Steven Ma Acts As Filming Assistant to Linda Chung

Steven Ma (馬浚偉), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Samantha Ko (高海寧) and other cast members were at a costume fitting for upcoming TVB drama, Lucky Father <當旺爸爸>, debuting their red hot looks. The most eye-catching person out of the trio was Samantha Ko, who was dressed in a  tank top and hot shorts. Her “skin” exposure was way higher than Linda who only revealed her toned arms.

Steven revealed that he would be acting as a filming assistant (PA) in the drama and would tragically be treated as a sandbag. Asked whether he had drawn some experiences from Amigo Chui (崔建邦), Steven exploded into bouts of laughter and said, “I do know that it is tough being a PA in TVB but I feel that it will be one good experience.”

Although this was the fifth time that Steven was collaborating with Linda, Steven insisted that it wasn’t boring and that he still possessed  “feel.” Steven added, “Linda is a good girl!” When the reporter noted that Linda was dry, Steven replied, “No, I don’t feel so! You mean she’s still single?!”

As for Linda who will be acting as a strong policewoman for the very first time, she expressed that she wasn’t afraid of stirring up rumors with Steven, “I am not afraid of rumors with most of the male TVB artistes!” Linda, however, declined to comment on her love life.



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  1. Is that Nancy Wu real hair or just a wig? Nancy Wu now have short hair too? LOL!! Must be the 2011 trend of HK women have short hair cuts.

  2. I can’t really see Linda as a tough police officer…maybe like a really happy kinda forgetful police officer?

  3. Oops I think the headline that the press titled this article is kind of misleading, shouldn’t be “Steven Ma Acts As Filming Assistant to Linda Chung” cause since Linda Chung is acting as a policewoman, Steven Ma can’t possibly be a filming assistant to her right? Haha don’t know lahs! 😀

    “When the reporter noted that Linda was dry, Steven replied, ”No, I don’t feel so! You mean she’s still single?!””

    -_-” ROFL, Steven just unwittingly revealed that Linda has been single for probably quite some time already! But the way he replied was hilarious! 😀

  4. I think Linda will be able to play the tough police woman better than Fala. She was pretty convincing as the kungfu girl in ’72 Tenants’.

  5. Anyone feel that this series look really really boring? Not really into low budget, light-hearted family oriented comedies. The storyline doesn’t look interesting. The pairing is not fresh (steven & linda pretty much film a series together every year) so that is getting a bit boring too. Bit skeptical on Linda being a tough policewoman. I was expecting an optimistic, happy go lucky, comedic policewoman.

    And poor Steven. I heard TVB rejected his chance to film a big production Mainland series for this silly low budget series!!!! That’s big money loss! Why would you give up a huge opportunity and good money for this sh*tty drama – its not even challenging and the role doesn’t look interesting……It’s not like he’ll get TV King or anything for this because compared to other series, this is nothing. Feel so bad for Steven… I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves TVB for good next year – they give him crappy roles, then put his series in a crappy time slot, lack of promotion, paired with the same (not-so-big-named) co-stars just to fill in time.

    1. @lara,

      I’ve a feeling that Steven might leave tvb for mainland since he’s been underrated by tvb for so many years and age is catching up on him.

      1. He left and came back. So he understands the risks of leaving. He said about it once, the risks of working without a company in China.

        Maybe this time he’ll leave for a while and then come back again.

  6. I didn’t see Linda in the ’72 Tenants film but I really can’t imagine her as a tough police woman. She’s too sweet and cute but that photo of hers above makes her face look very thin and haggard. Maybe she had less makeup on or something but definitely not her refreshing self.

    1. i think linda has lose weight after she become the spokewoman for some health centre in hk hence her slander figure and thin face.

  7. Bad news fore those HK artists who want to go China. China’s ministry who look after entertainment has give directive to forbid HK and Taiwan artists to participate in China variety show. Reason is to protect the china artist.

    Maybe Steven Ma need to reevaluate his plan liao. I wonder if this directive will include those HK artists who are already based in China like Wallace Chung and Hawick Lau.

    1. I also read that China series expect the adaptions of four big novels (水滸傳,西游记,红楼梦, 三国演义) won’t be longer than 40 eps.

      1. This is quite silly directive. They disallow the adaptation of the 4 big novels because they say the series made too many changes which is disrespectful to the novels. How do they expect series to be faithful to the novel if they limit the episodes? Sigh.

  8. I am so glad that Steven and Linda will work with each other again

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