Sunny Chan’s Autistic Son Ranked #1 in School

Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) and Ada To (杜雯惠) were proud parents when they learned that their seven-year-old autistic son, Edgar Chan (陳駕樺), was  the top student among his peers. Moderately autistic and enrolled in a mainstream primary school, Edgar received impressive school grades and is ranked number one in his grade level.

Having always believed that their son can overcome barriers despite his autism, Sunny and Ada were determined parents who placed in all efforts to help and support Edgar. When Edgar could not speak at two years old and was diagnosed to be autistic, Sunny reduced his workload to help Edgar learn and communicate better. Throughout the years, Edgar made remarkable improvements and achieved several accomplishments. Under his parents’ attentive care, he became a highly successful student who has also gained the acceptance of others.

Ada happily expressed, “The rank does not really matter. The most important thing is that autistic children are not hopeless. They have the opportunity to receive mainstream education just like other children.”

Maintaining an optimistic mindset about autistic children, Ada continued, “Although they are unable to immediately grasp social situations, they may be able to find different ways to communicate with others. From that, they can obtain their own sense of happiness.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. awww this is so encouraging to hear! i’m glad Sunny and Ada have been able to devote time and attention to Edgar and proivde nuturance for him! every child deserves a good education and resources regardless of their differences and i’m so glad Edgar is able to receive that! 🙂

  2. Bravo! Great job parents for all your hard work and efforts for caring and loving the child.

  3. If that was my son , I will be so proud of him (: congratz to their son 😀

  4. So happy to hear that Edgar is doing well! Sunny and Ada are great parents — I wish there were more parents like them in this world!

    By the way….Sunny wrote a book in which he shares his experience with his son in the hopes of encouraging other Chinese families with autistic children. The book will debut at the HK Book Fair this month and will be widely available for sale after that. Hope more people will support him and his family by buying his book (I will definitely be one of those supporters…I bought his wife Ada’s book when it came out a year or so ago and was moved to tears reading it)….

  5. sunny indeed is a role model for us fathers and mothers out there where we should spend more quality times with our kids…as many parents nowadays busy chasing after fortune and neglect the growing years of kids

  6. What a great news; Sunny Chan is great dad; best wishes for his son.

  7. Autistic kid are generally very smart, they are not intelligent disable, they are just a bit social awkward and can’t really relate themselves to other, kinda like Sheldon in Big Bang. A lot of autistic ppls are famous/talented people. So he should do well in class

  8. Wish them well. Autism kids are gifted kids. I’m sure he will grow up well.

  9. Sunny Chan, congratulations! Your hard work got paid off.

  10. Sunny and his wife are great parents and Little Ed is a cute and smart child. Congrats to the whole family!

  11. So happy for his family! Such loving parents and what an achievement Edgar! Hope you continue success in the future!

  12. It seems like Sunny’s decision paid off. So happy to hear that their son is doing so well in school and kudos to Sunny for taking time away from his acting career to take care of his son. He sounds like a patient father, which is a good virtue. Like his wife, Ada, said, there is hope for autistic children.

  13. Autism? That’s not a mental disorder. Just a lack of social interaction. He’ll be better as time goes on.

  14. Great job Sunny and Ada. May God grant you more strength to continue the journey!! God bless

  15. Hats off to him and his wife .. for dedicated, creative thoughtful hands-on parenting.

    And big kudos for daring to go against the norm in a rather sheep-like parenting culture where line ups are long to pay $$$$$$$$ into elite prestigious private schools.

    Status symbol schools.
    And parents who don’t THINK about what suits their child, but rather who just blindly follow the crowd and making little parrots memorize interview scripts and such! How is that intelligence?

    These 2 should open a training school for educators. They obviously are hands on dedicated, observant and intelligent nurturers.

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