressed so casually. linda’s dressing is quite impressive too. she looked a little like flora chan in that tiny pic. had to enlarge it to see it’s her.

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